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Florida During the Covid-19 Pandemic

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This is not a travel vacation blog

Until I moved here from California, I had no clue about snowbirds. I, actually, thought they are real birds. LOL, so, the term, "snowbird" is slang for anyone living in Canada, Midwest, New York area, or anyone living where in the winter it is bitter cold and snowy. These people flock to Florida during peak winter months to escape winter. There is a plus and negative impact. But, thanks to Covid-9, there are far fewer this year, hallelujah!

The Then

Since last April or May, Governor DeSantis, has been like an echo of his mentor, Donald Trump. He is a Trumper wannabe that narrowly won the governor's election and like Trump, is not very politically correct in his decisions. For instance, when DeSantis found out that the woman in charge with reporting Florida Covid cases on the State website was reporting the more higher, more accurate, numbers, instead of reporting the lower numbers as her superiors dictated, she was fired. She then created here own to show the more accurate numbers and was later arrested on "trumped" up charges.

When all the similar states, like California, New York, had skyrocketing virus deaths and cases back in May-July, instead of shutting down or curtailing business, mandating masks, he opened most everything in the state and still jokes about mask wearing. Florida did close down in March and part of April, 2020. Now, this strategy seems to have made no difference as time went on. It seems that no matter what is done, the virus will spread crazy in certain areas and conditions.

The Now in 2021

Florida now is leading the USA as a new hotspot for the virus mutations, such as the, UK and South Africa variants, with over 415 cases discovered (that means, there are many more not found). Close behind is California with 186. But, DeSantis has been deliberate in not promoting mask wearing and being vague about these new mutations in the state and how vaccines may impact them.

Worse, is his targeting vaccines to more affluent and over 65 age groups within the state. It seems that DeSantis prefers to send the limited doses to areas where Republicans are dominant in the county and to the affluent with lots of money. He also has been giving doses to veterans from the Bay of Pigs, which is odd. This whole Incident in 1961, involved a U.S. sponsored invasion of Cuba involving Cuban exiles (no U.S. military) to overthrow Castro, which ended in a disaster. The Florida Cuba lobby is huge and here is why.

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The Manatee county commission were upset that this vaccine batch was targeted only at people in the 34202 and 34211 zip codes, who represent 8 percent of the county’s 30,557 COVID cases. DeSantis had no valid reason and then retorted that if the county has an issue with it, then, maybe we'll give the vaccines to counties that don't have a problem with his decision. Huh?

It all is political kiss-assing by the governor to gain favor when his time for re-election arrives.

The most recent vaccine data from the Florida Department of Health shows that 25,789 residents have been vaccinated in Charlotte County; 42,352 in Manatee County; and 65,554 people vaccinated in Sarasota (which has a population of nearly 400,000).

So, for the governor, if you say nice things about him, your county is more likely to get more vaccines. WTF!


perrya (author) on March 04, 2021:

While true, the point of the article was how two different states with similar stats tried to beat the virus and both failed. One shutdown many more times, while the other did not and both have very similar stats.

Sukhdev Shukla from Dehra Dun, India on March 04, 2021:

Perrya, the issues related to accuracy of reported numbers, availability/ acceptability of vaccines offered, categorising and prioritising people and various related issues are really plaguing many countries. These issues add to the stress level. Only God save humans from this pandemic!

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