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A Trip To A New Casino

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We had been seeing ads for Saganning Eagles Landing Casino here in Michigan that made it look appealing. Decided that our first trip since March of 2020 would be to Standish, Michigan, where the casino was located to find out what this new kid on the block was like.

Designed a trip that was about an hour and a little more driving time. The casino is just south of Standish, MI, and only a few miles from I75 or US23. Our route didn't use those major highways.. We left home about 11 and got there about 12:30 so I calculated correctly. There are perhaps faster and more direct routes than ours but we wanted the scenic route.

First we discovered that it wasn't really new. The casino opened in 2007 in a log front building with 700 slots and a sandwich shop.

Original Saganning Eagles Landing Casino

Original Saganning Eagles Landing Casino

As time passed it was successful. In 2017 the decision was made to expand the facility with more casino space, a hotel, and restaurant facilities.

Saganning Eagles Landing Casino Today

Saganning Eagles Landing Casino Today

Construction on the hotel/casino addition was started that year. It opened in the fall of 2019. The hotel tower houses an indoor swimming pool as well as 148 guest rooms including 8 suites. Rates start at $139 and more info is available at the hotel website. An indoor walkway leads from the hotel lobby to the casino where on the left is The Landing. It is a full service restaurant that is open during limited hours. Those hours and a menu are available at the restaurant's website.

The casino spreads out at that point and now contains 1200 slot machines over 34,000 square feet.

1200 Slot Machines

View of Slots at Saganning Eagles Landing Casino

View of Slots at Saganning Eagles Landing Casino

A multitude of slot machines are in view from the restaurant. Many new varieties are present. Almost hidden and sandwiched in with some of the slots is a bank of 5 video poker machines that are multiple play (3, 5, and 10) and contain the newer versions of video poker such as Ultiimate X.

Beyond the restaurant along the north wall is a bar where they have bar top video poker. The games are 3, 5, and 10 play and limits begin at 2 cents.

Drinks are not complimentary.

Further to the east in the casino are three banks of video poker machines that contain twelve machines in each bank. These thirty six machines are single play machines. They contain several games such as Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, and Deuces Wild. The payoff on Jacks Or Better is 9/6 so they aren't bad odds.. Betting is at a minimum of 5 cents.

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Electronic Tables

Electronic Blackjack at Saganning Eagles Casino

Electronic Blackjack at Saganning Eagles Casino

Just past those games are the only table games in the casino and they are electronic. There is an 8 seat blackjack machine that has a lower limit of $2 and a 6 seat craps machine where betting begins at $1.

To the south of this area is the Aerie Cafe that features lighter foods than The Landing. Although we didn't see any indicators, I assume that it was the original snack back. There is an online menu available.

Our Experience

We wandered around, sampling machines. Found several drink stations where coffee and soft drinks were complimentary and were available self serve.

While on the way home we discussed how clean and fresh everything was. It's "parent" casino - Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant is larger and has more machines and has dealer manned table games but it always seems pungent with smoke. I found out later on line that the new casino is a non smoking facility. That in itself almost makes it worth the drive.

It is a definite plus and we'll make the trip again.


Don Rust (author) from Shepherd, Michigan on July 29, 2021:

Appreciate the comment.

We enjoyed ourselves.


Niks from India on July 29, 2021:

Thank you, Don. Nicely described. I would like to give a visit to this casino sometime. Beautiful pictures. Keep writing!

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