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Why Cruising is the Best Way to Travel?

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Guide for First-time Cruisers

Everybody is looking forward to their dream vacation abroad. However, this dream vacation is extremely expensive during the early days. So most people will exactly invest their time visiting other states or provinces. In recent years, plenty of liners offer affordable cruise ship vacations all throughout the world.

Each ship offers different itineraries. A designated cruise ship travels in a certain part of the world. Though, some ships may offer travel around the world. The price of each travel is determined by the number of places the ship visit. It is better if you decide what cruise ship you want for your vacation. After knowing your itinerary, arrange your daily schedule for the whole cruise. List all the places you want to visit, foods you want to try, outdoor activities you want to take, etc. As an example, try to check different travel websites to know the 12 Free Things to Do in Belfast, Ireland. Try to read cruise ship reviews of travelers abroad too so you get any ideas as possible. Simply plan your vacation as cruise line offers paid tours onboard.

Did you know that the gastrointestinal illness or stomach flu is called Norovirus? It is the most common cause of outbreak onboard.

Regatta of Oceania Cruises

Regatta of Oceania Cruises

The Downside of Cruise Ship Vacations

Spending a vacation on the cruise ship has its advantages and disadvantages. The number one disadvantage represents the cost of flying to the joining port. No problem if your joining port is within the area you are currently living, like Florida. But what if you are joining in Europe? Try to find cheap airline deals that you can get to lessen your transportation expense.

Next disadvantage is the travel time. Make sure to reach your destination on time. So it is important that you know the right time you need to take your flight. Remember not to be late on your joining date. Otherwise, you will need to catch up the cruise ship in their next port.

Royal Princess of Princess Cruises

Royal Princess of Princess Cruises

What Makes Vacation in Cruise Ships a Wonderful Experience?

The key advantage of choosing a cruise ship for a vacation is the hassle-free travel. There are so many perks in getting cruise vacation packages. Call room service if you prefer to eat inside your cabin. Go to the buffet line to eat an unlimited amount of foods. This line is open during breakfast, lunch, and dinner in most ships. Try to visit the dining room for a more elegant ambiance. Or eat in their paid specialty restaurants for first-class menus.

In the case of onboard activities, you also have plenty of choices. There are facilities available onboard that will provide all your needs during your vacation. Purchase items in a duty-free shop. Gamble in a casino. Drink wine in a bar. Watch an entertainment show in the multi-purpose hall. Relax in a jacuzzi or pool. Exercise in the gymnasium. Carry out any activities you want. In other luxury liners, their cruise vacation packages are a lot better.

As long as you're on any cruise ship vacations, no need to worry about anything. Whatever you need, crew members will take care of it so simply enjoy every moment. Moreover, even your activities outside, crew members will take charge of it. As the cruise ship offers paid tours to their passengers. The payment package usually includes shuttle bus, entrance fee and even take away meals on some cruise ships. In order to save money while on vacation, you may also opt to DIY activities. Keep in mind that when doing the DIY, make sure to come back onboard on time. Otherwise, you need to catch up the ship at their next port of call. Anyway, an announcement will be made through cruise ship PA system about the return time of the crews and passengers. I highly recommend though to just avail the cruise vacation packages for your convenience.

Azamara Journey of Azamara Club Cruises

Azamara Journey of Azamara Club Cruises

Living like Royalties

Apart from the paid tours, other lists of cruise vacation packages are an excellent selection of wines, a discount on internet access and an offer in specialty restaurants. You can avail any packages you want. I must say that vacation on a cruise ship is the most rewarding break ever for you. Crew members will surely pamper you like a queen and a king for your whole trip. So if you are interested to take your very first cruise ship vacation, better inquire now. Book ahead before you miss your slot. Reservation is absolutely crucial especially during peak seasons.

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Travel Chef (author) from Manila on October 26, 2018:

Hi John,

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Staying nearby places is the best option for a cruise passenger. Some cruise ship companies offer hotel accommodation before their joining date. This strategy helps lessen the pressure during the departure date.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on June 29, 2018:

Another helpful article Dred. I will be driving to stay with relatives close to the departing port location so don't have to worry about flights. I have to decide whether to avail of the ship's tour package at the stopover and destination ports or go it alone however. I won't have a lot of excess spending money.

Travel Chef (author) from Manila on June 28, 2018:


It is really the best way to travel. Have in mind that you may experience rough sea at times. So if you're okay with that, you will certainly enjoy cruising.

Centfie from Kenya on June 28, 2018:

Cruising seems like the best way to travel. Can't wait to be on a cruise ship...

Travel Chef (author) from Manila on June 24, 2018:

Yup! Most passengers stay in a hotel (within the nearby area of the cruise terminal) even for a day. This gives them allowance in case of any flight delays. I hope you will enjoy your first cruise! Thanks for dropping by.

Elena from London, UK on June 24, 2018:

An interesting and timely Hub. I like the tip you shared about ensuring flight times go with the Cruise time. I would have been too excited and forgotten that point.

I've never been on a Cruise but really enjoy watching "Cruising with Jane MacDonald" on ITV. Oh what a beautiful, Presenting job she has.


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