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Best Cities in Spain to Visit.




Spain is the place to visit if you are interested in relaxation, sight-seeing, or adventure. There are many reasons for this, a few of them are its rich history and architecture, its amazing national parks, and its beautiful beaches. The Spanish beaches offer an ambiance of small fishing towns, transparent waters, small inlets, imposing rock settlements, and wonderful panoramic views. Here's a look at the best cities in Spain to visit.

1. Barcelona | Best Cities in Spain to Visit

Barcelona is one of the best city in Spain to visit because it the second-largest city.,

There are many famous places but few of them are mentioned here to visit.

1. The Gothic Quarter, is the heart of the old Barcelona in the winding streets of the Gothic Quarter. It dates back to Roman times and it's the perfect place to get lost. It's also the home of the Picasso Museum. But in the Museum Tickets are limited and crowds are massive, so buy your ticket online to guarantee you can visit.

2. El Raval, Avoid the expert gambler on las Ramblas, and go grab, a coffee in La Boqueria Market before wandering the neighborhood of El Raval. El Raval long known for its vices, El Raval is full of character and has plenty of plazas for leisurely menu del dia. Three persons could essay make lunch for 15 to 20 Euros, and wine also included. You can also visit MACBA, the contemporary art museum, and a gathering spot for Barcelona's international skate crowd.

3. The Sagrada Familia, Gaudi architectural masterpiece is the Sagrada Familia Cathedral, which is still under construction after a hundred years of Gaudi's death. The crowds here are crazy. It is also the most popular attraction in Barcelona, so either get here early, book tickets online, or just take a selfie from across the street. 4. Camp Nou, is the home of FC Barcelona. One of the world's best football clubs and therefore the unofficial symbol of Catalan culture abroad

5. Parc Guell, a mystical monument of modernism built by Gaudi. Access to the central part of the Park is restricted to a few hundred people at a time, so book tickets online if you want to visit that perfect tinder profile pic or just wander the outside area is free.

6. Gracia, from Parc Guell, walk right down to Capitol Hill to Gracia, a village that has been absorbed into Barcelona thanks to it's funky and bohemian. It seems like a small-town oasis within the middle of an enormous city. If you are visiting in August, make sure you do not miss the Festa Major de Gracia, which is a neighborhood festival where locals build human castles, known as Castells.

7. Barceloneta, is the beach of the city, and it's where the young and sexy go to enjoy their holidays, occasionally surf, and amazing nightlife. There are beautiful plazas as well as some old school taverns that serve tapas.

8. Bunquers del Carmelo, gives an amazing view of the sunset, head to the hills in the Bunkers del Carmelo, a military complex, which helped defend the city when it was besieged within the 1930s during the Spanish war.



Best Cities in Spain to Visit

2. Benidorm

Benidorm has been popular for decades with British holidaymakers, both young and old. Millions return time after time because they just love the atmosphere.

Many retired folks even spend the entire winter in Benidorm, to flee British weather. It is certainly a place for the "young at heart". The attitude of the many senior citizens is "Why sit reception alone, watching the rain falling from grey skies, once you are often making new friends and enjoying yourself in pleasant weather in Benidorm?"

Benidorm Beach


Best Cities in Spain to Visit

3. Costa Brave

The costa brava is located in the province of Girona and refers to the coastal strip that runs from the town of catechist in the north until Planus in the south.

The costa brava is serviced by two airports Girona in the north and Barcelona in the south. Sharona's coastline is known as the costa brava named after its rugged coast. Its hilly geography has impressive cliffs and ravines resulting in many coves with deep blue waters.

The countryside is exceptionally beautiful surrounded by the Pyrenees Mountains. The region enjoys the right climate for agriculture many medieval villages are scattered all around. In the region where you can find traditional popular festivals all year round approximately 600,000 people live in the Costa Brava permanently and more than five million tourists visit this stunning region each year.

