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Tigers Rule the Ruins of Sundarbans

Sudha madhuri dash is a published author of many novels. Along with photography she loves horse riding and practices odissi dance.


My paranormal experience at Lord Canning House

I have always been porous and can feel presence of that which a normal person may not feel or experience. Visiting new places and changing homes repeatedly have sometimes made me aware of someone or something that still lingers and may not have passed on.

While I was taking a few photographs of the outside walls I smelt something sweet. Like flowers...just a whiff. The ground where I stood was open with no trees or huts nearby. Gingerly keeping an eye upon the crumbling walls I peeked into the locked rooms. It was a hot summer day but my face met with a cold gust of air and the same sweet smell of flowers. Through the shutters I could see the large wooden staircase that spiralled into the upper floor. With 42 degrees under shade the cold blast of air had no explanation. The cold air lingered on ...the rotting beams groaned. The maneaters are now in the deeper forest but sometimes one does hear of one prowling around at night. The sundarban tigers are good swimmers and often they come into the villages looking for easy prey


The land wild. Remote area of Bengal where the sundarban tigers roamed freely crossing the Bidyadhari river to find their human victims. The then Governor General of India visioned a new port and built the Canning House. The two storied building has fallen to ruins. But the remnants reminded me of the great past. The wooden staircase that Charlotte Canning must have taken to her large bedroom with its wide french windows are but what I am seeing in my minds eye. As she sunk in her warm marble bath, Charlotte Canning must have heard the tiger roar in the distant. The crocodile infested river giving rich yield of fish and crabs. I am sure she must have enjoyed the locale catch. They say she was a writer. What did she write about. All her dreams now trapped in the crumbling rubble.

Bengali mutton biriyani

We stayed at our friends place, because where Lord Canning house stands it surrounded by a few hamlets and single storied houses. The roads are still a bit raw. The tasty mutton biriyani with boiled potatoes and whole boiled eggs was singularly flavourful and extremely tasty.

Calcutta mutton biriyani


Travelling and Photography

I love to see new places and I am always on the lookout for new and undiscovered places. being an army wife I move a lot, seeing new places and discovering the story behind the faded, old and crumbling walls is a passion of mine. On my way to Sunderbans just as I reached Baruipur i spotted this massive old crumbling house standing amidst a jungle of old rhododendrons and tall mango trees.

The remnants of the orchard surrounding the building was so heart touching. Trees laden with fruits, untouched by time and man and the small pond next to it brimming with fish. I walked up the several steps to reach the long verandah from the portico. The portico was massive had enough space to park four large horse drawn fetons. The iron rings on the wall showed where the horses must have been tethered. The long verandah had rows of shuttered doors. The wooden staircase leading to the upper story has now fallen, above the portico is a room with glass shutters and red terracotta tiles, this is where most probably charlotte Canning must have sat down to have her evening teas and met guests.

A local shop served us with hot piping momos

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Piping hot alu paratha with curd local fare




I never forget essentials while travelling


I am new to this...still learning

Canon cameras offer easy-to-use menu systems, and very good image quality, along with a wide selection of lenses that cater to all kinds of photography.

  1. Learn to hold your camera properly and always try to keep a steady hand
  2. Start shooting in RAW. Click as many you can of the same
  3. Understand the exposure triangle. I always prefer automatic because saves shots
  4. Wide aperture is best for portraits. ...
  5. Narrow aperture is best for landscapes. ...
  6. Learn to use Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority modes. ...
  7. Don't be afraid to raise the ISO. ...
  8. Make a habit of checking the ISO before you start shooting.
  9. A mount tripod stand helps to take still photography

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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