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Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Iceland

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Iceland is known for being one of the safest countries in the world, and also for its cosmopolitan capital, Reykjavik. Which is among few places in the world where you can see the northern lights. Its gastronomy is very special and the country has produced fantastic artists like Bjork. In addition, the television channel HBO has only just made the country better known. How? By choosing some locations for the filming of Game of Thrones in Iceland. These are some of the highlights.

Iceland Namaskard

Iceland Namaskard

Game of Throne Filming Locations in Iceland: Third Season

1: Namaskard

The beginning of the third season of the series begins with Sam on the run. A blizzard inexorably surrounds him and he suffers from the attack of the White Walkers. All around you can see mud baths, fumaroles, and sulfurous springs. All of this is part of the charm of the region, which was heavily visited by intrepid travelers and who were immune to the cold even before the scene was shot.

The blizzard was artificial, by the way.


We continue in the third season, this time in Chapter 2, which was partly filmed at Lake Myvatn (Muckensee). If you visit today, you will see lava rocks scattered around the landscape, which gives it the peculiar air that you see in the series. Sam was led through this landscape by the wildlings. And if you think you've seen the area before, you're not wrong. Ygritte and Jon Snow came through here before disappearing into the famous cave.


Here is the entrance to this cave. Of all the locations of the "Game of Thrones" in Iceland, this was perhaps the most visited by tourists and fans of the series. This is where Ygritte and Jon Snow's love scene took place.

Now you can visit this place and even take a bath, but keep in mind that the hottest scenes were filmed in the studio, not here. The only real thing on the screen is the cave entrance. The water is over 40 degrees, which would have caused the team's camera lenses to fog up. So if you wear glasses and visit the Grjotagja, take them off before going inside.

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Game of Thrones Locations in Iceland: Fourth Season


In the sixth chapter of the fourth season, a little goatherd suffers from the hunger of one of the dragons of Daenerys Targaryen. The boy is on a cliff and is amused himself by throwing stones on the bottom when the dragon appears, charring the herd, and disappears with a head of cattle between his claws. The scene, which only lasts a few seconds in the series, took a whole day to shoot. You can have a very good time walking in this location. But are you sure that no mythological animal will be after you?


Thingvellir is a particularly attractive place for tourists, and it was before it became a location for "Game of Thrones". To shoot the scene of the fourth season of episode 8, the path had to be blocked for visitors. Before HBO was shot here, the most interesting location was a nearby waterfall. Now the travellers are following in the footsteps of the dog and Arya Stark, who came here before they reached the Blood Gate. On the screen, you will see a more or less level surface, but in reality, the road surface is not that level. If you are going to go to this place you will need suitable shoes.

3:The Hengill Mountains

In the final chapter of the fourth season, the dog fights Brienne von Tarth. Filming was difficult and various locations are shown during the battle, including the view of the Hengill Mountains. However, it is not easy to distinguish between the different locations, as they only appear on the screen for a few tenths of a second.

Dyrhólaey peninsula on the south coast of Iceland near Vík

Dyrhólaey peninsula on the south coast of Iceland near Vík

Game of Thrones Locations in Iceland: Season 7th


Would you like to visit the famous wall? Jorah Mormont and John Snowcross it and come to an island covered in black sand. It is the fifth chapter of the seventh season. The wall as it appears on the screen is part of the natural cliff of Dyrholaey Beach. With a few changes: It's ten times bigger on television


The journey to Stakkholtsgja is already adventurous. The little streams you wade through to get to your destination were huge rivers of water when the sixth chapter of the seventh season was filmed. This was the path of the allies who had to capture a White Walker to win the favour of Cersei Lannister. Incidentally, that never happened.


In 2010, the Eyjafjallajokull eruption plunged Europe into a communication crisis. Interestingly, one of the locations where "Game of Thrones" was filmed in Iceland is very close, on the slope of a glacier. The location was used to film the so-called "Walk and Talk" scenes. This is quite ironic considering that the Eyjafjallajökull eruption blocked air traffic and cut communications a few years earlier.

Do you already know which route you will take to get to the locations of "Game of Thrones" in Iceland?

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