The region has a typical Mediterranean climate with average annual temperatures that vary between 40 to 30 degrees centigrade. Following the coastline from north to south, you cannot miss a visit to the charming fisherman's village of Caracas. Which was once home to the artist "Salvador Dali" further south you'll find the turn of roses with its active port vast natural parks and ancient archaeological sites, less Karla with its variety of beaches and coves also has four American Greek ruins as well as the delightful village of Sumati two Emperors.

Medus Islands is one of Europe's most popular destinations for scuba divers. the town of burger on the top of the hill will surprise you with its gleaming streets traditional architecture amazing views and it's nearby spectacular coves and beaches. The Town of Plymouth known as the access door to the Costa Brava has an active port and a vibrant ambiance with entertainment for all the family.

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Costa Brave


Best Cities in Spain to Visit

4. Malaga

Malaga is the best city in Spain to visit for its culture and history, with famous sites such as Alcazaba Fort and Malaga Cathedral spread across the city. Cathedral de Malaga or Malaga Cathedral and it’s an awesome opportunity to just find out about Malaga’s culture, history, and Pablo Picasso Museum. It just seems that you are in the home town of Pablo Picasso himself, one of the greatest artists of the 20th century.

La Carihuela would be one of the famous beaches for families with young children, as it’s a bit smaller with lots of shade and there are lots of restaurants right on the beach.

We also found that many of the beaches in Torremolinos. Los Alamos beach is also near the airport. If you want to get away from the main crowds you can walk 3-Km along the coast, Benalmadena is another beautiful town of Torremolinos. In this place, you can do a huge amount of activities.

Marina is just around Benalmadena. There you can find lots of bars, restaurants where you can eat different types of food. There was a cable car that takes you 770 m to the peak of Mount Calamorro, where you can look down on the whole of the Costa del Sol. Mariposario House has hundreds of butterflies and is a great place to take the family to learn all about their lifecycle and environments.



Best Cities in Spain to Visit

5. Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is the closest of the Canary Islands to Morocco on the African coast and one of the best cities in Spain to visit.

In fact, there are only 100 kilometers, or 60 miles, of the Atlantic Ocean, separating Punta de la Entallada, Fuerteventura from Cape Juby, Morocco.

At 98 km, or 59 miles, long and 30km, or 18 miles, at its widest point, Fuerteventura is also the second largest of the Canaries, after Tenerife.

The name, Fuerteventura, is Spanish for "strong wind". So as the name suggests, it can be quite a breezy island, particularly around January - February, when the warm scirocco wind is most likely to blow across from the Sahara Desert.

These persistent breezes, over millennia, are responsible for creating miles of large sand dunes along the north-east coast of the island, south of the capital, Corralejo. In fact, the gleaming white dunes that makeup Corralejo National Park are an unofficial naturist reserve, with plenty of room to work on that all-over tan, without being disturbed.

Sand dunes are also a feature around Playa Jandia on the south- eastern coast. This is an even more secluded area, loved by those who wish to avoid crowded beaches.

Fuerteventura Beach


6. Gran Canaria | Best Cities in Spain to Visit

Gran Canaria is also known as Canary Islands. Gran Canaria can be found near Tenerife along with Fuerteventura. It is probably the most famous island in the entire Canary Islands and contains golden beaches and also endless dunes with stunning san.

You will also find people to be wonderfully friendly, fertile valleys that use attractive communities and areas of beneficial historical relics. The city that has been the capital of Gran Canaria for once was founded in the second half of the fifteenth century when the Spanish conquered the island from its inhabitants and took over the operation of the island developing it to what it is today.

The most popular part of the island is the southern part which happens to be the warmest part of the island and so is the most touristy part of the island for your information. This is where you will find most of the destinations.

They, facilities, hotels, villas and apartments to accommodate for the many tourists who come to the island to enjoy the many benefits. Gran Canaria is very well developed and includes many modern facilities that make it well equipped to handle all the holidaymakers who come to the island year after year.

