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Five Hot Train Guys: Best Trains in Chicago to Meet Super Hot Men!

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Hot Train Guys in Chicago!

Hot Train Guys in Chicago!

Hot Train Guys!

If you have ever used public transit (aka a train) in a major city, you probably already know that some of the men on those cars can be hotter than the devil with a fever.

You know what I am talking about here - jaw dropping guys that make you stop in your tracks and stare!

Now what if I told there is a city with a train system where you have the chance to see lots of these kinds of guys ... all corresponding to different routes?

Now wait for it ...because it gets better!

What if I also told you that the trains these hotties ride are easy to remember because the entire route structure is color coordinated?

Guess what? Such a place exists!

The name of this city is Chicago and let me tell you – the dudes riding the trains in that town are ridiculously handsome!

What follows are five hot train guys that you can possibly meet using Chicago’s mass transit system. I've included photographs to illustrate the type of man you will likely see, matched to a specific color coded route.

Finally, you will find tips on the best time to ride a particular “Line” to help maximize your your man-candy potential.

Note: The photographs are for illustrative purposes. Some of the guys featured are on trains from different cities but will give you an idea of what you might see on CTA.

All Aboard! Woot Woot … Train Now Departing for Hot Men in Chicago!

Watch your step …. Alllll Aboard!


CTA History

Chicago Transportation Authority (CTA)

As we get ready to depart, let me give you some quick information about the trains in Chicago. First, the entire mass transportation system in the windy city, including the trains, is run by the Chicago Transportation Authority. Most people just refer to them as CTA.

Locals call the train system the “L” because many of the trains operate above ground on an elevated platform (“L” is short for elevated).

A few more tidbits … CTA started operations way back in 1947 and is one of the oldest and largest public transportation systems in the United States. Most all of the train routes that you are going to learn about connect in some way to other forms of public transit, like buses. A video should appear to the right with more of the history of CTA.

I’ve included fare information for the trains towards the bottom for informational purposes.

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Because I know you are eager to find out about the handsome dudes riding these trains, I am going to skip ahead now to and provide some basic information on the rail system.

Chicago L Train Route Maps

Chicago L Train Route Maps

Color Coded Routes

All of the train lines on Chicago’s CTA are color coordinated. The “City of Big Shoulders” switched to using this system back in the early 1990’s to help commuters and visitors have an easier time figuring out where trains go.

Along with being color coordinated, most of the trains have an automated announcement system that tells you what color train you are riding on and advises the different stops along the way. Finally, the trains themselves have signage that matches the color of the route.

OK – let’s move on … we’ve got some handsome men to meet! Let’s check out our first train; the Red Line.

Jock on Train

Jock on Train

Redline Chicago

Redline Chicago

Red Line (Jocks)

The Red Line is perhaps one of the most frequently traveled train routes of the entire CTA system. It starts at Howard on Chicago’s North Side and ends at 95th and Dan Ryan on the South Side. In between these stops, you will see some of the most ridiculously handsome dudes you will ever lay your eyes on.

The reason you are going to see lots fierce men on this train is because the Red Line makes stops at Addison (aka jock central) … home to Wrigley Field and the Chicago Cubs. The Red Line also passes through Chicago’s Lincoln Park, which is kind of an upscale urban area with a lot of jocks. Finally, this train also winds through the city’s downtown area, which has its own bonanza of male eye candy.

When you get on the Redline, think of a mix of different types of guys but namely “red” hot jocks. Many of the dudes you will see on this route are grabbing a quick commuter downtown or catching a ride to a ballgame.

Oh and one more thing – the Red Line also makes a stop at Sox-35th, which is the place you will want to get off if you are heading to a White Sox game! I told you this train was a total bigtime train!

Check out the map to the right to see the different stops on the Red Line.

Best time to ride:

Anytime really but the best time is mornings between 7am and 9 am to catch the cute business guys heading to the downtown district or anytime the Cubs or White Sox are playing. You might want to bring something cold to drink because it can get pretty hot on this train!

Blue Collar Guy!

Blue Collar Guy!


Orange Line (Blue Collar Guys)

When you get on the Orange Line train, think blue collar. It’s a major hot dude train … and I am talking major! Orange Line service runs from Midway Airport to and ends at Adams and Wabash, which is basically in the heart of Chicago’s Loop. The Loop is the nickname given to the city’s central business district and a term often used by locals.

If you are going from the Loop towards Midway Airport, you absolutely are going to see a lot of hot men. In fact, I want to warn you now that if you ride this train – you ride at your own risk because some of the man-candy you will see will cause your heart to severely palpitate.

My favorite stop is 35/Archer. A lot of Blue Collar guys board and de-board at that stop because it is in Chicago’s Bridgeport area – which is blue collar heaven.

