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Amazing Eden Nature Park and Resort, Davao City, Philippines

Thelma is a Filipina Expat living in Germany. She shares her Philippines life and travel experiences about her beautiful home country.

Eden Nature Park and Resort, Davao City, Philippines

Eden Nature Park and Resort, Davao City, Philippines

Eden Nature Park And Resort

Eden Nature Park and Resort is located in Toril Davao City. It´s just a few kilometers from the hectic of the city and at the foot of Mount Talomo.

As what our tourist guide said, "Eden Nature Park is about 3,000 ft. above sea level and it´s around 80 hectares of terraces formed out of the mountain slopes."

Eden Nature Park consists of more than hundred thousands of fully grown pine trees and huge forest trees all over the park. A nestling place for different kinds of birds and butterflies.

My Travel List

Visiting Davao City was one of my "to visit list" in traveling to my home country. I am here for a few months now taking my wintertime away from the cold and freezing weather in my adopted country Germany.

I think visiting Davao City and its popular tourists spots like Eden Nature Park and Resort is my final travel destination before flying back home to Germany. It´s getting warm there and summer is fast approaching so it´s the time for me to prepare myself for another "lifestyle" and adjustments that I have to make living in another culture and tradition other than Philippines.

I´m thankful to my friends who had invited me to go with them in their road trip to Central Mindanao, the south of the Philippines. Davao Crocodile Park was our first step followed by Jacks Ridge restaurants and Eden Nature Park and Resort.

Our Guided Shuttle Tour

Our guided shuttle tour inside Eden Nature Park and Resort was only 45 minutes. The tour started from the entrance of the park where we bought our tickets.

It was a breathtaking tour through the long and rough road inside the forest full of pine trees, mangosteen trees, different kinds of flowers like Zinnia Eleganz, Hibiscus, Mickey Mouse Fruits and other beautiful scented or unscented flowers. There were vegetable and herbal gardens, too. Lettuce and herbs like basil are organically grown in the "Garden of Eden."

Every now and then we stopped and took some photos of the beautiful surroundings. The shuttle tour was a sort of orientation where we could choose places and things of what we could do for our visit. There was an Amphitheater for wedding celebration or for a concert and a Plaza Maria garden especially made for those who are devoted to Virgin Mary. A prayer garden. A St. Michael The Archangel Chapel is there for a wedding venue. There are cottages and lodges for those who would like to stay more than a day to relax at Eden Nature Park and Resort.

Philippines Map

Just Roaming Around

We did not have the time in engaging a lot of activities because our time was limited so we just roamed around and appreciated the beauty of the nature before us, in between our guided shuttle tour. Those are some of the taken photos below.

Enjoy The Day With

  1. Fishing in the Fishing Village
  2. Swimming
  3. Horseback Riding
  4. Sky riding
  5. Zipline
  6. Indiana Jones Adventure Ride
  7. Walking
  8. Hiking or Jogging
  9. Relaxing in the beautiful scenery of the garden
  10. Celebrating a wedding, anniversary or a birthday celebrations.

Things To Bring With You To Eden Nature Park and Resort

SwimmingHiking / JoggingFishing

bathing suit

Jogging pants

money for paying the fish

bathing trunk

good, comfortable shoes

Fishing rod


mineral or just water to drink

Food for the fish


mosquito repellent








Mayumi´s Wishing Well


Facts About Eden Nature Park and Resort

  1. Entrance fee with snack 200 Pesos, Shuttle Tour 120 per persons
  2. Opening Time 8 a.m.--4 p.m.
  3. 95% man made nature park and resort
  4. They have their own restaurants, snack bars and souvenir shop.
  5. They grow their own organic vegetables and fruits.