The main airport on the island is in the capital la Palmas where tourists fly in flights to Gran Canaria as there are many who fly in from all parts of the world to this amazing island.

Gran Canaria City


7. Ibiza | Best Cities in Spain to Visit

Ibiza is one of the lovely Spanish Balearic Islands. Whichever point you drive to on the island, it is never more than one hour away. Below we describe a number of villages for you, namely Santa Ines, San Carlos, Santa Gertrudis, and San Jose.

Santa Ines is located north of San Antonio, in a very fertile area, far away from all tourism and major cities. Santa Ignes consists of a church, a supermarket, a number of pubs, and several surrounding houses - but not much more, so the rural charm still prevails here.

Santa Ines is a beautiful place to visit. Here you can experience what the life of the Ibicenco farmers looks like. Far away from all the hustle and bustle of Ibiza town and San Antonio. Explore the area surrounding the village as well.

An Carlos is a small, but very famous village north of Santa Eulalia. San Carlos has long had a reputation for being a gathering point for hippies and foreign residents of the island, who gather over a coffee or a snack in one of the pubs, or during the hippie market every Saturday in the restaurant Las Dalias. In San Carlos, all roads converge, which later divide to the beaches of the east coast of the island, Cala Leña, Cala Nova, and Cala Mastella. SANJOSE Located high in the hills in the center of 'Sanjoseland', San Jose has everything your heart desires: shops, pubs, restaurants, a church, and all the other things that people take for granted today such as schools, medical centers, veterinarians and the City Hall. As a village, it has its charm for its simple Ibicenco style.



8. Lanzarote | Best Cities in Spain to Visit

Lying just 100km off the coast of West Coast of Africa, Lanzarote is blessed with hot summers tempered by cool Atlantic breezes, mild winters and the possibility of year-round sea bathing.

But the island is more than just sea and sunshine: two elements have combined to make Lanzarote a unique destination for visitors who venture out into the island: The island has airport-Guacimeta Lanzarote, in the municipality of San Bartolome and to seaports: Port of the Marbles in the city of Arrecife, and the port of Playa Blanca in the municipality of Yaiza.

Guanapay Castle, Lanzarote’s oldest, would have been built on an ancient tower built in 1312 by Malocello. The island is called “Insula of Lançarotus Marocelus” in the first portolano who picks up the Canary Islands more or less in its present form, the Majorcan Dulcert Angelino, 1339.



9. Majorca | Best Cities in Spain to Visit

Majorca, or Mallorca, is one of the best city in Spain to visit during the holiday. It is also called the holiday island. The capital of Majorca is Palma de Mallorca.

Majorca is without a doubt one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the Mediterranean. A warm climate, beautiful coastal and country scenes, as well as an array of cultural and environmental assets, make Majorca quite a special holiday destination.

Majorca is the major island in the Balearic archipelago. It is shaped like a bearded goat's head. The landscapes are both pleasant and varied. In the north, the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range protects the rest of the island from the worst of the cold or wet weather.

The hills give way to a large central plane (es Pla) which once was Majorcas life blood-producing food for the island. Even today Majorcas wine industry excels sheltered by the mountains at the north of es Pla near Binissalem.

The masses de Randa gradually rises to 540m at Puig de Randa just to the south west of Majorcas center. Again the land rises to the east of the Torrent de na Borges in the Serres de Llevant before dipping into the sea with a multitude of sandy coves and beaches.

The coastline is over 400 kilometers long with hundreds of small coves and longer beaches broke up by high cliffs and rocky outcrops. These offers give excellent opportunities to sunbathe, swim, enjoy water sports such as sailing and diving.

This island is one of the best cities in Spain to visit with diverse variety of flora and fauna, from the almond, olive and orange orchards, to wilder countryside in the hills and valleys to the north. Majorca is also a fascinating destination for ornithologists with its numerous national parks and reserves. In early spring the white almond blossoms announce the return of the heat.



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