Best time to ride:

The Orange Line is usually hopping all of the time but if you are looking to meet blue collar hotties, try early mornings when the construction workers are traveling towards downtown. There are two seasons in Chicago … winter and construction, meaning the chances of you spotting one of these muscular men is very high.

If you want to see young, rugged blue collar airport workers, take the Orange Line in the later part of the afternoon to Midway, between 1-6 pm. The reason is that many of the guys traveling at this time are 2nd and 3rd shift workers at the airport. Join them as they head into work to clock in.

That’s a real tip folks, isn’t it!

Business Men!

Business Men!

Brown Line Map

Brown Line Map

Brown Line (Business Men)

If you are into business men then you are going to love Chicago’s Brown Line! The train starts at Kimball and ends at Clark and Lake. A lot of the dudes riding this train are heading to and from Chicago’s Loop and are your “9-5”, Monday through Friday crowd.

One of the best stops to check out the hotties is at Belmont, which is a major boarding and de-boarding stop on this line. Belmont is also a transfer point to other trains, like the Red Line train mentioned earlier. You will know doubt see all sorts of different types of dudes on the Brown Line however, the majority of the “lookers” are the corporate boys, making their way to work.

Best time to ride:

Because this is a train commonly used by business commuting men, your best bet is to hop onto a Brown Line train between 7am and 9 am heading towards the loop and between 4pm -6 pm coming back from the loop. These trains can get very crowded, which depending on your mindset may not be such a bad thing.

Woooot Woot!

Trendy Guys!

Trendy Guys!

Green Line Map

Green Line Map

Green Line (Trendy Guys)

If you have a history of heart problems, you might want to think twice before riding Chicago’s Green Line. Why is that you say?

The guys on this particular train are so hideously hot that they have been known to make some people have heart attacks! Here, I am talking about young, trendy 20 and 30 year olds that wear the latest styles and are equipped with the latest gadgets. FYI: You will also see a lot of suburban boys with muscle!

The Green Line starts at Harlem/Lake in the north suburb of Forest Park and ends at Ashland and 63rd. This train is the only line that carries guys from the famous suburb of Oak Park, which is best known for its Frank Lloyd Wright architecture.

One of my favorite stops is at 35/Bronzeville. The reason is because Bronzeville is a historic part of the city that is a mecca of African American History on the city’s South Side. Lots to see here for sure. Also, many college boys board and de-board at the Bronzeville stop because it is close to IIT (Illinois Institute of Technology).

Best time to ride: Because this train winds through the loop and stops at a major tourist destination, the best time to ride is anytime Monday through Friday.

International Guys!

International Guys!

Blue Line

Blue Line

Blue Line (International Guys)

If you have an eclectic taste in men then you are going to get totally hooked on the CTA Blue Line. The reason being is that the Blue Line carries lots of international passengers! The train starts at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport and ends at Forest Park.

The hotties you will see on this train run the ethnic gambit with many of them arriving from places all over the world. Here, we are talking about guys from Europe, the Ukraine, Asia, South America and everywhere else in between. You may seriously need to bring a portable fan with you on this train because the men are that hot!

Best time to ride:

The Blue Line is a fairly busy train but it gets particularly hopping between 6AM – 10AM heading towards O’Hare and between 3PM and 9 PM leaving from the airport.

As you can probably guess. Blue Line trains leaving O’Hare are busiest later in the day because that is when the majority of International flights land.




Below you will find fare information for the “L” in Chicago. These prices are subject to change and are published by CTA on their website.

I’ve highlighted the standard rates below and you should know mine do not include discounts for seniors or students.

Visit the CTA website to learn more about current pricing and eligibility for reduced fares.

Check CTA Website for Current Fares

Per Ride 1-Day Pass3-Day Pass7-Day Pass





*Blue line is $5.00




Plus Cute security!

Plus Cute security!

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to meet hot guys in Chicago, you don’t need to blow a bunch of money going out to bars or nightclubs. Some of the best looking men you will ever see can be found riding CTA. Plus, a few of the security guards are wickedly hot!

So now all you have to do is figure out what types of guys you want to meet and then ride one of the CTA’s color coordinated trains to find them.

So come on now – ride Chicago’s “L” trains and give yourself a real treat when you visit the Windy City. You just might meet the train hottie of your dreams!

Woot Woot! All aboard baby!

© 2014 John Hollywood


MEL on April 05, 2017:

I wanna ride all lines!! ALL

Heidi Thorne from Chicago Area on December 06, 2014:

I moved out to the Chi-town burbs and married decades ago. Looks like I missed all the good El train "scenery." ;) Fun hub!

John Hollywood (author) from Hollywood, CA on September 25, 2014:

Hi, Bwhite! Hope you take the Redline or one of the other trains:) Have fun!

Brianna W from East Coast on September 25, 2014:

This was awesome. I'm heading to Chicago RIGHT NOW!

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