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Eden Project, Cornwall

Eden Project, Cornwall: The Eden Project Biomes

Eden Project, Cornwall: The Eden Project Biomes

The Eden Project's been described as the 8th Wonder of the World - with it's two gigantic glass domes housing tropical plants in one hot steamy biodome and cooler, fragrant Meditteranean plants in the adjoining biodome. Make sure you visit this once in a lifetime chance to experience the world on one site.

Within the Eden Project you'll find the biomes it's famous for, exhibitions, plants, an educational centre, several places to eat, a gift shop and extensive grounds to explore... and more.

The Eden Project is the world's largest greenhouse. The two super-sized biomes house over 100,000 plants from around the world.

Whatever's written about the Eden Project today - you can be sure that there'll be something new next week. This visitor attraction is continually evolving and bringing more to see and do to the area.

Eden Project: Tropical Biome

Inside the Tropical biome, which is the largest of the two, you'll find fruiting banana trees, coffee, rubber and giant bamboo. This biome is very humid and moist. There's all sorts to explore in here, even a few simple houses made from canes. There's a great waterfall too.

Eden Project: Mediterranean Biome

The smaller biome contains the Mediterranean plants, including grape vines and olives. There are a few sculptures too.

Eden Project: Outdoor Biome

Outside there's an outdoor biome, which isn't covered. Here you'll see plants such as lavender, tea, hemp, hops and sunflowers.

Eden Project: The Core

Opened in 2005, The Core is an additional facility providing educational space. There are classrooms and an exhibition space.

How Big is the Eden Project Site

Eden Project, Cornwall: Inside the Biomes.  CC-BY; CC-BY-1.0.

Eden Project, Cornwall: Inside the Biomes. CC-BY; CC-BY-1.0.

How Big Are the Biomes at the Eden Project?

Well, they're massive!  But I guess you want some details.  So here are the measurements:

The Tropical Biome:

  • Covers 1.56 hectares, 3.9 acres
  • Is 55 metres, 180 feet, high
  • Is 100 metres, 328 feet, wide
  • Is 200 metres, 656 feet, long

The Mediterranean Biome:

  • Covers 0.654 hectares, 1.6 acres
  • Is 35 metres, 115 feet, high
  • Is 65 metres, 213 feet, wide
  • Is 135 metres, 443 feet, long
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More Eden Project Facts & Figures

  • Average visit time is just under 4 hours
  • The Eden Project is the 3rd most visited attraction in the UK
  • Nearly 2,000,000 people visited the Eden Project in its first year.
  • The domes are made of Ethyl Tetra Fluoro Ethylene (ETFE), which weighs about 1% of glass.
  • Some scenes in the the James Bond movie Die Another Day were filmed in the grounds of the Eden Project
  • In 2006 The Eden Project won the "Project of the Decade" award.
  • The Eden Project site was formerly a China Clay Quarry.
  • The disused Quarry the Eden Project is built in is 60 metres deep.
  • Construction started in 1998.
  • Phase I opened in May 2000, enabling visitors to come and watch the construction.
  • March 2001 - The Eden Project Officially Opened
  • The project cost £86million.
  • There are over 100,000 plants, over 5,000 species.

What Elise is at the Eden Project?

England's Longest Zipwire: Skywire

If you've got a head for heights and a need for speed, you can give England's longest zipwire a try out.

How long is England's longest zipwire? 660 metres

How fast is the Skywire?: Up to 60mph

The Skywire is outside - and travels above both biomes! If you've kept your eyes open, on a clear day you can see the sea.

Prices are: £10 if you've got an Eden entry ticket; £20 to use the Skywire without gaining access to the Eden Project. It's open seven days a week, with the first ride at 10am and the last one at 5pm. Height, weight and age restrictions apply, as well as medical and clothing/footwear requirements.

Watch the Skywire: Longest zipwire in England:

Eden Project, Cornwall: Giant Bee Sculpture.

Eden Project, Cornwall: Giant Bee Sculpture.

Eden Project, Cornwall: Sculptures in the Medieterranean Dome.

