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Amsterdam: A Sin City or a City of Freedom

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When we hear the the word Amsterdam, most of us would relate it to one of the most famous red light districts in the world. Indeed, the red light district or 'De Wallen' as it is known there, is an integral part of the city and arguably the most popular tourist destination in the city. However, Amsterdam has a lot more to offer than just the red light district and it is the city of dreams and one of the greatest cities of Europe, in terms of opportunities to indulge yourself. It has something for everyone and welcomes every individual with open arms and an open heart. The people of Amsterdam are tolerant and accommodating to the people from across the world and their diverse culture.

Let us explore why it is perceived as a sin city and whether it truly is a sin city.



If you were used to smoke in closed spaces, this place is like a heaven for you and you would be pleasantly surprised by the amount of freedom you will experience here. Amsterdam adopts a liberal policy towards smoking products that are usually banned in other countries. It is not that the city encourages you to indulge in drugs and narcotics but gives you an opportunity to experience the darker side of life.

The place forms the best destinations for the ones who never had the access to such kind of things that were illegal in most other countries across the world.

Rich and free

It is no secret that the city is one of few cities that would not judge its visitors for having an interest in easy-going or sinful thrills. Amsterdam, being a proud and culturally rich city, is a unique combination of the rich culture and easy going attitude of its inhabitants. In the evening, Amsterdam starts sparkling, especially during the spring season.

In order to mingle with the local, you can visit the neighborhood bar and grab a drink. The night clubs, cafes and clubs are full of joy with friendly crowd. The city being the most liberal city in the world has a style of its own and is not afraid to go on its own way. The relaxed atmosphere is enjoyed by its residents.

Continuing Tradition of Art

Leave your digital world and get out there. The freedom of city has certainly encouraged creativity. Museums and the work of art in Amsterdam will leave you breathless. When it comes to the tradition of art, the city enjoys a leading position in the world. Some great names in the world of Art, were born and worked here and the city plays host to numerous museums like Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk Museum and Rijksmuseum. In addition to museums the city boasts of places of historical significance like the 'Anne Frank House'.

The city is also famous for its numerous exhibitions, which attracts large number of visitors to the country and reveal unknown sides of greatest painters. Many great artists still flock to Amsterdam to soak up the inspiring and creative atmosphere of the city.

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The administration of the city goes to great lengths to conserve and protect its artifacts and history and takes pride in the same.

Not really a ‘Sin City’

Sin City is the famous nickname of Amsterdam which perhaps any other city of Europe or the world for that matter would never own up to. Although, the Dutch don’t consider their city as sinful; instead, they find the policies to be realistic and practical.

Things such as drugs, alcohol and prostitution are out there in the open, while the same things are found in every country throughout the world but under a veil . Of course, someone’s freedom is other’s excess. Ignoring such issues would not make any country sophisticated but curbing these things by making them illegitimate or illegal will not help either. It is human tendency to be attracted towards forbidden things.

It is the city that lets you unleash your wild side which is otherwise restrained for the real world everywhere else. In fact the city has embraced everything that is considered sinful and turned it into its strength by making it systematic and organized. The city today boasts of one of the most organized Red Light Districts in the world known as 'De Wallen' and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. You can freely roam through the streets of 'De Wallen' without having to worry about anything. It is safe even for the young and the adolescent and people respect your privacy and would not bother you unless you are interested. Sex which is considered a taboo in most of the cities and countries across the world, is just a way of life in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is not a sin city, but a city of freedom, which is considered sinful by some.


The Amazing Amsterdam

The city is growing quickly with a rich cultural heritage. Dutch people in general, are very practical and tolerant. They have built a city where people can indulge themselves, and yet are respected.

Whether or not you take advantage of the freedom offered by Amsterdam, just remember there’s more to the city than red light district and coffee shops. It is a combination of many great things that give Amsterdam the tag of "Truly a city of freedom" and being unique.


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I would love to visit Amsterdam. Great read.

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