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George Everst Tracking Experience (Overpower Experience)

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Traveling life best life if we need to enjoy our life we should go for traking







Day well spent with friends

This tracking experience blew my mind and I haven't experienced this before .

My friends before I start my experience these are the small things you should keep in mind before u go for tracking or traveling:-

Travel is my job now, so I have a routine that makes trip prep go smoother.

Send someone an electronic copy of all my travel docs. I email my flight itinerary, my hotel or Airbnb confirmation and a copy of my passport. They have the info in case of emergency, and I now have it in my sent folder if necessary.

• Hat or sun caps and sunglasses for tracking, tracking shoes are the most important thing. Apart from this, rucksack, water bottle, sunscreen, pesticide cream, knife should also be a part of this essential list. Going to a very high level, do not forget to keep woolen clothes, hats and socks at all.

• Double check before you leave.

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Make a packing list. The secrets to this are to pack for 5 days max (because you'll be able to get your laundry done anywhere) and use packing cubes to compress your clothing. I have these.

I thought that this is the best platform to best platform to tell my experience about how my tracking of George Everest went it was cinema hall non measurable but at the same time I did it so I think if I can do it all can do it because I am the type of person that haven't done any type of tracking in my lifetime and suddenly this opportunity came to me to go with my friends for tracking.

So here I start my feelings you will be amazed to know that it is most around 1500 to 2000 above ground and we can't see any mountain surrounding it means no mountain around it that was the highest mountain that we have climbed.

So we went from Dehradun five best friends from childhood so we decided to go for a track and first thought that came in our mind was George Everest track which was a round 2 to 3 hours of tracking to reach at the top of the George Everest mountain.

We started our journey at 9 o'clock in the morning you suicidal over when to go there as we all were new you know how it will end up we were excited overwhelmed as we never got an opportunity to go for a track we were at the age of 20 when we went for the track.

When we reached the destination and started our track one girl in our group I want to try and you want to reach top of the George mountain. As she was so tired that she doesn't want to try it at all then we all encouraged her to at least try.

We all were so supportive towards her that she even tried and reached with us at the top of the Mount Everest mountain.

This was the over power experience I has experienced till date.

At last I want to say that *THE MAIN OBSTACLE, IN OUR LIFE IS OUR MIND *

Never let your mind over take your WILLPOWER to do that particular thing .


*Believe in yourself and what you are doing and no one in this universe can stop you to do that .

At last some of my tips for my friends

10 things to carry while trekking

If you are a travel enthusiast and have wanderlust running through your veins, you must love trekking. Trekking is fun and exciting, but you should prepare yourself along with other things before hand, here’s the list of 10 things to carry while trekking. Every travel junkie loves to trek such as myself but before starting any trek, I get prepared essentially with some important things. You should be prepared for any scenario that might or might not occur in your trekking adventure. Be sure to fill your trekking checklist with these trekking essentials.

10 things to carry while trekking:

  • Backpack (Waterproof)
  • Water bottle
  • First-aid kit
  • Sunscreens and lip balms
  • Trekking shoes
  • Army knife or Swiss knife
  • Flashlight
  • Map for trekking routesL
  • ittle munching items
  • Camera or smart phones

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