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Flight Travel to Bengaluru from Goa

Departing from the Hotel

I had been to Goa on a vacation in the month of November 2016 during Diwali celebrations in India. However, due to a change in travel plans, I had to return to Bengaluru on a flight from Goa immediately. I enjoyed my holidays and decided to travel to Bengaluru on Megha Air's Trujet Air departing from Goa at 5 pm. I booked my tickets online and got a confirmation through an email.

I was staying with my friends in a hotel resort in the Calangute area of Goa. I checked with my hotel staff and enquired about the availability of any cabs or taxis to Goa airport from the hotel's location in Calangute. The hotel responded positively and arranged for a cab to the airport at 1.30 pm.

After staying for three days, I prepared to leave on the third day to leave for Bengaluru. I woke up in the morning at the hotel and had a cup of fresh filter coffee. After a freshening up, I munched some buffet breakfast consisting of bread toast, cereals with hot milk, masala dosa, and poha. The breakfast was excellent and served with a fresh cup of hot filter coffee. I enjoyed some time at the beach near the hotel with some of my friends.

Arriving at Goa Airport

I had to rush back to my hotel room and prepare to check out. The check-out of the room was a smooth process as I got a call from my taxi driver. He insisted on arriving soon, as he was already waiting for me for the past ten minutes.I hurried down to the ground floor and quickly got onto the cab. The ride to the airport was refreshing with moderate road traffic and I chatted with the driver occasionally regarding the traffic in Goa. Soon we arrived at Goa airport and in a hurry, I had forgotten to take the printout of the e-ticket enroute. After paying for the taxi, I enquired at the airport's ticket counter regarding the fee for getting a print-out of my e-ticket.

The ticketing staff informed me that the details available through email on the mobile phone were sufficient to travel. I showed the e-ticket from the email on my mobile phone along with my identity card. I was let in after due verification of the ticket details. As I entered the airport, the baggage scanner to screen my cabin baggage was not yet open for my airline. I had to wait for about 30 minutes and finally, at 3.30 pm my baggage was screened by the airline staff. Next, I went to the airline's check-in counter to obtain the boarding pass. I requested a seat in the last row of the aircraft. This time I was flying by an ATR aircraft with some 70 seats. I was given the requested seat and was overjoyed at the thought of my first flight journey onboard an ATR aircraft.

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I completed the security formalities within thirty minutes and arrived at the boarding gates. As I had some time I decided to have a cup of coffee at the airport's restaurant. The coffee had a refreshing taste.I could see other aircraft parked on the tarmac leaving to Mumbai and New Delhi at 4 pm and 4.15 pm. My ATR aircraft arrived from Hyderabad at around 4.30 pm. We had thirty minutes to board the plane. The boarding gates were then opened for the passengers to embark. As usual passengers with the seats in the last row of the aircraft were asked to board the plane. I got onto the plane with a sense of excitement and joy. The weather outside was cloudy and soon it was time for the sunset on a Sunday evening.

Return to Bengaluru

The flight took off from Goa airport bang on time at 5 pm. The flight time was good and I enjoyed looking out of the window but could only spot dark clouds. We soon arrived at Bengaluru's Kempegowda International Airport at around 6.45 pm. The flight landed at the airport with ease and we were soon exiting the aircraft. Our aircraft dropped the passengers next to the arrival gates. I had to wait at the concourse for my baggage to arrive from the flight. It took about thirty minutes to fetch my baggage from the conveyor belt.

As I exited out of the arrival gates, I quickly headed to Hatti Coffee house to grab a cup of coffee. After sipping a hot cup of coffee, I headed to the airport taxi counter. At this point in time, BMTC had no direct shuttle serviced connecting to my residential area. Hence I did not travel by BMTC shuttle service. I hailed an app-based airport taxi opposite the airport's arrival gates at around 7.20 pm. It took an hour to reach my home in West Bengaluru by 8.30 pm. As it was the Diwali festival I reached home to relish the sumptuous festival dinner prepared by my mother. Thus my first flight journey to Bengaluru from Goa ended on a high note on the special occasion of Diwali festival

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