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Emphathy for the visitors

Hospitality is about providing good service and going an extra mile to make you guests happy and that is what I live for.

Before visiting the Motherland or Africa in other words it is important to at least have a certain understanding about the country you have chosen as your dream


South Africa is a very beautiful country with a lot of rich history, you can learn a lot while enjoying your vacations with beautiful insight adventures.

But we won't focus on that in this article. I want to kind of introduce the basic things that can make your stay very comfortable, I mean traveling is not cheap that is why it is very important to enjoy every single moment in your destination.

These are the following basic steps I want you to consider when visiting South Africa especially if it's your first time coming into the country.

■First one up South Africa has nine provinces that are very different from each other and these provinces also have different beliefs and values as well as the difference in cultural background. It is important not to assume that because we are from South Africa we actually speak or practice the same things because that is not true.

■Second one is that South Africa has 11 official languages so we don't speak the same language, I am telling you this because I don't want you to be offended if someone is not responding right away or if they look confused because not everyone is equipped enough to all eleven languages. The common thing is that people know two language his native one and English.

■So the third thing I want to do is to briefly give you the greetings in at least four out of eleven official languages.

  • Molo/Molweni- Xhosa
  • Sawunona-Zulu
  • Haai- Afrikaans
  • Dumelang-Sotho
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And the are lot of audios online that help you with the pronunciation of these greetings. This is just to have a little advantage when you're visiting the Motherland for the first time.

■Another thing be wise enough to educate your self about the crimes of the country and I won't shy away from that because our crime rate is very high, I wouldn't want anyone to fall victim if it. So it important to know what could bring you the trouble for example using your phone constantly while not paying attention to surroundings can get you into trouble.

one last thing will be load shedding a lot of guest fall victim to this because they did not fully read up on their vacation destination and the end up not enjoying they holiday because of that. So I will briefly explain what is load shedding so everyone has an understanding.

The supply for electricity in South Africa is currently going through some changes or debts so in order to maintain their expense what they do is to switch off electricity to some areas and light some areas vice versa. It not impossible to avoid this because it is happening to the whole country. Be wise enough to actually know so trips that require electricity will get canceled or postponed.

We are country that is big on manners and we are always willing to help so be nice to us. I have seen a lot guests conforming to this nom that the only people that can make my holiday better are the people in the hospitality and tourism industry and that couldn't be further the truth you'll meet strangers that can make you day more special by just point to that you have drop wallet or something.

To conclude this article lose all expectations you have about a certain place or country because it ruins the purpose of the holiday.

© 2021 Anezisa Mtyosi

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