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Deosai National Park is a Land of Beautiful Experiences

This article highlights the exceptional beauty of Deosai national park and describes the different characteristics of this majestic land.


Deosai National Park is a land of beautiful experiences and a truly real

example of heaven on earth. No one can express that feeling when you find

yourself on the world’s second-highest plateau big magical landscape. which

is surrounded by way of massive mountains roof and cover-up by heavenly

alpine flowers on the ground. This magical land journey is always, be a wish

of all tourists and nature lovers. who knows that, if someone wishes to visit

some fantasy dreamland where raw beauty is at its absolute best, The name

of this most excellent wonderland is Deosai national park.

Why Deosai is called the Land of the Giants?

The name Deosai is the mixture of two words from the local Balti language “ Deo”

means (giant) and “ Sai “ means ( shadow ). Local peoples describe it means “The

Land of Giants” and behind this meaning, nearby is an old myth in local peoples.

That this land was once populated by huge giants who lived here and “planted crop

and churned butter” hence, the name ‘The Land of the Giants’ came into being.

Geography of Deosai

Deosai national park is the second-highest plateau in the world after the

Changtang Tibetan plateau. This unique and beautiful alpine plateau’s average

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elevation is 4,114 meters means 13,497 ft above sea level and it covered an area of

843 Kilometers ( 325 sq mi ).

This land of exceptional natural beauty is located at the intersection of three

important Mountain ranges. The western Himalayas, the Ladakh, and Zanskar in

Gilgit Baltistan ( GB ) Pakistan. This beautiful alpine plateau is in the east of the

great Nanga Parbat Peak and near the Central Karakoram Range.


The Weather of Deosai

Deosai continues covered in snow for almost 8 months of the year. The rest of the

year in summer, it presents a variety of beautiful flowers of all shades and colors.

Its natural atmosphere is freezing cold with low atmospheric pressure combined

with minimal oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. Further aridity, intense and rapid

solar ultraviolet radiation.

The Deosai park gets a higher rain ratio than adjacent northern and northeastern

vales of Baltistan . This is due to its ecological location in front of the monsoon

which impacts the outward Himalayas. Yearly precipitation changes from 350 to 550

mm., mostly expected in winter as snow.

Deosai National Park Temperatures during the Year


Deosai National Park Precipitation During the Year


The Wonders of Deosai Park

After the end of winter, the real beauty of Deosai comes out. When this fascinating

valley is covered with wildflowers, rare butterflies, and a big landscape. There is no

single tree available in the large adjacent area. This creates a unique contrast along

with the surrounding landscape of narrow valleys between steep mountains.

This proved the name “Summer’s Palace” by locals, who enjoy the wildlife when

the snow melts after winter spells. Deosai, in the vicinity known as “Ghbiarsa” by

local Balti folks stating it as “Summer’s Place”, means it is the best excellent place

to explore in summer.


DEOSAI - The Last Sanctuary

The flowers land of Deosai is influenced by many unique flowers and plants types

like Borneo-alpine, Euro-Siberian, Circumpolar, etc.

Further, it’s also home to several species of medicinal and aromatic plants. In

Spring, it is covered by many wildflowers and a large variety of rare butterflies.


Wildlife of Deosai Park

Deosai national park is the home of various rare species like Himalayan Brown

Bears and Himalayan ibex. Further Tibetan red fox, golden marmot, Tibetan wolf,

snow leopard, and several local and migratory birds are available here.

The waters of the Deosai offer a home to the local snow trout which turn up a

massive size. The Park is placed in the Western Himalayas Endemic Bird Area of

International Birdlife. It is valuable as a lying and production place for important

domestic and migratory birds.


Govt of Pakistan has converted Deosai into a “National Park” in 1993. The reason

behind this step is the safety of rare and unique species like the Himalayan Brown

Bear and other rare species. Now, these animals can live here as a homeland.

Deosai - Wilderness in Peril (Conservation of Himalayan Brown Bear)

Following that step, all these species and particularly Himalayan Brown Bears are

now legally covered. Their growth and safety are now chosen in IUCN’s Red List of

rare Mammals of Pakistan. Further, in 2016 Deosai national park is also selected as

a world heritage sites status of UNESCO.


Sheosar Lake is a Gem of Deosai Park

Sheosar lake is one more beautiful gem of Deosai park. Sheosar meaning in the

local language is ‘andhi’ (blind)….Sheosar Lake length is 2.3 km long, 1.8 km wide,

and has an approx. of 40 meters, which presents an exceptional impact in size,

elevation, and depth.

Sheosar height is 4,250 m , which included its name in one of the highest lakes in

the world. This also indicates a unique kind of mountain wetlands that is kept to the

Himalayas, Hindukush, and Karakoram Mountain ranges.

In winters when Deosai are isolated from the rest of the world, this lake

remains frozen from November to May. After the end of winter and the start of

spring, colorful flowers of broad ranges and butterflies make Sheosar Lake more


In summer, when the sun sets, the deep blue water of the lake with snow-covered

mountains in the background, and greenery with wildflowers in the center present

such a beautiful view that no one forgets for the rest of his life.

Sheosar Lake is the homeland of more than 114 plant species. Many flowers

decorate the lake, like Robin’s eye, Ragworts, Sedum ewersii, Camanula

(bellflower), and Thistle.


How to reach Deosai ?

The ideal period to explore and enjoy Deosai beauty is from the middle of June to

August when Deosai is full of colors. Deosai is situated 30 kilometers from Skardu

city, and it is the quickest path to go to Deosai. foreigners and local travelers usually

explore Deosai from Skardu route. This route safe the time and energy of visitors

before reaching their main point of deosai plains.

Deosai travel trip via Shardu , will start through by Air ( PIA ) flight from Islamabad

to Skardu. Another way of traveling is by road via Karakoram Highway. It gets 45

minutes air flight from Islamabad to Skardu. From Skardu city, it takes almost a 1-

hour road journey to approach Deosai top via Sadpara.

The other way of Deosai is from Astore valley through Chilim.. For that route,

visitors first will go to Astore from Islamabad and then will reach Deosai via Chilim.

This is a long tiring route and takes more time to visit Deosai.

Closing Words

Although there are various places of natural beauty and wildlife shelters are placed

in different parts of the world, Deosai National Park has its own exceptional

outstanding universal value due to its biodiversity conservation role,

representatives of its high altitude, unique alpine flowers, majestic Lake, wetland

environment, and critical importance in efforts to preserve the Himalayan Brown

Bear and other species in their natural habitat.


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