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Are Cheap Travel Prices Worth the Risk This Christmas Season to Travel

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A decade ago or two, traveling was a mere dream for most people. Thanks to airline promos and discounts, even families from developed countries can now travel anywhere, domestic or international, before the pandemic hit. It's almost everyone's dream to travel. Even most introverts have trotted around the globe.

With airline prices going more affordable, is it worth the risk this Christmas season to travel? Sure, there's some light at the end of the tunnel as the first Covid-19 vaccines reach the US this week. Soon, life will begin to return to the typical normalcy. For holidaymakers, that means travel.

More so, the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), along with other major international industries such as Airports Council International (ACI), International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), and the World Economic Forum (WEF), believe that travel can restart even without the mandatory vaccination. These groups are calling for the restoration of international trips. But, what do you think will your physician recommend?

Things To Consider To Avoid The Risk This Christmas Season To Travel

People can't wait for the vaccines' rollout for the WTTC and the rest of the group. WTTC represents the international travel and tourism private sector. Even so, physicians agree that there are still so many improbabilities at present with the virus. The doctors would always recommend people to remain closer to home.

According to the infectious disease specialist at Cleveland Clinic Children's, Dr. Frank Esper, these are some of the points anyone who plans to travel should consider. Dr. Esper added that we need to decide on an "acceptable risk" for the whole family and the people around us.

How To Travel

Suppose you're traveling by your car with your family. In that case, the risk is reduced compared to flying on a plane or moving with other commuters or passengers. It's more threatening when you have to engage in many trips with other people or strangers.

Where To Travel

Please think twice before visiting your hometown when it is always on the top list of the most numbers of Covid-19 cases. Also, check the new restrictions of the city, state, or country you will visit.

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What Happens When You Come Back

Consider work or other appointments after your holiday as you might be in quarantine after your travel. So be sure to count how many days you will spend on your Christmas vacation away from home plus quarantine days.

Who At Your Household Is At Risk

Even when an elder in the household or the kids is not coming on the trip with you, please consider that they still can be exposed once you get home from traveling.

Other Things To Consider Before Travelling This Christmas Season

Expect the strict procedures and restrictions to remain. Even with the widespread vaccines, travel isn't going to return to normal immediately like the rest of our daily routines. Different countries, states, regions, or cities have varied and extensive rollout timelines and implement several protocols to distribute the vaccines. That's why you can expect the testing verification and mask mandates will likely still stick around.

Fares will start to go up. Airline tickets are low-cost now, but travelers should expect that it will go high, still worrying about the prices much. It's one reason it's a good idea to book earlier, especially when you plan to travel in the summer of 2021. By summertime or almost summer season, fares are more expensive and are likely to go higher.


Crowds and get-together have always been the source of the spread of the virus in the community. So it would be best if you always kept that in mind before deciding to go on a holiday trip. Yet, what may be reasonable for one family may not be for another.

So, it's best to talk to everyone in the household or family, especially the ones involved before the travel. Put in plain words, what is happening and what you believe is the best thing for everyone.

The risk this Christmas season to travel will always be there, whether there's a pandemic or not. Several risks exist when people travel. The vital thing to note is to do your research well on the things to consider before your voyage. After all, cheap travel prices won't be worth the risk if it harms you or any of your loved ones in the aftermath.

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