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One of the finest vacation and snorkeling spots in COSTA RICA- Isla Tortuga.

It is Isla Tortuga just as it sounds. There is a distinct turtle community on this island in Costa Rica. This tranquil, unpolluted setting is known as


Numerous little islands, including Isla Tortuga in Costa Rica, are located along the Nicoya Peninsula and are just waiting to be discovered. Some are designated as National Parks, while others are used for adventure sports or the study of Costa Rican history. Each island in Costa Rica is encircled by the stunningly blue waters. Continue reading as we explore some of the most fascinating islands near Montezuma.

Located in the Gulf of Nicoya, Tortuga Island is actually made up of two islands that together barely cover around one square mile of land. Isla La Tortuga is one of Costa Rica's most well-liked tourist sites despite its modest size, and it makes for a fantastic day excursion.

A similar-sized group traveled with a different excursion company further down the island, but we went with Calypso Cruises in a group of about forty.

Fun is king on Tortuga Island! The excursion from Montezuma includes a thrilling 45-minute boat trip to the island, a snorkeling break at a nearby coral, and lunch on the island when you get there. On Tortuga Island, visitors can unwind in sun chairs, go jet skiing, banana boating, stand-up paddle-boarding, or snorkeling.


There are 12 people who live on the island in total. They are native Costa Ricans who make their entire living by renting out beach equipment to the throngs of tourists, including jet skis, snorkeling gear, and beach chairs. Consequently, you may anticipate paying a nice premium for everything. For $15 for 15 minutes, they even have wifi. These islanders undoubtedly earn more money than the typical Costa Rican, but conditions there are not always as ideal as they appear. It is 9 guys and just 3 girls, thus "we need more girls," as one island tico told me. encourage more girls to visit."


Scuba diving, canopy tours, and trekking are just a few of the tour options available to visitors, but many prefer to unwind on the beach and take in the peace.

It will take around an hour to get to the sandy shores of Isla Tortuga by boat, which is the only way to get there.

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TOUR ISLA TORTUGA : A Day in Paradise

Isla Tortuga is a picture-perfect island paradise with white sand beaches and lush green vegetation. Palm trees that sway and azure waters surround it.

Visitor sightings of dolphins, humpback whales, turtles, and seabirds are frequent throughout the thrilling boat cruises. The sedimentary rocks that form the coastline between Curu and Islas Tortuga are adorned with trees and other plants.

There are many beautiful islands to visit in Costa Rica. Tortuga Island, which sits southeast of the Nicoya Peninsula, is a particular feature. It would take an hour-long boat ride to get to the island.


Speedboats or catamaran yachts are used for the numerous day trips available to the island. Isla Tortuga was the destination of one of my favorite day trips while visiting Costa Rica, so I wanted to show you how stunning the island is!

I've created this Isla Tortuga tour guide to assist you in organizing your vacation to Tortuga, and it includes information on how to get there, what to anticipate, costs, and more. Let's begin immediately, then!

Tortuga Island access

Daily boat and catamaran departures from Isla Tortuga, Costa Rica, are famed for their day outings. Mainland cities Jaco, Puntarenas, and Montezuma all offer day trips.




Your departure location will determine the length of your boat ride to the island. The busiest time of year to visit Tortuga Island is from late December through January, when it attracts the most visitors.

Isla Tortuga tour options

We decided to go on an all-inclusive, one-day activity excursion out of Montezuma. A wonderful day spent in unrivaled Luxury and joy!

It will cost about $50 USD to get to the island from Montezuma and roughly $70 USD to get there from Santa Teresa. Remember that this also includes the 45-minute minibus transfer.

We were treated to breath-taking panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean both on the way there and on the way back. We even witnessed a humpback whale jumping and playing in the water while on the boat!

We weren't really convinced when they said we might be able to see whales because we assumed that's what they tell all tourists, so when we actually did, we were astonished and delighted.

Is travel insurance required for Costa Rica?

I usually advise buying travel insurance because of my own personal experience, which involved spending two nights in a private hospital in Tenerife and having to pay for it out of pocket (it wasn't cheap).

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Even if you don't need it, you can travel worry-free for a little charge. Personally, I advise using Heymondo to purchase your trip insurance.

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Options for day trips to Isla Tortuga

Tours to Tortuga Island provide the ideal setting for a day vacation. Santa Teresa, Montezuma, and Jaco on Costa Rica's mainland are the usual departure points for cruises.

We simply reserved ours once we got to Santa Teresa because there are numerous organizations that offer the tours every day. You can also reserve it online if you'd rather have everything organized before you go.

