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Flight to Bengaluru from Chennai Airport

Travel to Chennai International Airport

I traveled to Chennai in the month of February 2020 for a one-day solo trip. The day was busy while I visited the American Library located at the United States Consulate General premises and the British Library located within the premises of British High Commission-both on Anna Salai road in Chennai city. After a refreshing visit to the libraries, I returned to my air-conditioned dormitory at around 3 pm. After fresh-up I decided to take some rest and slept till 4.30 pm. I had some time till the departure of my flight from Chennai airport at 10.55 pm. So I decided to spend some time at the railway station and indulge in railfanning activity.

At first,I decided to have some beverages and sipped a cup of hot coffee at the railway restaurant. Then I headed to the bookstall to buy some magazines and a newspaper. Just then an announcement was made regarding the arrival of 12841 Howrah-Chennai Central Coromandel Express. Next, another announcement was made regarding the departure of 12027 Chennai Central-Bengaluru Shatabdi Express departing from Chennai Central railway station's platform number 2A. I made a quick visit to have a look at the Shatabdi Express rake and the train's platform 2A was abuzz with passengers bound to Bengaluru. I have traveled many times by 12027 Chennai Central-Bengaluru Shatabdi Express which reaches Bengaluru at 10.30 pm. However this time I decided to travel by a passenger airplane from Chennai Airport leaving at 10.55 pm to reach Bengaluru's Kempegowda International Airport whilst arriving at midnight at around 12 am.

Leaving from Chennai Central

The flight journey was my maiden visit to Chennai International Airport and it was also my first flight journey from Chennai to Bengaluru. After railfanning and a visit to Moore Market Complex which is located next to Chennai Central railway station, I decided to have some snacks. As usual, I walked a bit to Walltax Road adjacent to Chennai Central railway station. I visited the popular pure vegetarian restaurant Hotel Shiv Sagar. I ordered idli, vada, masala dosa along with a cup of hot coffee. By the time I returned to my air-conditioned dormitory at Chennai Central it was already 7 pm. I decided to check-out out my air-conditioned dormitory by 9 pm and took some rest until 8.30 pm.

At around 8.30 pm I prepared to leave the air-conditioned dormitory at Chennai Central railway station. The check-out process was smooth and hassle-free. As I stepped out of Chennai Central, the railway station otherwise was busy with passengers heading to various destinations through the railway station. I had to go to Chennai Central's metro station to catch the airport metro train to reach Chennai International Airport. I reached the Chennai Central metro station at around 9 pm and bought a token to Chennai International Airport. The ride to Chennai International Airport from Chennai Central took about thirty minutes and is the best public transport option in Chennai to reach the airport. The other two options were to hail an app-based taxi from the railway station or walk to Chennai Park suburban station and catch a local train to Meenambakam station. As I wanted to explore metro train travel I chose to travel by Chennai Metro to reach the airport.

The metro train arrived at the designated time around 9.10 pm. The ride to the airport was smooth which witnessed only a few handfuls of passengers. The airport was the last stop for the Metro train also. As soon as the train reached Chennai Airport metro station, I quickly hurried to use the pedestrian walkway leading to Chennai International airport's domestic terminal. The security personnel posted at the entrance of the pedestrian walkway verified my plane ticket and after verification of my identity card, I was let in inside the terminal. One had to take an elevator to reach the domestic terminal. I joined the Air Asia ticketing desk queue to obtain my boarding pass and insisted on a window seat on the plane. I was allotted seat 6A in the Air Asia flight number I5 2380. Upon entering the domestic terminal there was a huge crowd in the queue for the security check. The security check was smooth and I entered the boarding gate area at around 10.05 pm.

Boarding the Aircraft at Chennai International Airport

As my airplane's departure from Chennai International Airport was at 10.55 pm by Air Asia India airlines, the boarding gates were not yet announced. Hence I decided to do some window shopping at some of the duty-free shops located near the boarding area of the domestic departure hall. As I had some free time, I grabbed a cup of filter coffee at the airport's restaurant and took a rest near the designated boarding gate in the departure hall.

Soon the aircraft arrived from New Delhi and my boarding gate was now abuzz with hectic activity. All the passengers bound to Bengaluru onboard Air Asia flight formed a queue to get inside the plane. The passengers seated in the last row were called in by the airline ground staff and were then allowed to board the craft. My turn to board the aircraft took some time of about ten minutes and was comfortably placed in my seat before the departure of the plane. After the completion of boarding formalities, the flight was ready to leave from Chennai International Airport before waiting for some time at the taxiway. The flight was finally given the signal for take-off and the plane took off from Chennai International Airport at around 11.10 pm. The journey to Bengaluru's Kempegowda International Airport from Chennai International Airport was for about 50 minutes.

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Arrival at Bengaluru's KIA Airport

I looked out of the window but could not spot anything owing to darkness with the exception of city lights. My destination soon arrived at Bengaluru's Kempegowda International Airport at around 11.55 pm. The landing and touch-down were smooth. We parked our plane in the taxiway and had to return to the arrival gates by the airport shuttle. The ride to the arrival gates from the taxiway took about ten minutes. I carried a backpack and hence did not have any cabin baggage. I came out of the arrival gates and approached Hatti Cafe, a coffee house located opposite the international arrival gates. I sipped a cup of hot coffee and headed to the airport's BMTC bus terminal to travel in BMTC's Vayu Vajra i.e. Air-conditioned shuttle service to reach Kempegowda Bus Station.

The Vayu Vajra route number KIAS-9 was ready for departure from the airport's BMTC bus terminal. I hopped onto the bus and settled down in the last row of the bus. The crew enquired about my journey details and I paid INR 235 to travel to my destination at Kempegowda Bus Station. The journey to the city center from the airport was smooth and hassle-free and took about 50 minutes to reach the destination. Upon my arrival at Kempegowda Bus Station, I headed to Bengaluru city railway station's parking lot, as I had parked my TVS Jupitor vehicle in the designated two-wheeler parking area of the railway station. The ride to my home was about fifteen minutes and I reached home by 1.10 am in the early morning. Thus my solo trip from Chennai to Bengaluru ended on a happy note and was satisfactory.

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