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Visit the Beautiful Beaches of Naples

Kenna loves to travel and share cool places to visit so others can have a wonderful, if not better, time than she did.

Naples News

Naples News

Visiting Naples Florida Beaches

I am familiar with some areas in Florida since I have traveled to them often at all times of the year. Knowing what to do in Naples is going to the beaches. Naples is a special place in my heart because its beaches are the most compelling and organic experience I have ever come to know. All-inclusive beaches make the therapeutic waters and white sand a luxury.

The cost of living in Naples goes beyond even the upper-middle-class American's budget. However, visiting these beaches recharges my mind and body. My senses lift to the serenity of beingness. I long to return to my secret little heaven on earth.

Favorite Beaches

You fly into Southwest Florida International Airport, only about 28-miles from Naples' best beaches.

To be near the Gulf of Mexico in southwest Florida with the therapeutic water lapping on my ankles. Sure, I'd go for some high-end shopping with a round of golf. But still, those beaches are calling to me like the Aruba beaches in the Caribbean.

The beaches are all-inclusive and are ideal if you stay at one of the many hotels with beaches and even in Naples you can swim with the dolphins.

Clam Pass Beach Boardwalk

Alex Galiano

Alex Galiano

Beaches with clear water and white sand are just one of the many qualities that make Naples a perfect place to vacation.

Beaches with clear water and white sand are just one of the many qualities that make Naples a perfect place to vacation.

The Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches

Naples's beaches stretch eleven miles along the Gulf of Mexico. The soft, white sand and nature preserves offer the most peaceful and tranquil blue waters you will ever find anywhere. Rated “The Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches,” Naples is charming, sophisticated, and gorgeous. The Naples beaches are undoubtedly the most visited coastline in America.

The magical sunsets alone are worth the visit because no two sunsets are ever alike. So do not be surprised if you see dolphins, stingrays, and starfish.

Two of Naples's beaches, Clams Pass and Vanderbilt, are visited the most and are widely known by locals and tourists but are unlike other beaches in nature. Clams Pass Beach is on the list of the top 20 national beaches. Vanderbilt Beach restaurants and hotels offer air conditioning indoors as a break from the heat on the beach.

Home Away

Home Away



Kayaking in Naples

Naples kayak adventures are an activity you must do with your family or friends while visiting the coast. Several kayak companies offer tours or rentals.

Booking a three-hour tour is the maximum we could handle. But, it's a great way to see the Naples coastal line. Sometimes it was a lot of work paddling, but we had breaks where we coasted with your guide. The water is a beautiful green and blue, so worth the effort.

Pelican Bay Property

Pelican Bay Property

Locals Favorite Beach

Locals say Clam Pass Beach maintains fewer crowds than other crowded beaches, and natural resources abound. The 35-acre park in Collier County features a splendid white sandy beach with coastal dunes and 3200 linear feet of beach on the Gulf of Mexico, over five miles of kayak trails, and acre after acre of mangrove swamps.

All-day parking is available. You take three-quarters of a mile walk on the boardwalk to the beach from the parking lot, or a free tram ride is available every 6 minutes.

The walk to the beach was a pleasant stroll, which I truly enjoyed with my family. You will see three different mangrove trees, red, black, and white. These trees protect and stabilize low-lying coastal areas and play a critical role in coastal fishery food chains. As a result, federal, state, and local laws protect mangrove trees. In addition, these trees are unique in that they are salt tolerant.

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Don't be surprised if the birds and wildlife put on a show, and you will not want to miss the tidal bay. Once on the beach, you can rent kayaks, canoes, and sailboards. Other amenities include lifeguards, toilets and showers, picnic tables, observation towers, and nature trails - a perfect beach for any family.

Must Do

Must Do

Vanderbilt Beach

At the end of Vanderbilt Beach Road is the picturesque scene of Vanderbilt Beach. The 5-acre park drapes the Gulf of Mexico. Often described as one of the most beautiful beaches globally, it is no wonder locals call this beach an adventure in paradise.

Plenty of parking with easy handicap accessibility to the beach is available. In addition, many ride their bikes to the beach with bike racks located close to the beach. Vanderbilt Beach has tourists and locals who densely populate the area, near plenty of hotels, shopping centers, and restaurants.

Shelling happens in the early mornings, while bird watching happens all day.

Hammocks are in the park. There are some favorite subtropical vegetation and natural wildlife. I relax and let nature take me to a little bit of heaven as I lay on the beach between cooling dips in the Gulf.

Visit Naples Coast

The sunsets alone will make it worthwhile for you to book a flight, make your hotel reservations, and experience the pure adventure in paradise. Before you go, do what I did and read this book about Naples Beaches. It helped me gear up and be ready for an adventure in paradise.

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Comments from upstate, NY on January 12, 2017:

Thanks :)

Kenna McHugh (author) from Northern California on January 12, 2017:

That's wonderful 60 Years!!! Have a great time. The beaches are always beautiful, especially that time of year. Don't you think? from upstate, NY on January 12, 2017:

Yes, in two months for my Parents 60th anniversary.

Kenna McHugh (author) from Northern California on January 10, 2017:

Yes. It's beautiful there and they are so majestic. I wish I was there now. Thank you for posting. I are you thinking of going back soon? from upstate, NY on January 10, 2017:

" Clams Pass Beach is on the list of the top 20 national beaches"

This is the beach I visited when I visited my parents in Pelican Bay last year. I'll have to tell them it's one of the top national beaches, it seemed like it to me.

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