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Bicol Longest Zipline: Philippine Tourist Spot

Kaye Boral was studying BSED Major in English at Camarines Norte State College. As an author falling in love is her foundation in writing.

San Lorenzo Ruiz Camarines Norte Zipline

The Philippines was known for having its magnificent islands. Every summertime, lots of tourists was visiting this country due to its beautiful and well-preserved nature. Moreover, an adventurous and fulfilling visit is what they seek the most. One of the highlighted regions in terms of tourist spots was called Region V namely Bicol, inside this island located are mesmerizing resorts, hiking places, and adventurous obstacles to visit with. Some of the famous spots are Mayon Volcano, known for its perfect triangle shape. Bagasbas beach is the longest bridge and the tramline with the longest zipline all over the region located at San Lorenzo Ruiz Camarines Norte.

It’s more fun in the Philippines!

What is a Zipline?

Zipline was known for flying in the air like the hero’s style. Savoring the air above while using the safety jacket tuck into your vest that holds you while you are pushed onto the line and travel until the other end of it. It works with two steel wires that connect two points. The length between the line varies according to the place it was built.

What does it feel like flying?

What does it feel like flying?

Bicol’s Longest Zipline

Matacong, San Lorenzo Ruiz, Camarines Norte, Region V Bicol, Philippines had their longest zipline with a length of 755m long cables.

SLR Zipline

SLR Zipline

Every summertime, this place was bombarded with tourists looking for adventurous and memorable travel. Here are several reasons why;

  • Under the zipline is the view of the fresh public river sided with the green fields. There is also a bridge that connects the other sides of the river.
  • Above was the mountain and the large fields free from pollution.
  • A magnificent view from sunset to sunrise was predicted above when you were going to take a video or a picture while currently at the zipline’s middle track.
  • A Kubo or a reception house was built above the trek in which the ziplines cable started.
  • A relaxing and fresh view with all the flowers and gardens surrounding the area.

Tramline was also another option for visiting this place.

  • A tram line was built to carry many people that wanted to travel across the river.
  • It looks like a house traveling in the cable with two benches inside. Four people are available to load.
  • Unlike the zipline, it can travel slowly or fast depending on the tourist choice.

Perks of visiting this tourist spot

After reading the reasons to love this place which is mentioned above. There is still a more convenient idea to choose this place.

  1. Open for a low-cost budget adventure.
  2. Zipline is not the only place you can visit and try. Under this obstacle is a list of resorts connected to the river.
  3. A luxurious and elegant resort was also built in town. Establishments are open 24/7 for bar drinking or to camp for team buildings.
  4. Trekking was also open for waterfalls lovers. A number of tourist guides are open to guiding tourists in a polite and kind manner.
  5. Tourists holder, guides, and management of the said town were also welcoming and very friendly. A light and genuine vibe will approach and welcomes every visitor.

How to get there?

When you are a tourist coming from abroad.

First, book your airplane flight. Find a hotel to stay in a couple of days (Manila or any other region you want.) But it was the best option if you are going to pick a hotel in the Bicol Region or inside the town of Camarines Norte with regard to the fact that the Zipline is located inside the San Lorenzo Ruiz, one of the Municipal of Camarines Norte. The hours of traveling from Manila to Bicol is approximately 5 hours and too long to take. Google will provide you a list of hotels you can stay in, just search List of Hotel in Bicol.

After completing the task, proceed to the transportation guide below.

For local visitors inside the Philippines.

Secure the place that you will stay with, just like the statement mentioned above. If you had families or relatives near the place, it was a better option to be with them. However, if you didn’t have. You can stay at hotels and apartments located in the Camarines Norte Province primarily the Daet municipal in which the largest SM mall in Bicol was located. It was also known as the center of the province that’s why seeking a place to stay there, is not a hustle at all.

Another best option is to book a reservation at the resorts build in San Lorenzo Ruiz town. Apart from its famous Zipline, there are also elegant resorts peeking for tourists every year. From the most luxurious and elegant resort to the least and most friendly budget one. The list is provided below, please be guided that it was in descending order.

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  • Althea’s Dreamlands Resort
  • Club Noah Resort
  • Athenas Nature Park and Resort
  • Adelaida Native Farm and Painuman Baka Mountain Resort
  • Natura Verde Private Farm and Resort
  • La Vista de Mampurog
  • Cabana de Rojas
  • Noahs Ark by Jybon

Philippine’s Transportations


“From Manila, bus companies ply the Daet – Manila route from the terminals at Araneta Center Cubao and Pasay City. With daily trips and nigh, travel time is around 6-7 hours. By private vehicle, Camarines Norte is a scenic drive along a zigzag road which is in itself a unique travel experience. By air, it can be reached via Naga City airport and two-hour land travel to Daet.”

- BicolTourismPH

A Step by Step Guide:

(Note: There is no direct transportation from Manila to Camarines Norte while using land transportation. Only to Manila, Bicol, and Camarines Norte route, unless to take a flight from Manila airport to Daet. Please be guided accordingly.)

From Manila – the bus or van is an option to travel to Bicol Region. Just find the terminal that was connected to Naga Terminal.

  • Consist of 397.9 kilometers
  • Approximately takes 5 hours and 39 minutes

In Bicol’s capital, a bus and a van were also options for transportation.

  1. From Naga to Daet terminals (Bicol to Camarines Norte) it consumes a trip of at least two hours.

From Daet Terminal, look for San Lorenzo Ruiz jeepney as a transportation. The terminal was located at Camambugan, Daet Camarines Norte.

  1. The jeep takes at least an hour before it took off.

It was the last ride, the jeepney will stop at Matacong, San Lorenzo Ruiz Camarines Norte which is a tourist destination.


Travel Expenses may differ based on your location. However, from Bicol, Naga terminal to Daet, Centro transportation to San Lorenzo Ruiz, provided is the list of budgets you can save.

Bicol, Naga Terminal to Daet Camambugan Terminal

  1. Van – 250 Philippine pesos
  2. Bus – 150 Philippine pesos

Daet, Camambugan Jeepney Terminal – San Lorenzo Ruiz Zipline

  1. 26 pesos

Zipline’s Fee

There is no entrance fee given to any tourists that want to visit the said place. However, experiencing the zipline is allocated with a fee. Various amounts are listed depending on their difference.

Monkey - 100

Superman - 150

SLRCN Eco Tourism ZIPLINE’S Rules and Regulations

  1. Respect the sanity and cleanliness of the place. Be responsible for your trashes.
  2. First come, first serve. Wait for your chance to fly.
  3. Follow the instructor’s instructions, unless your safety might be at risk.
  4. Listen carefully when the instructors are speaking about safety protocols.
  5. Taking pictures is not the employer’s responsibility. However, by asking politely they might consider.
  6. Traveling or asking our tour guides for the locations and directions of other tourist spots may vary additional fees.

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