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Clinton Road: The Most Terrifying Road in the U.S.?


Tragedy and Terror on Clinton Road: Lucifer just might reside here

By: Meredith A. Iager

New Jersey can be a very scary place – from Camden all the way to the Coast, but this one covers the northern part of the state. The 10 mile stretch off of Route 23 in Passaic County, New Jersey lays Clinton Road and has nothing to do with political views, in fact its way scarier! It is a road winding through the forest, in desperate need of a new paving job, and has a variety of scary and startling happenings that have occurred here.

From satanic worship to UFOs, spirits of people and animals, and a young boy wanting to throw back your change, it is the perfect ride if you are into getting scared to death. Set in the upper crust of Northern NJ, many folks from the area who are bored seem to venture on this road to get somewhere or to see if they run into paranormal activity – and typically they do. If you are a ghost hunter or really want something crazy to happen, you need to check out this road; be warned though as this is not for a novice or the faint of heart.

Young boy who loves your change

One of the most prominent stories according to Weird New Jersey; is about a young boy who was hit by a car and died on the bridge before the temple of ruins. It is on the southern part of the 10 mile stretch – you can probably find this on an older NJ map if you are interested in checking this out.

Many people have said that if you throw a quarter or penny over the bridge into the lake, a few moments later it will be tossed back up at you. Some have seen the young boy’s image in the water, others have had the coins tossed back up at their vehicles, and some people have even been pushed by the boy as if he were getting them out of harm’s way while standing on the road by the bridge. This ghostly activity of the young boy has sure scared people; however, he doesn’t seem like a bad entity compared to everything else that has been witnessed on the road.

KKK, Wiccans, Satanic Worship, Oh My!

There are also stories from the 70s and 80s of people venturing into the woods witnessing satanic worship and Wiccan chanting, and rumors of the KKK holding meetings in various parts of the woods. There are ruins of a druid temple (close to what they call, Dead Man’s Curve) where supposed satanic worship circles have been held, as well as goat and other animal sacrifices.

The Cross Castle or “K”astle – is either a place of KKK activity and or satanic worship, but was once owned by Richard J. Cross who built a castle like mansion in the woods of Newfoundland, NJ in the early 1900s (he was never rumored to be a nut job or Satanist, just simply was the owner of the home and surrounding woods). The ruins of the structure have been used for all kinds of evil acts.

The area is peppered with graffiti and what are left now are only the basement areas of the castle. One person reported when they were younger, they walked into the “castle” and wrote down phrases in their journal that appeared on the walls. Years later, they found out they were the words of Anton LeVay from the Church of Satan.

Others have walked near the castle and later saw mysterious bruises on their bodies and some people have gotten severely sick or had trouble breathing while being on this road. Spooked yet? Clearly, the activity that has plagued Clinton Road and the surrounding forest areas are no joke.

If you are into the X-Files

Even UFO sightings have occurred on this road. So, if you are into beings from another planet you may get to see colored lights in the woods, or dark triangles in the sky, kind of like the ones I have seen over Ft. Detrick, Maryland and in Sea Bright, New Jersey. Maybe tonight is your lucky night to get abducted – no reporting’s of this, just lights and flying saucers so far.

Inter-dimensional Creatures

If you are familiar with the Central and Southern NJ Pine Barron’s and believe in the Jersey Devil – which is supposed to be an inter-dimensional goat and wolf like devilish creature with horns, then you’ll love this. Sightings of a sort of white colored, gray wolf with red eyes have also been seen in the woods off Clinton Road, as well as phantom monkeys – apparently in Napa Valley, CA there have been red eyed monkey sightings too – where they got the idea for flying creepy monkeys for The Wizard of Oz movie – in some ways Clinton Road mirrors the yellow brick road in the movie because of all the unique happenings compared to all the unique individuals Dorothy runs into on her journey to Oz – some scary, some not. The guys from Mountain Monsters on the Destination America Channel would say this sounds like it is an inter-dimensional creature sighting.

At Night on Clinton Road

Most of the creepy stuff on Clinton Road seems to occur at might night or in the wee hours of the AM. So, it must be true, freaks come out at night! And don’t park your car, you may get ticketed by park ranger spirits from 1939, or stumble over a bloody body bag that was never really there or see a phantom ghost dog.

There are way too many accounts that have been documented to be a bunch of lies. One local resident said some things over the years have been highly exaggerated, but too many dismembered bodies have been found by local authorities in the woods off of this road for there to be some sort of “coincidence”.

Find out for yourself, if you are ready for a scare – this road seems to have a little bit of everything for the ghost/spiritual hunter in you, with the exception of maybe vampires, but who knows, maybe this tale hasn’t been told yet!


Audrey Hunt from Idyllwild Ca. on May 25, 2018:

I think I'll pass on driving on Clinton Rd. Interesting reading though.