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Adventure Travel Tours in South Africa: A Day on the Scootour

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Jonas Aryee worked in Liberia for a year consulting on the country's portions of the Lagos-Dakar Ecowas highway.


An adventure travel vacation is a great way to explore your world. Join a group of fun people who share your interests as we go on a day Scootour in Hartbeespoort- A downhill scooter ride overlooking the Magaliesberg. Enjoy a little taste of South Africa.

The journey

After consuming a hearty breakfast, we set off as a family from the Pretoria area for our tour slated for 9.00 am. we departed for the trailhead. The journey itself is pleasant, presenting amazing scenic views. We meet up with the tour guides and a couple on the same schedule. The meeting point was a sort of camping site at the base of the hills.

The guide handed safety gears to each of us. Then we drove up the hill safari-style to the hilltops of the private 700ha farm. The drive offers breathing views of the hill and a view of the Cradle of Humankind in the distance. Also in proximity is the site for hot air balloon rides close to the Hartbeespoort dam. If you are lucky, you might spot an animal as we did.

Gorgeous Hills and fresh air

We disembark at the peak of the hill even better views of the surrounding hills. The tour guide gave us the safety brief, and the tour guide made a demonstration for us. After that, we tried our hands on the scooters for a short distance.

Looking down the hill with a non-motorised scooter looked daunting. The only control you have is your brakes which you must use skillfully. Otherwise, you only need the skill of a bicycle rider to enjoy scootours. I had my daughter of five on my scooter in between my thighs. Scooters allow kids between the age of 4 to 9 to ride with an adult as scooter passengers.

The tour consists of two tracks that differ in the ride experience and scenery. Breathing in the fresh hill air, we set out on our trail. We began our descent on the MonsterRoller scooters by gravity. Carpets of rough grass, rocks, and gravel present a challenge as we speed downhill. It feels like standing on those vibrating machines used in gyms and health shops. We make intermittent stops to get course briefings from the tour guide and get some photo moments. I think to myself, hiking here will be so refreshing.

A meandering path leads us through an old shale mine filled with water. When approaching the mine, my wife, who was in the lead, stumbles upon warthogs who had come to drink water, and they immediately run off into the surrounding bushes. It was a perfect place to end the first trail. We make a brief to catch our breath and admire the surroundings. We took some drinks and got acquainted with each other. My daughter and I tried to skid stones on the water surface, which was also fun.

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The Technical trail

After the break, the tour guide asked if we wanted to attempt the second trail. Why not! That was the big answer. Our scooters were placed on the safari car, and we drove to a much higher peak. We the scenery and had some photo moments. Then we began our descent. The trail was much more challenging than the first, with sharp curves, more rocks and gravel and steeper. The thrill was exhilarating.

I could feel the pain in my thighs from the rough ride. My daughter was having the time of her life, screaming in excitement. Trail two is a much faster trail due to the hill's steepness, but that gives the thrill.

The last stretch of this trail is a broader way where you can speed and overtake and take a moment in.

Lunching at the Selfie House

Although we planned to see other places in Hartbeespoort, the scooters took a toll on us, so we settled for lunch at the newly opened Selfie House a couple of kilometres down the road. It is a house with different props in various rooms where you can take lovely Instagram or TikTok photos or videos. Although we were there just for the food, our gracious host gave us a tour of the rooms, which we found pretty interesting.

As we settle ourselves on an innovative bench, a tantalizing smell of frying onions, sausages, French fries etc., greets us. We settled for crisp French fries and burgers.

We wash down our delicious lunch with ginger ale and set off for home.

Stunning Views

There is so much to do yet little time. We had a repeat of the stunning views of sloping hillsides and the valleys on our back home, constantly reminding us of our promise to return.

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