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Dev's Camp - A First of its kind Eco Aqua Adventure Picnic Spot in Vadodara

Visit Dev's Camp this Summer for an exhilarating experience away from the noise and pollution of cities into the lap of nature.

What a day looks like at Devs Camp

People don’t just visit Devs Camp because it is a pleasant detour from the busy lives of cities. People visit because of the experiences and activities they have while they are at Devs Camp. The range of activities that Devs Camp provides are so many that you would need at least 2-3 days to get a taste of all that they have to offer. DC has activities spanning indoors, outdoors and in the wild. DC has activities scheduled from morning till dusk. DC has activities for individuals and groups, alike. Here’s a short blog explaining as to how a day looks like at Devs Camp so that you are not overwhelmed by the amount of joy that people have here. This is Part 1 of a day at Dev’s Camp, many more to flow so stay tuned on any of DC’s socials for an update.

Morning (7 AM until 10 AM) : A good day at DC would start with observation. Ideally, one should take a walk around the Aviary section where they can observe nature at play. Birds, Trees, loud and clear sounds of nature and lush greenery around teleports you into a different mood altogether. It’s like a perfect start to an eventful day at DC. If you are a birder(someone who’s into birds), you should visit the Aviary between dawn and 11 am as it is the best time to observe these wonderful creatures. DC is home to a wide range of species including some rare species that you won’t find anywhere else.

Breakfast – (10 AM to 11 AM)

Post Breakfast until Lunch (11 AM until 2 PM) : Since you had a good calorie intake during breakfast, it’s time for some physical exertion in the wild and some sight-seeing. Make sure that you have enough water with you because trekking is taxing to your body. It’s always best to take breaks in between your trekking path so that you can also feel the goodness of nature while participating in the activity. Ideally, people should form groups and trek, as it gives a feeling of community and camaraderie. It can also be a great ice-breaker amidst your wonderful stay in the lap of nature.

Lunch (2 PM to 3 PM ) : One of the reasons that people keep coming back to DC is one the rich nature of the place, second the fun and engaging activities that we provide and last, but not the least, it’s the quality of food. Even, we don’t know the secret sauce to the amazing taste. We feel there’s magic in the air at DC which gets translated into our dishes. People can have a wide range of delicacies while they are at DC, from tribal food to international cuisines and the good old Gujarati thalis that never go wrong. The goal is to not binge-eat and sleep off, but hey you do you, a good nap in the cradle of nature is equally worth it if you feel like.

Post Lunch ( 3:30 PM to 6 PM ) : People can take a break post lunch for half an hour or so and just bask in the rustling sounds of nature. Once you are settled in post lunch, it’s time for some adventure so that people don’t doze off and are wide awake to face their fears and get some action. We have a series of activities specially designed to rush your adrenaline levels. We have Zip-line, Adventure Junction, Tyre Tumble, Cross Bridge and countless other physical activities that will keep you thrilled and engaged throughout the afternoon. Breaking a sweat in the lap of nature while engaging in these action-packed escapades are surely unique to Dev’s Camp. The fulfilment one gets after spending an entire day in the lush, green and action-packed facility of Dev’s Camp is inexplicable and can only be realized once you come down and visit yourself.

Evening Time ( 6 PM – 7 PM ) : After an exhaustive day in the wild, it’s best to unwind with the sunset. We offer refreshments like cold drinks, tea, coffee and what have you. Evening time is also ideal for conversations and discourses with other like-minded people who have joined you in the trip. After a while, we usually see all the people coming together, playing games, singing songs as the night approaches. Such gatherings instil unity among people in the wild which is a nice feeling to have in uncharted territories.

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Post 7 PM, we advise guests to take some time off to relax or freshen up after a long day in the facility. At 9 PM we have campfire dinner activity set up in our sprawling facility. Regular food options are also available for people who are not interested in this activity or are restricted by food choices, however one should not miss the Campfire Dinners at DC, here’s why:

1) The ambience is just too beautiful to miss out: The soothing lights, The cold breeze, The aroma of food along with the sound of nocturnal nature just make for a relaxing dinner experience, one that cannot be matched by fancy hotels and restaurants.

2) The food: Campfire Dinners are usually different from what we cook in our homes or what we get at restaurants. There are a lot of additives that we use for daily consumption in homes and hotels. However at DC Campfire Dinners, we keep additives to the bare minimum, the food sources are rich and the wide range of indigenous recipes make it for a food experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere. We make sure that the food as well as the experience stands the test of time in your memory.

3) Conversations over food: People open up the most when they are having food together. Add good food and the backdrop of nature to that, and you can imagine the mood of the evening. The vibe is such that from kids to parents, from couples to families, everyone can bask under the shining moon and have a majestic experience.

Campfire Dinner’s are usually the high-points for people who visit DC on the regular. However we are not done just yet. There is still something that is left on the itinerary. Something so special that you will regret all your life if you missed it. Something so magical that it transports into the existential question of humanity and makes you realize the grandeur and scale of nature and how beautiful it is. The final activity of the day is Star-Gazing. The atmosphere at DC in the wild, unlike cities is clear and pollution free which makes it ideal for star-gazing. We have dedicated spots specially designed to enrich your star-gazing experience. People are usually silent and deep in their thoughts while taking a look at the expanse of the night sky and the shining stars. It’s a perfect desert to an eventful day. It’s an experience that is so existential, rare and fulfilling that you might consider moving to the woods. Well, that’s not really possible in the modern day life, but fortunately you still have a few days left in your trip at DC.

After a twinkling star sight in the wildest of nights, people usually doze off to take some rest so that their next day at DC is equally fun and eventful. Come, visit DC this Summer for an exhilarating experience away from the noise and pollution of cities into the lap of nature.

Dev’s Camp, the cradle of nature.


© 2022 Sharat Pillai

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