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Coolest Libraries From Around The World: A Library Bucket List


University of Aberdeen New Library

Designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects in Aberdeen, UK this library resides in one of the oldest English language universities in the world. Constructed in 2012, this library has attracted over 700,000 visitors within its first year of opening. The New Library consists of a spiraling atrium in the lobby - the focal point of the architectural wonder. This atrium provides the outline for the eight floors of the science and research library.


Royal Portuguese Reading Room

In Rio de Janeiro, Braizl, this library is inspired by The Jeronimos Monastery in Lisbon. Carved from limestone, the building was constructed between 1880 and 1887 and surely evokes a sense of Renaissance architecture on the interior. With ornate colored skylights and classic chandeliers, this library is truly a spectacle.


Delft University of Technology Library

Located in Delft, The Netherlands this library is composed of a grass-covered roof and large cone atop the structure. This is the largest technical library in The Netherlands, incorortating not only books but places to study, research and socialize.


Suzzallo Library at University of Washington, Seattle

In Seattle, Washington this university library was contructed in 1923, designed by Carl Gould and Charles Bebb. With an exterior of sandstone, terra-cotta and brick, this library evicts a sense of European architecture. The interior features high ceilings coupled with stain glass windows and numerous hanging lights.


Bishan Public Library

Designed by LOOK architects in Singapore, this library incorporates a traditional style with unique colored glass and creative "pods". These pods extend out of the building's facade, providing a nook for visitors on the interior. The architects hoped to evict a sense of a tree house, using natural light, specifically skylights and trellises to accomplish this feat.


Kanazawa Umimirai Library

This unique library in Kanazawa City, Japan, features a "punching wall" outer structure designed to bring books and humans together. Hoping to create an atmosphere reselmbled that of a forest, with sweeps of natural night, the architects hoped to make the visitors comfortable in this space.


Library of the Dutch Parliament

Located in The Hague, Netherlands, parliament records are houses in this library. With four stories connected with a magical spiraling staircase, volumes lines the walls. A large glass dome acts as the roof, allowing for natural light to avoid the use of candle and flame.


Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library at University of Toronto

Like it's name states, this library houses both rare books and university records. Located in Toronto, Canada, the library was designed by Mathers and Haldenby in 1957. Included in their collection is The Nuremberg Chronicles of 1493 and Charles Darwin's proof copy of the Origin of Species (1859).

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Bibliotheque Nationale de France

This library was once the largest book repository in the world by 1896. Constructed in 1869, Bibliotheque Nationale de France was originally constructed on the Rue de Richelieu. Located in Paris, the national library of France is home to 5,000 Greek manuscripts and 14 million books, maps and periodicals.


Central Library at National Autonomous University of Mexico

This library, located in Mexico City, houses the largest collections in Mexico. With murals covering the outside of the building, painted by Juan O'Gorman, this helps to make the college part of a World Heritage site.The murals depict Mexican history, from pre-hispanic past to the colonization period and modern and contemporary Mexico, these murals are the defining feature of the library.


Library of the Canadian Parliament

In Ottawa Canada, this library draws on the themes of Gothic architecture. The library provides reference and research services for parliamentarians and their staff. On the interior, creatures, flowers and masks have been carved into the white pine paneling while book shelves cover the entirety of the walls.



Jo B from USA on May 22, 2014:

Great topic, I have always been intrigued by the different libraries but now I definitively want to go to some of these! I'll add them to my bucket list! :)

Holy cow to the Benedictine Monastery, Portuguese Reading Room, Bibliotheque Nationale and the Canadian Parliament library!

Alyssa S (author) from USA on April 01, 2014:

Thank you, I appreciate that!

Thomas Dowling from Florida on April 01, 2014:

Interesting topic. Beautiful venues. Rated up. Well done!

Alyssa S (author) from USA on March 29, 2014:

Thanks! Those two really are exceptionally beautiful.

Danida from London on March 29, 2014:

Oh my God, those look gorgeous! I'd love love love to visit any one of them... In particular, the one in Admont, Austria and the one of the Dutch Parliament.

Admont's is so beautiful and artistic, and the Dutch one is just so cozy. It'd make a nice resting spot for winter.

Awesome hub!

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