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Easy Treks in India

I love nature, and trekking gives me a first-hand experience of natural splendors.

Easy Treks in India

Easy Treks in India

Life is full of beautiful encounters, but only a few take the initiatives to revel in these living splendors. Trekkers are one such class that delves into this delightful side of life’s blessings. They are motivated individuals who take pride and enjoy satisfaction by taking tours of nature’s phenomena. They love walking on challenging terrains and have immense love for hills and incredible heights.

Explore nature with Trekkers!

If you are the one who would love to explore nature closely, you must plan for a trekking tour. Even if you are a beginner, you do not need to worry. Even the best trekkers start somewhere. You just have to make a decision and train yourself. There are various treks for beginners or intermediates, where you can commence to explore natures’ rendezvous.

Trekkers Insight – Why do trekkers fall in love with mountains?

That’s an interesting question that comes to one’s mind. People generally stay away from adventures that can threaten their lives, then why trekkers don’t think the same way?

Trekkers are also humans and fear for their lives, but they train and practice to overcome their anxieties. Once the apprehensive phase is over, they start trekking and fall in love with the mountains. Their advancement to challenging levels begins here, and their passion repeatedly takes them to the highest terrains.

Take a feel of Splendor!

There are various treks in India, and the country is also blessed with the majestic Himalayas. Enormous trek options ranging from easy to moderate and complex levels exist for exploration.

Here are some options that are worth exploring from the galore of nature.

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Trek : Har ki Dun

With a trekking distance of approx. 43 km, ‘Har ki Dun’ is a trekkers’ paradise on earth. It is located at Govind Ballabh Pant National park near Dharkadhi Uttrakhand. This trekking tour takes you through pine forests and alpine meadows to make the experience further astonishing. Winter allows scenic magnificence to bloom with paths covered in ice. Camping options near the mystical flowing river make the experience truly memorable. This trek is also known for easy to moderate on difficulty levels.

Trek : Beas Kund

Beas Kund is a beautiful trekkers dreamland between three mountains, located near Manali, Himachal Pradesh. It also has a view of the Beas river source. With an easy to moderate difficulty level, the combination of white snow and green grass offers tranquility.

Trek: Hampta Pass

It is located at Jobra – Himachal Pradesh. Hampta is genuinely a trekkers’ dream. Full of natural views and eye-soothing scenic splendor. It is a preferred choice of many trekkers and is considered an easy to moderate level of difficulty.

Conclusion - Trekking a perfect vacation in Summers

Hence, there are numerous trekking options in India worth exploring, and a trekking plan with a trained team will make perfect sense this summer.

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