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Chittagong Night Market – Shopping between yellow Lights in Bangladesh

Most Asian countries are well-known for their night markets. Any Asian vacation will not be complete without spending a night cruising in one of them, haggling and bargaining from stall to stall. Aside from local products and handicrafts, you should also find rip-offs of luxury goods. The latter might not be your cup of tea but the bottom line is that this will be a good place to find the best bargains.

Asian markets are a rich blend of cuisine, culture, handicraft, and fashion. If you want to experience an Asian city in its rawness, go to the nearest night market in your area and bask in this mixture of culture, art, and commerce. Here, Chittagong Light Street Night Market is one of the markets in Asia

Chittagong Light Street - Night Market

Chittagong Light Street - Night Market

Chittagong Night Market is one of the most famous night markets in Bangladesh. The night market is located inside Bangladesh’s oldest yellow light district - Chittagong.

The night market is well known in this part of the city. Chittagong weekend Night Market is a busy, bustling gathering of roadside stalls and local food vendors that brings huge crowds of locals and tourists.

Tourists usually flock to these markets during the evenings, so even at dusk the place is crowded. The market has vendors selling food items and cheap merchandise that tourists usually buy.The market usually opens at 4p.m. in the evening, but it is during dusk that the real crowd gathers here.
The market has 25+ stalls, decorated with colorful lights. The carts and stalls are full of merchandise including watches, clothes, shoes, gift items, food items, cosmetics, game zone and men’s accessories etc.

Why You Should Visit:

May be a good place to buy some cheap items, but there are also plenty of cheap eateries – mostly street foods & authentic cuisine – lining the strip.This is a great place to spend beautiful moments. There is a nice place to sit.

Here, One of the eye-catching food stalls in the night market is Sanjiya's Table by Tanzima Sanjiya. She make the food at home with her own hands. Sanjiya's Table is the best home made food service in Chittagong. She sits in the stall with a variety of delicious items.

Sanjiya's Table by Tanzima Sanjiya

Sanjiya's Table by Tanzima Sanjiya

Bring your friends and family! Enjoy live music, performances, activities, and of course, plenty to eat and drink!

When: Every - Thursday - Friday - Saturday
Time: 4pm - 12am

Location: K.B Convention Hall, Kalamia Bazar, Bakalia, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Transportation: Free parking; plenty of space for car and bikes.

Cost: Free to attend


Abdullah Al Maruf (author) from Bangladesh on February 18, 2021:

Thank you @Somali Rodriguez

Somali Rodriguez on February 18, 2021:

Wow, that's nice place.

Abdullah Al Maruf (author) from Bangladesh on February 18, 2021:

Yes..thank you @Sidratul Muntaha

Sidratul muntaha on February 18, 2021:

I visited this place yesterday with my family and enjoy the food of variety stalls....Such a beautiful place in Chittagong during night!!!