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Ajegunle the Ghetto Capital of Nigeria

I was born and bred in ajegunle, a wonderful place to experience life.


Ajegunle is a town in the suburbs of lagos, Nigeria. It is one of the most popular towns when the city of lagos is discussed. It is well known for some of the amazing Nigerian celebrities and personalities that have been groomed from its belly. Some of the popular celebrities are Patoranking the musical genius, Austin Jay Jay Okocha the retired captain of the super eagles of Nigeria, Black Face, Danfo Drivers and a host of others.

The town is characterised by old buildings and rusted roof tops and roofing sheets, rough roads and clogged drainage systems. The residents are mostly welcoming and warm hearted but also have a toughness about them. Most of the residents are uneducated or may have had to drop out of school, to be exact 75% of the residents are undereducated and they frequently communicate with pidgin English or Yoruba.

A day spent in Ajegunle is filled with so much energy and the experience is heart warming, as you step out into the streets, you find young boys displaying their football skills and the vigor with which they play is astounding, at another edge of the street you'll find some partying (Owambe) going on especially if it is the end of the week, here you'll find a wonderful array of fabric colours popularly called " Aso Ebi"; the corn roasting girl in front of her compound as most houses are fondly called by it's tenants, the woman who fries akara and ogi (bean cake and maize powdered drink), the list goes on. Day time in this amazing ghetto is awesome but the nightlife is amazing as well.

At night the sound and smoke from generator sets fills the air as most times there are prolonged power outages, there's the man (aboki) who sells suya(grilled meat) at the beginning of the street with hallogen lamps, people roaring from the football viewing center in the street, loud music playing from the beer palours around and thrilled customers dancing with happiness overflowing. The feeling is next to none.


Try out the following foods in Ajegunle

  1. Agege bread (soft bread).
  2. Ewa agonyi (Togolese beans).
  3. Roasted corn.
  4. Suya.
  5. Amala and ewedu
  6. Stewed Kpomo ( cow skin).

Trust me, take out time to try any of these foods if you're ever in ajegunle, you will definitely thank me for it.


Ajegunle is a place to be visited, there is so much to explore in ajegunle, most of which may not have been stated in this article, but it is an experience each person should encounter.


victor on July 22, 2019:

aj for life born and bought up ajegunle to the world

chinyere on July 22, 2019:

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you've done a great job of bringing ajegunle to the world

Martins Ugwu on July 21, 2019:

Though I have never been there before but I have heard so much about the environment. Interestingly to know, people from this kind of environment also make it in life. Never lose hope of making it if you are groomed from there. Cheers!!!!

Enyobi Jesse Chisom on July 20, 2019:

Shout out to those still experiencing all of these events and the newly introduced once.... Ajegunle breds

Here we are

Ibeh J Precious on July 20, 2019:

Kings and Queens grew up from the Ghetto, you did absolutely well Mr Christ I still have every memories we sheared growing up. And my advice to every Ghetto youth out there never let your background put you on the ground.

Chris japhet (author) from Nigeria on July 20, 2019:

Thank you, I was born there so i experienced all these events first hand

Liz Westwood from UK on July 20, 2019:

You give an interesting introduction to Ajegunle.

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