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Five Cool Things About Florence, SC

Over the past few years, South Carolina has become a comfortable and recreational vacation spot for people all over the United States. The scenery is charming, the hospitality is very welcoming, and compared to top tourist destinations in the U.S., the prices are very affordable. While Florence doesn't have all of the high-rolling excitement of a place like Miami or Las Vegas, it does provide a very relaxing and family-friendly environment for those of you who are looking for a more peaceful destination, and there are a lot of cool and interesting facts that will boost your interest about the city. I have highlighted five of them below.

You will see this sign as you drive into Florence from I-20.

You will see this sign as you drive into Florence from I-20.

1. Golf

Golf is a very popular sport, especially among tourists, and Florence has no shortage of beautiful golf courses. Golf is actually the predominant sporting activity in the Pee Dee Area (Florence and surrounding). There are also many golf courses in the surrounding towns and cities as well. The Country Club of South Carolina was the host of the NIKE South Carolina Classic from 1993-2000, one of the top ranked events on the NIKE tour.

An image from Meadow 1 at Traces Golf Course.

An image from Meadow 1 at Traces Golf Course.

Other golf courses in Florence include:

Crossing Golf Club, 3540 Shadow Creek Drive, 843.665.8040

Florence Country Club, 450 Country Club Blvd, 843.669.3554

Oakdale Country Club, 3700 W Lake Dr, 843.662.0368

Traces Golf Course, 4322 Southborough Rd, 843.662.7775

The Country Club of South Carolina, 3525 McDonald Blvd, 843.669.0920

2. Nascar

Florence is a very close neighbor to Darlington, SC, location of the Darlington Raceway which hosts the NASCAR Southern 500. This event is a major icon in the Pee Dee Area. Darlington Raceway was only a twenty minute drive from my house in Florence, so if all the hotels are booked in Darlington, Florence would be the next place you would start looking.

Darlington Raceway also holds many other activities such as festivals, driving schools, and also the Darlington Raceway Museum. So during your vacation to Florence, be sure to schedule a time to drive out to Darlington Raceway, located at 1301 Harry Byrd Hwy, Darlington, SC (call them at 866.459.RACE).

A picture at Darlington Raceway

A picture at Darlington Raceway

Lawerence Timmons at Wilson High School

Lawerence Timmons at Wilson High School

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3. Lawrence Timmons, Pittsburgh Steelers

A few famous people were born and/or raised in Florence, including Lawrence Olajuwon Timmons, linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, was born and raised in Florence. He is a graduate of Wilson High School, which happens to also be the high school that I graduated from (go Tigers!). He played as a line backer and tight end during his high school career, earning many awards. During his college football career at Florida State University, he also earned several awards. Timmons was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers 15th overall in the 2007 NFL draft. In his rookie season he played in 16 games recording 13 tackles.

4. The City of Florence Has History

Florence had its humble beginnings around the 1850s. It started with a grant from the state of about 577 acres, and became known as a railroad depot and inn. Florence was named after Florence Henning Harlee, the daughter of the president of the Wilmington and Manchester Railroad. During the Civil War times, Florence played a major role by hosting places such as The Wayside Hospital, a relief volunteer hospital for sick and injured soldiers, and Mt. Hope Cemetary, a burial site for the soldiers. After the war, the Northeastern Railroad Company was the primary employer and the town grew with the transportation industry. The County of Florence was founded in 1888, and two years later, the City of Florence was incorporated.

Henry Timrod's School

Henry Timrod's School

5. Parks are as plentiful as golf courses

The City of Florence has fourteen parks/recreation areas. Some of them include nature trails, tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts, swimming pools, camping areas, and many other feautures for your family's enjoyment. Concerts and other events are often held at the parks, and the scenery is gorgeous. The environments are peaceful and relaxing, and many of the parks/recreation areas hold historical monuments for educational purposes. One of the more well-known parks is Timrod Park, which is home to the Florence Museum. It consists of 18 acres on Timrod Park Drive, houses the Parks and Beautification Department administrative offices, has eleven lighted tennis courts, picnic areas, a picnic shelter, a gazebo, gardens, interpretive nature trails, and two fitness courses, one of which is handicap accessible. Timrod Park is the location of Henry Timrod's single room school; this school was built for the education of the children who lived on the plantation of Col. William Henry Cannon. The school is still perfectly preserved and is available for tourists to view.

Florence, SC has slowly become a recreational vacation area for people all over the US. With its rich history, beautiful scenery, and family related activities, it's a great place to visit.


awesomeactress on March 14, 2011:

@leahlefler Florence is only about an hour, maybe an hour and 15 min, depending on how fast you drive :)

Leah Lefler from Western New York on March 14, 2011:

South Carolina looks so beautiful! We're stuck up in the Northern States, where the winter is getting rather old, lol. How far is Florence from the beach?

FrankiesGirl6Yr from South Carolina on November 11, 2010:

I was sent to and lived in a group home in Florence (1997) and went to W. Florence High School. Although the terms of which I lived Florence then where not the greatest, I still think it's a great place to visit or live.

My sister also went to Florence Darlington Tech. for two years before transfering to Averate in WV.

Great Hub, Great Town

gr82bme from USA on October 31, 2010:

Great hubs and pics. Thank you for the tour

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