Eden Project, Cornwall: Sculptures in the Medieterranean Dome.

... and More To Do at the Eden Project:

There's a lot more to see and do than the two huge biomes, including:

Xmas Time of Gifts

At Xmas time there's a special "Time of Gifts", when the Eden's open after dark and specially lit up.

Xmas Ice Skating

The ice skating is on a synthetic rink during the Time of Gifts, you have to pay to enter and then buy an additional skating ticket and book a timeslot for this.

The Eden Sessions

The Eden Sessions is where the Eden Project puts on musical events with top bands. There's no accommodation on site (at present), but they do run free local buses to/from the venue from a few local towns.

The Eden Project on Google Streetview

Google Streetview is a series of photos taken by the Google Streetcar driving around the roads of the UK. Not every road was covered.

The Eden Project has no roads, there are no cars, so Google Streetview could clearly not have ever driven round the Eden Project .... or could it?

Well - yes. Google streetview shows inside the Eden Project grounds, you can walk round all the paths - AND - unbelievably, they have even Google Street Viewed INSIDE the biodomes. Really - take a look. So you can see what's inside before you visit.

When I first found this out I thought it must be a joke, but it's not. I've just seen it for myself on Google Streetview.

Eden Project Marathon

The Eden Project teamed up with a local running club and now run a Marathon and a Half Marathon. The route covers road, track and trail surfaces and is run in October.

Booking is essential, with places booked up to the end of September and it's fully booked each year. Runners and their support crew/family get free entry to the Eden Project as part of their Participation Pack.

Directions to the Eden Project

Directions to the Eden Project

There's an abundance of free car parking at the Eden Project, with several massive parking areas - all serviced by free on-siste park and ride buses that take you from the car parks down to the entrance of the Eden Project. Take note which car park you're in so you get off at the right place when you catch the bus back up - that nearly caught me out twice!

Once on-site, there's a further free small train to take you from the entrance and shop area down to the biodomes themselves, at the bottom of a disused Quarry in Cornwall.

Eden Project Opening Hours and Admission Prices:

Admission Prices: Pricing is quite complex, with discounts available if you book online or if you are arriving as a walker/cyclist. There's also the option to change your single ticket into an Annual Membership Card, for no extra charge.

  • Adults £17.50, 60+ £12.50,
  • Full-time Students (with card) £10.00,
  • Children £6, Under 5s FREE.
  • Buy online and save £1/ticket. Extra discounts for walkers, cyclists and people arriving on public transport: Adults £13.50, 60+ £8.50, Full-time Students (with card) £6, Children FREE.

There is no family ticket. One carer per disabled person is FREE.

Eden Project Annual Pass

When you buy your ticket, online or on the door, if you tick to say your price is a Gift, under Gift Aid, then your ticket will automatically become an Annual Pass and you can re-visit as many times as you wish for a whole year.

Address: Bodelva, St Austell, Cornwall, PL24 2SG
Telephone: 01726 811903


World Pasty Championship Winners:

  • World Cornish Pasty Championships
    Discover How to Make an Award Winning Pasty with the new book being launched by the twice-winner of The World Pasty Championships competition, launched by the Eden Project in Cornwall in 2012.

World Cornish Pasty Championships 2012-2013

On 3 March 2012, the Eden Project hosted the inaugural 2012 World Cornish Pasty Championships - these are the first World Cornish Pasty Championships.

Entries were received from around the world - and even included a local, Cornish, entry of Squirrel Pasty!

  • The Chough Bakery, Padstow, won two 2nd Place awards in the professional section. The recipe that won these awards is the same recipe they use in their shop.

In 2013 the categories were expanded, with options for amateur and professional pasty makers to win.

Browse Eden Project Books...

More About the Eden Project:


AkbarFS from Worcester, UK on May 01, 2011:

This is an incredible project. High on the my list of places to visit - everyone I know who has been there has been greatly impressed.

Simone Haruko Smith from San Francisco on September 20, 2010:

How fascinating!! And the biomes look amazing- so futuristic!

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