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Famous places to visit in Shenyang, China

Shenyang is a capital city of Liaoning province situated in the North East of China. Having all beautiful weathers of the year, the city offers a large number of cool places to roam around, including markets, parks, gardens, and many more. I have managed to explore lots of places throughout the year and some are still due.

Here we are going to have a look at the famous places to roam around in Shenyang; they’re all inside the city itself, so you can easily travel to these places via subway and buses.


Beiling Gong Yuan (Beiling Park)

Beiling Gong Yuan is said to be the largest park in Shenyang, housing Zhaoling Tomb which was built in 1643 by the famous Kang Xi, Qing Dynasty Emperor. The park offers lush greenery and ponds and beautiful architecture to admire. The park is so big that you can easily spend half of the day at Beiling Park; riding boats, visiting Zhaoling Tomb, shopping from small shops inside, playing games and walking around this huge park.

Chinese Name: 北陵公园

Address: #12, Taishan Road, Huanggu District, Shenyang, China, 110032

Entry Ticket: 6 Yuan/head

Qing Nian Gong Yuan (Youth Park)

Qing Nian Gong Yuan is a great place to spend spring and autumn evenings and for long walks. Lying along the big lake, the park offers beautiful sight at night. You can spend some quality time there with your friends and even alone. The TV Tower lies just to the opposite side of the road, offering a magnificent view of the Shenyang city.

Chinese Name: 青年公园

Address: # 111, Qingnian St, Shenhe District, Shenyang, China

Entry Ticket: Free

Getting there: Via Subway, on Line 2, stop name is ‘Qing Nian Gong Yuan’


Wu Li He Gong Yuan (Wu Li River Park)

Wu Li He is an amazing big park to spend an evening or even a whole day. With the river flowing alongside the park, the beautiful thick old trees and gorgeous colorful flowers and friendly Chinese people are all very inviting. The park seems like a rain forest, with thousand of trees and lush green grass stretched along the jogging tracks. You will find many people jogging, dancing, practicing martial arts, and riding bicycle. You can go there at evening and enjoy the beautiful lights from distant buildings. The view of the park at night is spectacular.

Chinese Name: 五里河公园

Address: Shenhe District, Shenyang, China

Entry Ticket: Free

Getting there: Subway Line 2 will take you to ‘Wu Li He Zhan’; you can get off and walk for a few minutes to get to the Wu Li He Park.


Fanta Wild Adventure Park

Fanta Wild Adventure Park is a great place to spend a weekend and enjoy unlimited amazing rides and take beautiful pictures. It is best recommended for youngsters. You can admire the beautiful architecture, take rides, witness stage shows and performances and roam around beautiful waterfalls and pounds and many more. You need to reach there early in order to thoroughly enjoy your visit to this enormous park.

Chinese Name: 方特欢乐世界

Address: Fanta Wild Adventure Park (方特欢乐世界), Shengjing Street, Shenbei, Shenyang, China

Entry Ticket: 220 Yuan /head

Getting there: You can take a 7-10 min taxi from the last station of subway line 2 named ‘Hang Kong Hang Tian Da Xue Zhan’ and it will take you to the front gate of the park.



The MixC

The MixC is a grand mall with stunning architecture and global shops. The mall is beautifully manufactured and houses famous brands from all over the world. It is a grand place for a window shopping. There are also beautiful restaurants to taste classic Chinese foods. There is also an ice rink on the top floor where you can enjoy ice skating with cute little Chinese kids and professional skaters to help you.

Address: Heping District, Shenyang, China

Getting there: Take Subway Line 2 and get off at ‘Gong Ye Zhan Lan Guan’ and walk for a minute to reach The MixC.



Forum 66 is another grand mall with beautiful shops and many verities. The architecture is the mall is amazing, with big shops and first class features. You definitely would love to visit this grand mall again and again. There is also a departmental store where you can find all the basic necessities of life.

Address: Jinlang Shang quan, Shenhe, Shenyang, China

Getting there: Get off from subway at ‘Shifu Guang Chang Zhan’ and walk for a minute to get to Forum-66.

Happy Family Mall

Happy Family Mall have several branches throughout the city and is a great place if you are willing to shop from the popular brands of China. The malls are huge in size, with big and beautiful shops covering all ranges of all the necessities of lives.

Chinese Name: 兴龙

Address: Zhengyang St, Shenhe, Shenyang, Liaoning, China

Getting there: Take Subway Line 1 and get off to 'zhong jie' station and walk for 5-10 min to get to Happy Family Mall


Tai Yuan Jie

Tai Yuan Jie is one popular streets of the city of Shenyang. The colorful street is a great place to spend a long evening, you can find international and local brands among the malls at both sides of the street. The street never seems empty, you will find many Chinese and foreigners eating, shopping, enjoying with friends and taking lots of random pictures. You can also enjoy shopping from local Chinese shops at very reasonable prices. There is an underground market called 'fashion street' where you can find everything at a very reasonable price. There are also shops named '10 yuan shops' where all the available articles are for 10 yuan only.

Chinese Name: 太原街

Address: Taiyuan N St, Heping, Shenyang, Liaoning, China

Getting there: Take the Subway line one and get off at 'Tai Yuan Jie Station'

Zhong Jie

Zhong Jie is another popular and widely visited street of Shenyang. The street is a little more expensive than the Tai Yuan Jie Street but you can still manage to get some really cool stuffs from there. Zhong Jie is not a place for shopping only, it is a great place to spend an evening alone or with a group of friends. They decorate the whole street and some special decorations are seen at special occasions like new year, Chinese new year, and Christmas. Do no forget to take a good camera because you will be longing to take pictures all across this beautiful street.

Chinese Name: 中街

Address: Middle St Rd, ZhongJie ShangQuan, Shenhe, Shenyang, Liaoning, China, 110011

Getting there: Take Subway line 1 and get off to 'Zhong Jie Station'


The famous International Food Street

The Food Street is very famous street where you can find all sort of stall food that are sold all over in China. The Street is so long that it will take you more than hour to walk only in one way direction to the other end of the market. But you never feel bored walking through all the stalls and surprising yourself with a wide variety of stuffs that Chinese people love to eat. The place opens at night and is always very crowded so make sure to leave early if you want to explore the whole street.

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