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Don't Miss the Drug Fort Trip! It's Amazing and Dangerous!

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Drug Fort Trip! It's Amazing and Dangerous!

Hi friends, I am very excited to tell you about my new adventurous trip to Drug Fort. In this article I have mentioned all the facts, roots, adventures, problems, stays, etc. about this tour, so without waiting let us start the journey of the tour.

I and my friends start the journey in Wardha District, Wardha city is a part of Maharashtra, this city is 75km away from Nagpur airport and city, and Drug Port is 64km away from Wardha city, the Drug Port is located in the middle of the forest, the nearby town is "Kalam" In this Kalam town First you need to visit Vary famous temple of "Chintamani Ganpati" is the part of Ashtavinayka temple in India, as per beliefs every 10 years Ganga River came to the temple (Ganga River is the most famous and religious river in India), but no one knows about this river, how can come and no one knows is the sources and path. The walls and floors of this temple were built many years ago with black stone.

After visiting the temple, we again start our journey next stop is Drug Port, This Drug Port is covered by a line of large mountains, forests and rivers, and a lake. In the time of monsoon, it is not possible to visit this port because the roads are blocked by the water of the rivers and the lake.

This forest or port is situated in the Yavatmal Districts and Kalam Tahsil, Jodmoha village road. After 1 hour of Traveling, we are reaching kalam city and interacted with resident people who knew about the detail of this port. Villagers people various stories about this port but we don’t know which story is real, so we decide the first visit the port then we decide what’s real. So, we start our further journey, we are just 18km away from the destination we are varying excited

‘Oops’ we heard some blast like ‘Boom’ sound and our car is stopped, because of our car tire is Puncture.

Minimum 20 minutes spend the repair our car, finally, the car is ok, and we start the journey after 15 minutes we entre in Jodmoha Forest, this forest is very dark and dangerous as per the village people's story and this is true. At the time of entry into the forest we see the ‘Rohi’ animal (This animal is much like a horse and cow), then fox. Rabbits and various types of birds and their sounds, my all friends are very excited after watching animals they believe today we see or listen to the roar of the tiger. In this forest, we found small villages of tribe peoples,

but most important starting the journey we know about the Drug Port Way because after starting in the Jodmoha forest no proper road because it’s a forest road on the side no road development and forest development. So must use high ground clearance vehicle for this tour it’s a very dangerous road small rocks, trees, small ponds along this way, so be careful it’s a called Pandan Road (undeveloped village or forest road) this pandan road go through the two small rivers and mountain after 20 minutes we reach a ground portion of Port. We see one Hanumanji temple this hanuman temple is covered by the river as per pujari says at the time of monsoon river water touches the Hanumanji legs. We park our car near the temple because the next road is not maid for the car, so we all start the waking together and get some sticks (branches of trees) in hand for safety from animals and help for walking because the Drug Port is on the Mountain and no proper way for climbing mountain, so we use small pandan root.

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So carefully we start the climbing mountain, at the time of climbing we found the road is very sleepy because of small stones so we remove our sandals and shoes and start the climbing minimum 20-minute road from ground level to top of the mountain, in monsoon season very hard for climbing the mountain but ’Temples Pujari’ everyday climb mountain and washing God Murti (Statue)without fail, we sustain after listen to this. Now the time is 4 o’clock and we are on the top of the mountain this journey some painful because of the small rocks but after we are reaching the top and feel the weather everyone forgot their pain and feels relaxed. After the 10 min relaxation, we keep start walking and we see again see one temple, This temple of Durga Mata Temple (Indian lady god) temples pujari give the water for the drink and we ask him for the story of the temple so he says this temple is 200-400 years old, as per beliefs in this temple seven statue one by one this all statue made by various metal like gold, silver and rocks and other metals on the top rock statue of the god,

Pujari tells us every day tiger visit this temple after 6 o’clock and stays there but no tiger harm the pujari. Now build the grill around the statue and lock. Now time is 5-30 o’clock and its evening light is down, before full night start, we need to out of the jungle before 8 pm because at the time of night this forest is very dangerous but unfortunately watching full fort, we do not cover our time, this fort very long, and no one taking care this fort, but for the name of the fort only available some damaged walls and rooms and ancient temples, Now the time is 8-00 o’clock some stress on every member's face because of time and forest and we are on the top of the mountain and start the walking for the go-down with just help of mobile torch light, we are very scared. Just we are in the middle of the mountain we are ‘Shock’ because listening to the roar of the tiger, the sound is listened to clearly it means the tiger is near us, and our car is parked near ground temples, and the distance between the car and me is 500 meters. Everyone is scared and doesn’t know what to do because this situation not is on our plan, but we have a lighter everyone makes a Mashal (A tree’s branch covered by cloth or cotton and made like a fire stick) and with the help of a firestick we go-down (Fire make keep away from an animal) after the few minutes we are in our car, and everyone is relaxed and drink the water, just close all gates of car and start the car but everyone is surprised because Tiger on just 15-20 feet distance, we stop the car ignition and silent after 10-minute tiger goes to the deep forest without any harm everyone thanks to god but in this 10 minute we facing thrill of forest Infront of tiger and his roar.

Then we start the car and start the return journey may be but in this return journey we see various mysterious people in this forest and mountain may we see 7 people we discuss that in village people they say they are the Black magic and Treasure (Guptdhan) searcher groups they active at late night daily. As per belief and stories on this mountain and forest lots of treasures from ‘Gond King’. Don’t know what the truth is but as per discussion with pujari and their resident this forest was mysterious and dangerous.

How to Reach -

Nagpur via flight or busses and Train, Nagpur to Kalam via bus or own vehicle. The vehicle must be good ground clearance.

About Stay -

Stay available in only Kalam city and Food also available in only in kalam city if you want to stay in fort or forest, you need to carry your food and tenth for residence.

Precaution -

Carry water and food, manage the timing of stay because this is the Buffer- zone of the Forest and after 6 pm forest animals are active, and most important if you see any people doing mysterious activity in the forest so, please ignore this without disturbance if you disturb its possible, they harm you. Complete your trip before 7.00 pm.

At the time of return our city with lots of questions about these mysterious peoples and their work, animals, temples in our minds, we everyone decides next time we visit this forest and 2 days stay in this forest with the proper equipment and sources and residence kit.

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