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Coorg to Bengaluru Trip by Air-conditioned Bus


I had arrived at Coorg town by KSRTC’s Airawata air-conditioned bus, you can read about it at this link. I had made return journey bookings to reach Bengaluru. My bus was scheduled to depart from Coorg town at 2.30 pm. As soon as I arrived at the KSRTC bus stand of Coorg I was could spot my bus parked near the bus depot. As also I could spot few buses headed to Bengaluru, Mangaluru, and Mysuru at the respective bus bays in the bus stand.

At 1.45 pm another bus heading to Bengaluru arrived from Mangaluru at Coorg bus stand. The bus was packed to full and I could spot some of the bus passengers heading to Bengaluru board this bus. I had plenty of time to explore the town but could not venture out as I was worried to miss my bus scheduled to depart from Coorg at 2.30 pm.

Departing from Coorg Town

As soon as the Airawata bus to Bengaluru left Coorg town at 1.45 pm, soon it was time for my bus to occupy the bus bay. My bus arrived with the exquisite look of the multi-axle air-conditioned bus. I was the first passenger to board the bus as soon as the crew verified my e-tickets. The bus filled up with about five to six passengers, all heading to Bengaluru. The bus stand otherwise wore a deserted look and was not much crowded. The bus was neatly furnished with clear windows and as usual, I opted for the front row seats. The front row in a multi-axle bus gave a good view of the road and one could enjoy the beauty all along the way.

Our bus started off to Bengaluru from Coorg town KSRTC bus stand at 2.30 pm. We slowly crawled through narrow streets and soon reached the outskirts of the city to join the two-lane highway connecting Mysuru. As mentioned in my earlier blog, a road construction project was underway and we had to wait for about five minutes after leaving Coorg town to continue our journey. The bus then made its way through several steep curves and one could spot beautiful coffee plantations on either side of the highway. As I was seated in the front row, the crew got a couple of phone calls from the passengers who intended to board from the Kushalanagara KSRTC bus stand.

The crew informed them about the arrival of the bus at 3.15 pm at the bus stand. We then reached the Kushalnagara KSRTC bus stand and four passengers bound to Bengaluru boarded here. These passengers had an advanced booking e-ticket with confirmed seat reservations. The bus made a brief ten-minute halt at Kushalanagara KSRTC Bus Stand.

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Enroute stops at Mysuru and Mandya

The route to Bengaluru was the same path that was followed in the up direction. The bus which departed from Coorg town would travel via Kushalnagara, Hunsur, Mysore, Srirangapatna, Mandya, Maddur, Chennaptna, Ramanagaram, Bidadi, and Kengeri to reach Bengaluru city. The bus had a brief 30-minute halt at Mysuru and carried a designated trip code from Mysuru as 1730MYSBNG route. We soon crossed Illavala, at the entrance of Mysuru city, and reached the KSRTC bus stand at Mysuru. The bus stand was busy with many KSRTC buses parked along with the weekend crowd. Our bus made a designated pick-up halt at Bengaluru terminus at the bus stand. One could witness at least eight air-conditioned Airwata multi-axle buses heading to Bengaluru and waiting in line to pick up the bus passengers from the Mysuru bus stand. Our bus had a couple of bus passengers who boarded from Mysuru with a confirmed passenger. The crew then picked up nearly six to seven passengers headed to Bengaluru from the bus terminus.

We departed bang on time at 5.30 pm from Mysuru. The crew took the sign-off from the traffic inspector before departing from the Mysuru bus stand. The crew also had to pick up another bus passenger at a pick-up point on the outskirts of Mysuru city. We soon arrived at the designated pick-up point and the passenger was allowed to board the bus after necessary verification of the confirmed e-ticket. We then made our way out of Mysuru city to reach Columbia Asia Hospital traffic signal, the busiest traffic signal in the city. We had to wait for four minutes to cross this important and bust junction on the Mysuru-Bengaluru highway. We soon made our way out of the city. It was getting darker outside as the sunset time was approaching.

Soon we were also overtaken by Mangaluru-Bengaluru KSRTC Airawata bus which had departed from Coorg town at 1.45 pm. The crew exchanged few pleasantries until we reached Mandya. At Mandya, we witnessed heavy traffic owing to the weekend rush and soon approached the Mandya KSRTC bus stand. Three of the passengers from Coorg town alighted at Mandya bus station and we then headed back to the highway.

Within 30 minutes of leaving Mandya, our bus approached for the rest-stop at Maddur KSRTC bus stand. The crew clearly instructed passengers to take a coffee break and return to the bus within 15 minutes. I quickly got down and sipped a cup of filter coffee. It was also refreshing to take a ten-minute rest-stop at Maddur know for its iconic Maddur Vada.

Reaching Bengaluru

After a short ten-minute break at Maddur, we left the Maddur KSRTC bus stand to join the Mysuru-Bengaluru National Expressway en route to Bengaluru. The highway was busy with cars and buses heading to Bengaluru on a busy weekend. As a result, our bus had to slow down at some places owing to the ongoing road construction work and up-gradation of the Mysuru Bengaluru expressway into a ten-lane highway.

After Maddur, we crossed Channapatna-famous for wooden toys, Ramanagaram, Bidadi to reach Kengeri TTMC bus terminal. I chose to alight at the Kengeri TTMC bus terminal as It was near to my home in Bengaluru. The bus soon reached the Kengeri TTMC bus terminal and I alighted along with a couple of other bus passengers. It already dark and we reached the city at around 8.30 pm. I quickly made my way to the parking lot to pick up my parked TVS Jupitor. I then reached home within ten minutes after leaving the Kengeri bus terminal.

Overall, it was an enriching one-day solo trip to Coorg Town from Bengaluru. Travel by KSRTC’s air-conditioned Airawata flagship brand buses will enhance your travel experience aided by superior comfort.

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