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Camping In Amicalola State Park

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This State Park is a popular camping spot for hiker and has several trails from dirt roads to towering wooden stairs which take you from the top of the Mountain along the waterfall, down to a serene Trout stocked lake. The lake also has rock and boulders which make a great backdrop to fun picture. The lake is stocked weekly, and you can keep what you catch. We caught several midsized fish, and my grandson cleaned them with the help of another friendly camper, we fried them for dinner, and it was the tastiest dinner. We bought firewood from the camp and build a huge fire in the firepit that kept us warm overnight. The smells and the sound of a crackling fire is one of the best things about camping

Fresh Trout for Dinner


Our camping site, which was on top of the hill, was large and clean and consisted of gravel surrounded by a wooden fence. It had a picnic table and a fire pit which came in handy after the sun went down. Luckily, we came prepared with sweaters and thick sleeping bags, and our new tent was also everything advertised and kept the wind out, which made it very comfortable. There were several individual restrooms and showers that were very clean and well maintained, with hot showers and large changing areas.

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Unknown trail

The next day we ventured out and walked some trails. Most of the trails run through lush foliage and are a great way to see nature firsthand. We found a trail that was not marked and just kept walking, after about two miles we came across a little white church, surrounded by a cemetery and some interesting backwoods sites. It was interesting for my grandson to experience an outhouse, and bear tracks, we even found an abandoned camp with gunshot shells embedded in the large trees, kind creepy, but well worth the experience.


"Life is too short to drink bad wine" - Anonymous

On our last day we ventured out to see what activities we could find and came across Chateau Meichtry Family Vineyard and Winery in Rock Ga. This family-owned vineyard was located in the rolling hills at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. We walked around and went to the tasting room where we enjoyed a large selection of local wines and visited the gift shop. We were told they do have live music on the weekends, and a nice menu of munches.


We had a great time camping and touring the surrounding areas around Amicalola State Park, and is one of my top ten favorite places to camp. We will be going back soon to walk some of the trails we missed.

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