Below are some excellent day trips to Isla Tortuga that provide the full experience we enjoyed and can be reserved online in advance.

Tour of Isla Tortuga Snorkeling

With a limit of 7, this tour is ideal for families or social groups who want a semi-private experience.

This tour will allow you to take in the stunning Costa Rican coastline, followed by a snorkeling stop at Rainbow Rock and a peaceful beach stop at Isla Tortuga. I think it was a wonderful day!

Isla Catamaran TOUR OF TORTUGA

island from JACO

On this Catamaran cruise from Jaco, discover the ultimate island adventure for yourself. Enjoy the Gulf Islands' natural beauty as you travel. Take part in a 5-hour tour to Tortuga Island and a fun and exhilarating banana boat ride.This is how you should spend a day in paradise.


Isla Tortuga tourist attractions

Actually, Tortuga Island consists of two islands. Tolinga and the island of Alcatraz It is known as Isla Tortuga, or Turtle Area, after the local fauna inhabitants of the island.

You'll be greeted at the Isla Tortugas beaches by umbrellas and lounge chairs that are available for rent.Visitors can easily complete their goals within a day, whether they opt to spend the day lounging in the sun, hiking one of the woodland routes, or doing both.

Beautiful beach days are available on Tortuga Island, where guests can swim and snorkel to their hearts' content. Jet skis and banana boat excursions are some of the other well-liked tourist attractions on the island.

Adventurers and hikers could appreciate ascending one of the many beautiful mountain trails and taking in the panoramic views along the way.

Just be mindful to confirm with someone where you can hike since there are barriers separating private property from areas where visitors can camp.

There is a lot of wildlife on the island, which is ringed by a volcanic reef. Spinner dolphins, moray eels (which are generally shy), and various shipwrecks can all be spotted while snorkeling or scuba diving in these waters.

Our visit to Isla Tortuga

We participated in a three-stop Isla Tortuga Snorkeling Tour that included two snorkeling stops in the cliffs surrounding Isla Tortuga and one stop for lunch and beach relaxation , ziplining thru the Rainforest, Horseback Riding in the Jungles of Tortuga Island.

The best places for snorkeling in the seas' outstanding tropical charms were demonstrated to us. We had the good fortune to see some manta rays as well!

Our tour took us to a white sand beach where refreshments and fruit were provided before a delicious lunch. This came after an amazing snorkeling experience. The afternoon was ours to spend and explore after

We ate fried Red Fish and Stakes as some Monkeys crawled around our set up.. Even the Raccoons would walk up and get fed right out your hands. The birds very colorful and the sounds of the wildlife and ocean waves we're music to my ears. Relaxation at its finest.. There is a scuba diving club you may join to delve a little deeper into the tropical waters if you love scuba diving.

WHERE TO STAY- prior to your tour to Tortuga Island

Remember that Isla Tortuga, Costa Rica, can only be reached by day tours and does not provide lodging. Before our tour of the paradise islands, I've provided a list of some of the hotels we stayed at on Costa Rica's mainland.

Sollevante Casitas Montezuma is the best location to stay in Montezuma.

Consider lodging in Montezuma if you want to limit your time on the mainland of Costa Rica and would rather be near where the boats leave for Isla Tortuga.

Sollevante Casitas is a terrific spot to stay in this little yet adorable town. Do I really need to mention that they have an oceanfront infinity pool?

The Lost Boyz Hostel is Santa Teresa's top cheap hotel.

I adored LOST BOYZ to the hilt. It's one of the hostels I've stayed at that I like best. Although it isn't very upscale, it exudes a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

It's in a terrific location downtown Santa Teresa, has lockers for valuables, and both the dorms and common rooms are spotless.

The best mid-range lodging in Santa Teresa is provided by Lucero Surf Retreats.

Our friends who preferred hotels were staying at Lucero Surf Retreats, and they were really happy there. If you don't feel like swimming in the ocean, there is a pool where you can relax. The rooms are clean and spacious.

FINNAL THOUGHTS on taking a day trip to Isla Tortuga

Isla Tortuga appears to be a stunning island paradise retreat based on what I saw and experienced during my amazing journey. It has gorgeous beaches and clear ocean seas, perfect for a day spent splashing around in the water.You will have a wonderful time traveling there by boat alone as you sail across the Gulf of Nicoya and discover its charms. The day is yours once you land on a beautiful, unspoiled island.

Discover the biodiversity of the island, unwind on the stunning beach, and soak up the sun to make your leisurely day one to remember!

Most mind soothing coastal/ RainForest Jungle of Paradise. I Was Amazed by our vacation turnout.. I RATE IT- 5 STARS

Would definitely plan another family vacation in South America..

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