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Get Prepped For A Family Beach Trip


What Do You Need For A Family Beach Trip

Everyone loves a family beach vacation, but what should you bring? I laid out some helpful tips for things to bring on your next family outing to the beach so you are better prepared. Enjoy, and feel free to comment.

Going to the beach is always a great time, especially when the whole family can all go together. Although if you go underprepared or forget some important things you will not have as good of a time. So here are some helpful tips on how to plan a fun beach trip with the family.

1. Get the outfits right -
Make sure to bring all the right clothes. If you have a baby swim diapers are always a good idea to get for trips to the beach or pool. A great product is the iplay swim diaper. Make sure to bring your bathing suit, but make sure you are comfortable. There are now a great selection of plus size swim shorts that you can find that are very comfortable and stylish. Also don't forget to bring a light jacket or sweater, the beach can get pretty chilly as the day progresses.

2. Bring some food -
Unless there are restaurants nearby there probably is not going to be any food around, so bring some snacks. Remember you will be surrounded by sand so bring food that is easy to eat. Don't forget napkins and a small bag to throw your trash away in.

3. Get some beach toys -
Body boards, footballs, paddle tennis etc. Are all great beach toys, but shop around and see what you think will be fun for everyone to play with.

4. Don't Forget Sun Screen -
UV rays are very strong now, so make sure to protect yourself. Get something with a high SPF, at least 40. There are also UV protected rash guard shirts that really help. If you have a long drive ahead of you and like to stick your arm out the window like me, check out some arm sleeves, they protect your arm from getting burned but really breathable and light.

If you're on a budget, you don't have to sell your diamond to be able to afford these beach necessities. These items are relativity cheap and can be purchased on sale at your local mall and drug store. Once you have all the proper equipment, you should be ready to spend your summer at the beach and your family will be thankful that you've came prepared.


Summers at the Beach

I grew up in a beach town. I spent almost every day at the beach during my summers. Those were the days. There was always something about the sand, sun and the surf that was just relaxing beyond measure. Its a place you can be with a bunch of your friends, having fun and talking, or a place you can be by yourself napping or meditating.

Beach sports were always my favorite. There was a program my friends and I would do almost every summer called Junior Lifeguards. It was a summer camp that took place on the beach. The typical morning would start at around 8 with a little jog in the sand for a warm up. Then we would swim way past the surf, hundreds of yards from the shore in large groups to little orange buoys that were just bobbing up and down in the tide.

When we would get there we would stop and just float for a couple minutes. At first being that far out in the ocean is really unnerving. You have no idea what could be beneath you, you are far away from land and already pretty tired. But we all eventually got used to that feeling. Our instructor would yell "Everyone just shut up for a minute and listen to nothing!" Then when everyone was quiet and just floating there, and all you could really here was the sound of the ocean, everyone almost fell into a kind of meditation.

Then our instructor would scream "SHARK!" and everyone would loose it. It was his way of snapping us back to reality and kick starting some adrenaline for the exhausting swim back to shore.

When we finally did make it back, the rest of the day was spent surfing and playing on the beach. It really was one of the best camps I have ever attended. I love the beach and if you ever get the chance to go, really enjoy it. Not everyone get to see it you know.

Santa Cruz Beach


Great Beach Activities For You and Your Family

Traveling to different beaches in different parts of the world could teach your children to appreciate what they have a lot more. As we see how others are living we tend to appreciate everything we have a bit more and your children will do the same. This could be a great way to show them that not everyone grows up with the latest technology and toys and they can learn to appreciate the life that they are living. When traveling to different parts of the world your children can also experience new and exciting activities that they can learn and teach their friends. There are many fun things to do at the beach that families can enjoy together. This could be a great bonding experience as well and I'm sure no matter how old you're you can enjoy playing these activities with your kids or younger siblings.

1. Wave Tag
We all loved it when we were kids so why not play it with your kids? Nothing beats the classics and this game can always come in handy. As waves are coming at you from the beach RUN! There is really no better way to put it and cheer your kids on as your running. I'm sure they will all have a great time.

2. Explosion on the Beach
This really is a great one. Ever wanted to make a volcano? Grab an empty plastic bottle and fill it with room temperature water, add a few drops of liquid detergent and place the bottle into the sand with only the opening exposed. Here comes the fun part, slowly pour vinegar and watch your volcano explode!

3. Beach Collage
All you will need for this activity is some glue. Grab some pales and have your kids fill them with colorful shells. Then find a piece of driftwood and have the kids glue the shells to the driftwood. This could be a memory of your day at the beach.

4. Photo Memory Book
All you will need for this trip is a waterproof disposable camera. Have your kids take a bunch of pictures of the fun moments at the beach. Collect all the cameras and have them developed when you get home. Then create a family memory book and they can each write captions for the photos talking about the fun times they had. Then decorate the outside of the book with seashells you collected at the beach.

5. Buried Treasures
Bring a box from home, paper, and some pens. Have your kids go on a hunt to find some treasure (toys, feathers, shells, rocks). Help the kids pack up their treasure into the box and write a note with their names and why they chose these items. Then help them bury the treasure into the sand for someone else to find.

6. Beach Soccer
All you will need is a ball here. If there isn't too many people on the beach have your kids kick around a soccer ball. I am sure the whole family will enjoy this activity. You might even get a chance to invite other families to join in on the fun. This is a great way to get some fun in the sun as well as some exercise.

7. Beach Treasure Chests
Lets build your children a treasure chest to take home. Have the children collect interesting items from the beach (feathers, shells, stones, maybe a 2 carat diamond ring if you're lucky) to create their own treasure chest. All you will need is a wooden box (from a craft-supply store) and glue to decorate the outside of the treasure chest. They can keep the chest to show all their friends.

Wave tag, beach soccer, finding treasure, and eating a picnic lunch can be a great way to spend your summer. This also is a great chance for family time and can give you memories that will last a lifetime. Just don't forget the sunscreen and sun gear.

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Treasures Found At Beach

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