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Daringbari the Kashmir of Orissa

I'm an avid traveler and a minimalist myself, and here to help the ones in need of some urgent traveling tips.

I wanted to talk about this for a while now, but I was unfortunate enough to not be able to do so. It’s the story of somewhere around 2017, where I was still in my college and was filled with a lot of energy to travel and see the world, which to be honest is still there, but those were different times and things were not pretty much how it seemed like. But that’s a story for a different day. The circumstances were different to put it in short. And it was under these circumstances that a few friends and I decided to visit Daringbadi the Kashmir of Orissa.

Unfortunately, I was not able to get a lot of photos or videos of the place, as at that time I never thought that someday I’ll be writing about it. And to be honest, at that time, these kind of things like getting photos, were not something that we cared about as the times were different, but I'll try to explain it as much as possible, about the things that I saw and how it felt like and hope that with the help of some photos and videos taken from different sources and a few that I might have, I’ll be able to give you the essence of what I saw and felt while my time there.

The Beginning

The place where I was at that time (Bhubaneswar) which deserves a place of its own on my blogs, takes 5 hours to reach Daringbadi. You can reach there either by Train, Private bus services or by the State-run bus service.

By Train, the nearest station to Daringbadi is Brahmapur which is about 120 kilometers away from Daringbadi, you can take a cab from Brahmapur which will take approximately 1-2 hours more to reach the destination.

In our case, we took the Privately run bus service. We went to the Baramunda bus stand somewhat around the evening to catch the bus, and it was somewhat easy to find a bus for the journey as there are literally so many buses going to that place. Even though the place is not that much of a known tourist destination, or can be called a hotspot of a tourist destination, but it is very popular among the locals.

The cost of the tickets at that time was about 650 rupees each, for a one-way ride, so overall, both the up and down journey will set you back about 1300 rupees per head in total.

So there it was, we got the tickets and sat on the bus, then it was the time for the journey to begin. Since it was a 5-hour journey, it became an overnight journey for us, as the bus started a bit late. In the overall journey of 5 hours, we took a break of around half an hour, at around 10 or 10:30 pm for some refreshments, like tea and coffee, and then took off again. By the way, let me tell you, you can take or hire a car as well for the journey, many companies allow you to hire a self-driving car for the journey, and the fun thing is that these services are available in Bhubaneswar, which at that time was not available to us.

So, moving on, after the overnight journey, we reached Daringbadi about 6 in the morning. And a cool thing about it was that, since we went to this place during December, we were able to see the first snow of the place as well.

Usually, Daringbadi gets its fair share of snowfall as well, but in the last few years, the snowfall has reduced and has become a tourist attraction in its own way now.

 Before reaching Daringbari

Before reaching Daringbari

Day 1: Arrival

On the very first day we arrived, we booked a hotel, “Hotel Padma”, to be honest, the hotel was not that shabby, I’d say that it's not that shabby for solo travelers and if you’re going there with your “boys”, but it's not that good if you’re considering to go there with a family. We had to face our fair share of problems, like, first of all, there was no WiFi, not at all and because it is a place where it is difficult to get proper cell reception, its a bummer, and let's say that even if you are not that much concerned about the internet and want to stay away from all sort of human contact, but I don’t think that you’ll be able to stay without the hot water, which at the time of my writing this, was not there. And the hotel doesn’t even have a website to book the place online.

But apart from that, the hotel is based in a prime location, it is closer to the main market considering the fact that Daringbadi is a small place, and the staff of the hotel are also friendly and nice, the hotel is situated in a place where it has a nice blend of nature and the concrete jungle as well. The hotel costs 1200 rupees for 2 days of booking, for a single room, so it’ll be fair to say that it is a bit on the cheaper side as well.

You can comment down below if you want to know the price of the other hotels and anything related to it.

On the day of arrival, we were also able to manage to get around a plantation, it was situated near the bus stand, just within a walking distance. It was a pine plantation and trust me guys it was a sight to see. The dewdrops of the early winter morning and nice soothing weather. It made you feel like you were in heaven, and if there is a heaven, it’s here.

The Pine Plantation

The Pine Plantation

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The Midubanda Waterfall

After an amazing morning walk through the pine plantation, we had some breakfast and then we went to our second destination, called “ The Midubanda Waterfall”.

The waterfall was amazing, the view of this place is something to cherish, it is one of the touristy spots, where families come by to spend some time near nature, the place is all rocks you’d expect a place near the waterfall to be like, and there's a lot of the things happening at once, kids are playing, Families spending time together in a picnic, people cooking during those picnics, there’s a lot of the things going around at once.

The beautiful thing about Daringbadi is that it is filled with waterfalls and one of them is also known as lover's point. Well, there is not much to say about it, it is a small waterfall with a lot of locals, and to be frank with a few tourists as well.

The Waterfall

The Waterfall

A Bit More About Daringbari

Daringbadi is a small place, which makes covering a lot of destinations easy and it is easy to get around as well if you’re able to get hang of yourself with an auto and a willing driver to take some money but to make it his life’s mission to make you visit as many sites as possible.

Our plan was simple, we cover as many places as possible on the first day, as there was something special as said by our auto driver, usually, you should not fall for these types of gimmicks but this guy was trustworthy as we didn’t even pay him the advance for the whole trip but he was still taking us far and wide and was helping us to cover places up with a smiling face.

It was at this moment that he told us that there was a beautiful waterfall which was accessible for us as there were no tourists in that place. And we could have the whole place to ourselves. This helped us make the decision, and we decided to go to that other place, and during the time of writing, there were no proper roads to go there as well. The good thing about this place was that just because it was untapped by the tourists it was not littered at all, and you could see the whole waterfall in its full beauty. Doesn’t it sound shady to you! But guess what we still agreed to it.

So we covered the last two places on our list which were the “Hill View Park” and the “Coffee Garden”, by the way, “Nature Park” is just adjacent to the hill view park so if you want to, you can still check it out, its beautiful and perfect to spend time with your family.

The Park

The Park

So that’s how our first day went by, we were not able to cover up a lot of the tourist places that we could so that we could keep the next day vacant as it would have taken up the whole day to get to that waterfall and the make our way back to the bus stand so that we can catch our bus to go back to Bhubaneswar.
So we went back to the hotel to get some rest.

Day 2: Final Day

The final day of our trip was not that much exciting, as said earlier, we spent pretty much the whole day in the vehicle going to our destination which was called “Pisogrundu Waterfall, Mandasaru”

It was just like the way, our auto driver told us. The scene was so beautiful that to capture it and keep it in the memory takes me back to those beautiful days. If I could, I would love to go back to the place again, and for the people who wish to go there after reading this if my blog reaches you in any way, shape, or form, I have only one request, it is that, please do go and visit this place, it is beautiful, but please don’t litter and spoil the place. It really destroys the natural beauty.

At that time, there were no proper roads to go to that place, so I guess that why it took so much time to reach, but the construction was going on, so I believe that there will be roads now so the chances are that it might take less time, for us, it took about 3 hours to get to the waterfall but it can be less for you.

The Secluded Waterfall

The Secluded Waterfall

So that’s how our day went by, we spent some time at the waterfall, then we made our way back to the bus stand at around 6 or 7 in the evening, and finally, we took our overnight bus back to Bhubaneswar.

The overall journey was amazing, and trust me it’s a different feeling to be at the hill station, especially the one about which not a lot of the people know about. And I wish I’ll be able to visit it again.

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