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Born in Brooklyn with Pride: Chris Mullin, NBA Hall of Famer


Once again, Basket is relevant in the boroughs of New York, especially in Brooklyn as in the Nets who have 3 star studded team. And the NY Knicks are becoming relevant as well playing .500 or better ball with a young star in the making; RJ Barrett.

However, if you're from Brooklyn and know Basketball Chris Mullin's name is often mentioned. He was star player in High School at Xaverian and again a star player in college at St. John's in Queens.

The Brooklyn born 6' 6" Small Forward/Shooting Guard was drafted in the 1st round of the NBA draft with the 7th overall pick in 1985 by Golden State Warriors. He played almost his entire career with Golden State. He was a 5X All-Star who ended-up in the NBA Hall of Fame averaging 18.2 points for his career. His best year was in 1988-89 when he averaged 26.5 points a game.

Mullins played on two USA Dream Teams in 1984 and in 1992.

He later returned to St. John's as a Head Coach (2015-2019) and led his team to a 59-73 record. His best year as a HC was the 2018-19 season when his team made the NCAA Tournament after going 20-12.

Other famous Brooklyn-born list of people is long and includes: Jackie Gleason, Danny Kaye, Moe & Curly of the Three Stooges, Chuck Connors, Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld, Jimmy Kimmel, Larry king, Vince Lombardi, Vinnie Testaverde, Phil Rizzuto, Tommy Davis, Connie Hawkins, Carmelo Anthony, Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan and Dr. Anthony Fauci to name a few.

Though I was a proud Manhattan resident for 12 years, I was equally as proud to say I was born in Brooklyn. I lived in Brooklyn for the first seven years of my life in the Avenue J section near Brooklyn College and later in the Sunset Park (53rd St. & 6th Avenue).

I attended PS 94 and remember as a kid going to Sunset Park with my mother and little cousins to cool off in their large water sprinkler version of a pool. It was how us city kids survived the hot summers. As a teenager, I spent three summers at my Uncle's house in Gerritsen Beach. As an adult, I worked at the Brooklyn Army Terminal for three years.

Who would have imagined the two family house my grandparents bought in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn for $11,000 in 1940’s would eventually sell for $2,525,000.

No matter who I meet or work with, there’s never any hesitation when asked; Where were you born? I say Brooklyn with pride.

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