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Born in Brooklyn with Pride: Curly Howard of The Three Stooges

(Left to Right) Moe Howard, Curly Howard and Larry Fine of The Three Stooges

(Left to Right) Moe Howard, Curly Howard and Larry Fine of The Three Stooges

The borough of Brooklyn, New York is famous for comedy legends; Jackie Gleason, Larry David as well as Talk Show Host of a comic nature; Jimmy Kimmel, and Jimmy Fallon.

Its first comedy legends were often considered to be the Three Stooges. There were three brothers Moe, Curly, and Shemp. Larry Fine was always part of the comedy trio but was not related and was not born in Brooklyn.

Curly Howard was born in 1903 in Bensonhurst Brooklyn as Jerome Lester Horowitz of The Three Stooges in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. He started out in vaudeville and was the most animated of the Three Stooges. He's known for barking like a dog and with his trademark saying; "Nyuck, Nyuck, Nyuck."

Curly's parents were of Jewish ancestry. He married four times and had two children.

Curly Howard was part of the legendary comedy trio who have provided laughs to millions with their physical brand of slap-stick comedy. Curly was the first to pass on at age 48. He's buried in the same cemetery (Home of Peace Cemetery) in California as his brother Samuel who was known in the movies and on TV as Shemp. In 1934 Columbia released its first Three Stooges short, Woman Haters.

The Three Stooges' next film was Punch Drunks which was the only short film written entirely by the Stooges. Curly stars as a reluctant boxer who goes wild every time he hears "Pop Goes the Weasel". I'll admit it's my favorite of all the short films that the Three Stooges did.

Stooges' films were made at a steady pace, about 8 per year. In Three Little Pigskins and In "Punch Drunks" a young tall, blonde Lucille Ball appears. You may not recognize her at first but will recognize her voice.

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In 1946, during the filming of Half-Wits Holiday, Curly suffered a stroke. He was replaced by Shemp. Although Curly appeared in Hold That Lion! (1947) in a cameo, it is the only Stooges' film to contain all three Howard brothers: Moe, Curly, and Shemp.

The famous Brooklyn-born list of people is long and includes Jackie Gleason, Danny Kaye, Chuck Connors, Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld, Jimmy Kimmel, Anne Hathaway, Larry King, Vince Lombardi, Vinnie Testaverde, Phil Rizzuto, Tommy Davis, Connie Hawkins, Chris Mullins, Carmelo Anthony, Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan, and Dr. Anthony Fauci to name a few.

Though I was a proud Manhattan resident for 12 years, I was equally as proud to say I was born in Brooklyn. I lived in Brooklyn for the first seven years of my life in the Avenue J section near Brooklyn College and later in Sunset Park (53rd St. & 6th Avenue).

I attended PS 94 and remember as a kid going to Sunset Park with my mother and little cousins to cool off in their large water sprinkler version of a pool. It was how- us city kids survived the hot summers. As a teenager, I spent three enjoyable summers at my Uncle's house in Gerritsen Beach. As an adult, I worked at the Brooklyn Army Terminal for three years.

No matter who I meet or work with, there’s never any hesitation when asked; Where were you born? I say Brooklyn with pride.

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