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MUST VISIT PLACE IN THE PHILIPPINES — Campuestohan Highland Resort


I love traveling and I have been to Bacolod already so I want to share with you my knowledge about the city especially Campuestohan.


Campuestohan Highland Resort is located in Sitio Campuestohan Barangay, Talisay City, 6115 Negros Occidental. It is one of the most known tourist destinations in the Philippines and it is definitely a complete package. It worth paying for!

You can take a dip into their wave pool in which you can feel like you are swimming in the ocean or walk through their beautiful gardens, or have fun in the playground. You can definitely relax and unwind in Campuestohan. They offer various activities such as horseback riding, zipline, rope course, and many more.

Everything that a person can ask on a vacation is found right here at Campuestohan Highland Resort. You don't need to look for a different resort for each activity that you like to experience because Camouestohan has it all already. The picturesque scenery and breathtaking view of Campuestohan are absolutely irresistible.

Campuestohan Entrance Rates 2020

Entrance Fee – Php 200 (adults and children above 2 years old)

FREE – children 2 years old and below


Campuestohan Cottage Rates




Big Cottage

20 persons

Php 1,200.00

Small Cottage

15 persons

Php 700.00

Wave Pool Cottage

15 persons

Php 700.00

Campuestohan Highland Resort Activities and Rates

Note: Always wear your rubber shoes since all the activities listed above will require you to wear shoes. However, if you are unable to bring one with you shoe rental with socks is Php 50.00



Grand Carousel

Php 30.00

Mini Train

Php 30.00

Viking Ride

Php 30.00

Walking Dinosaur

Php 30.00

Basketball Shootout

Php 35.00

Hamster Wheel

Php 100.00

Sky Bicycle

Php 100.00

Horseback Riding

Php 100.00


Php 200.00

Rope Course

Php 200.00

Cable Paraglide

Php 250.00

Campuestohan Room Rates

Accommodation comes with free entrance fee and free breakfast:

• Raphaella Mill Presidential Suite – Php 15,000.00 (4 pax)

• Mammoth Room – Php 9,500.00 (10pax)

• Junior Suite – Php 12,000.00 (4pax)

• Dino Park Room – Php 4,000.00 (4pax)

• Dino Park Room – Php 6,000.00 (6pax)

• Dino Park Room – Php 9,000.00 (10pax)

• Raphaella Windmill (Regular Room) – Php 8,500.00(6pax)

• Teepee Hut Family Room – Php 5,000.00 to Php 6,000.00

• King Kong Room – Php 6,000.00(6pax)

• Log Cabin - Php 3,000.00 to Php 5,000.00

• Bonita Hut – P 3,500.00 (4pax) with air-condition

- Extra person only (no extra bed) – Php 300.00 (exclusive of breakfast)

- Extra person with extra bed – Php 500.00 (exclusive of breakfast)

• Raphaella Windmill Basement/Barkadahan Room – Php 500.00/head (minimum of 15 Pax and maximum of 24 Pax) non-airconditioned; Free entrance.

Campuestohan Highland Resort Dinosaur

Campuestohan Highland Resort Dinosaur


The place can be accessed by private vehicles and for those who don’t have a car, you may reach the place via a shuttle service.


Option 1:

  1. Go to Cebu City south bus terminal. Ride a bus bound for Toledo City. Fare is less than PHP 100 and will take 2 hours or less. However, if you prefer to ride a van, go to a van terminal in Junquera St, somewhere near the University of San Carlos. Ride a van bound to Toledo. Fare for the van is less than PHP 150 and travel time is a few minutes faster than the bus.
  2. Get off near the Toledo port and walk towards the terminal. Buy a ticket first bound for San Carlos City. We went to San Carlos City port via Lite Ferries and it took 2 hours. (I forgot how much is the fare)
  3. At San Carlos City port, ride a tricycle to bring you to the Ceres terminal. Fare is less than PHP 10.00.
  4. Once you arrived at the Ceres terminal, ride a bus bound for Bacolod City. Fare is PHP 160.00.
  5. Go to the i-Mart convenience store and catch a ride bound to the resort or you may charter a taxi or tricycle to bring you to the resort. Travel time is one hour or less.

Option 2:

  1. Otherwise, you can ride a direct bus bound for Bacolod City at Cebu City south bus terminal. Fare is more or less PHP 600.
  2. If you choose the direct bus, you can get off once you are on the boat. I think ceres buses use lite shipping, so travel the time from Toledo Port to San Carlos City Port is one hour longer, a total of 2 hours.
  3. Get off at Bacolod ceres terminal at Lopez Jaena St.
  4. Go to the i-Mart convenience store and ride a jeepney bound to the resort or you may charter a taxi or tricycle to bring you to the resort. Travel time from the terminal to the resort is one hour or less.

Note: Bringing your private vehicle with you has a corresponding rate for the cargo — more or less PHP 1,000.


Option 1:

  1. You can take a van from Bacolod Airport to Lopues East or Caltex East (Fare is PHP 150).
  2. Then, take the official Campuestohan van. It will take 40 minutes (Fare is less than PHP 100).

Option 2:

  1. Alternatively, you can take a van or walk to Silay and take a Ceres bus going to Bacolod.
  2. Take a jeep going to Burgos and then take another jeep going to Lopues East.
  3. Ride a van or Sarao jeepney to Campuestohan Resort (Fare is less than 100).

Note: Fare might be more expensive right now because of our situation / the pandemic, people are asking you to pay higher than before.


Aside from a truly perfect place for a vacation they also have delicious foods.

You can choose from many varieties of dishes that they offer such as Fried Cansi, Kadyos-Baboy-Langka, or also known as KKL.


Facebook: Campuestohan Highland Resort


Contact no.: (032) 702-0964; (034) 433-3335; 0915-211-1406; 0917-300-5007; 0925-600-8088

© 2020 Mia Ford

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