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A World Travel Guide to Algeria – Where to Go and What to See

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A Traveler's Experience in Algiers, Algeria


A Traveler's Experience in Algiers, Algeria

Algeria, in north Africa, has one of the longest coastlines on the continent and some of the best beaches as well. It also offers diverse landscapes, from the icy Atlas Mountains to the Saharan desert. This guide includes detailed instructions on how to get to Algeria by plane, train or bus, and what you can expect when you arrive at your chosen destination with tips on the best places to stay and the things you shouldn’t miss out on seeing in Algeria.

Arrival in Alger

As I stepped off the plane, I was enveloped in a thick, humid heat that I could barely breathe through. The air was stagnant and still, not a hint of a breeze to provide relief. I was already sweating through my clothes and it was only 7am. I gathered my things and made my way through customs, where I was met with curious stares and questions about why I was visiting Algeria. I explained that I was there for tourism, and the customs officer let me through with a smile.

Where to stay

Algiers is a large and popular city, so there are plenty of hotels to choose from. I would recommend the Hilton Algiers, which is centrally located and offers stunning views of the cityscape. The hotel staff are also very friendly and helpful, so you'll be in good hands during your stay. Other good options include the Sofitel Alger Hammond Hotel and the Sheraton Club des Pins Resort.

If you're on a tight budget, there are many affordable options available. Try Airbnb for private apartments and rooms. If hostels are more your style, they're easily found near Bab Ezzouar metro station and Abdelkader Gherbi bus station. Avoid staying right near these places though as they're quite noisy at night! Another alternative is to stay with locals through Couch surfing or Air Bed & Breakfast (AB&B). These two sites let you book anywhere from dorm rooms to entire houses for an affordable price. There are also plenty of cheap hotels located outside of city center that can save you money if you don't mind taking public transportation into town every day.

What I paid for food, transportation and accommodation

Algeria is a beautiful country with a rich culture and history. I was able to experience this first-hand when I traveled there last year. The food was amazing, the people were friendly and the scenery was breathtaking. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new place to travel. Here's a breakdown of what I paid for food, transportation and accommodation while I was there

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The average cost of food was reasonable and there were many options to choose from. I ate out quite a bit when I first arrived because I hadn't made it to my accommodation yet and wanted to explore. A meal for one person with a drink could cost about $5 US dollars. Food options weren't as limited as what you'd find in Western countries, but there are also a lot of fast food restaurants that offer sandwiches or pizza if you're looking for something cheap and quick. There is also very good seafood served along beaches at all price ranges.

I paid an average of $10/night for accommodation while I was there which included breakfast most times.

Doing Things around the Home

One of the best things about Algeria is that there's always something to do. Whether you're visiting the capital, Algiers, or exploring one of the many other cities, there's plenty to keep you busy. Here are a few of the things I did during my trip

From visiting sites of historical importance, to strolling along white sandy beaches, there's always something going on in Algeria. But my favorite thing was exploring food markets and trying out lots of new Algerian cuisine.

In Algiers, I visited Marché des Douze Apôtres which is one of my top picks for food lovers. It’s a huge market which sells fresh seafood and a whole host of other foods you won’t find anywhere else in Algiers (or even in neighboring countries). I particularly loved getting sample dishes from vendors so I could try everything that looked delicious without having to buy large portions. One dish I tried - makdous – was actually made for me by an old vendor who told me it was his secret recipe!

I also went for walks along beachside parks in every city I visited. My favorite was Palais de la Bahia which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As well as offering a stunning view of Algiers from its rocky cliffs, it’s located on one of Algiers’ best beaches which is ideal for relaxing and soaking up some sunshine! For more information on what you can do when you visit Algeria, take a look at my experience traveling to other countries.

Top tourist attractions

Algiers is the capital of Algeria and its largest city. The city is located on the Mediterranean Sea and is full of history and culture. Some of the top tourist attractions in Algiers include the Grand Mosque, the Palace of Justice, and the National Museum of Algerian History. Visitors can also enjoy the city's many parks and gardens, as well as its beautiful architecture.

Algerian economy

The Algerian economy is led by energy and natural resources. Oil, natural gas, minerals, livestock, agriculture (particularly rice), and tourism make up the majority of economic activity. Other key industries include aerospace manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, textiles, construction materials, shipbuilding power generation. The country has a very high-income economy with an estimated growth rate of 5% for 2015–16. According to Goldman Sachs, Algeria has one of highest growth trajectories in Africa over 2014–2021 periods with a 12% forecast increase in GDP per capita.

Final Thoughts

Algiers is a city full of life and culture. I was surprised by how many people were out and about, despite the heat. The architecture is beautiful and there's a lot to see and do. I felt safe walking around during the day, but it would be wise to take caution at night. Overall, I had a great time exploring Algiers and would recommend it to anyone looking for an adventure.

The people of Algiers are extremely friendly and will go out of their way to help you if they can. If you need directions or recommendations for a place to eat or visit, just ask. Most locals I talked to were very excited about talking with me and my friends who are also traveling through Africa. When conversing with local people, try your best to speak French as it is taught from a young age here and everyone is comfortable speaking it. They'll appreciate you making an effort and very understand if you're not a native speaker or have trouble pronouncing something.

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