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A Night Stay at Villa Excellance Beach & Wave Pool Resort

Summer 2018

Cavite has lots of resorts to choose from. You don't have to travel far to find a pool or a beach resort to beat the heat. One of the choices was the recently renovated beach resort Villa Excellance.

Villa Excellance is situated in Sitio Postema, Brgy. Sahud Ulan Tanza, Cavite. If you will visit their site, what you will see is what you'll get.

Entrance Fee

Beach Only:
Day (8am - 5pm) 75.00 pesos
Night (6pm - 7pm) 80.00 pesos

WavePool and Beach Package:
Day (8am - 5pm) 250.00 pesos
Night (6pm - 7pm) 290.00 pesos

You can pay for Beach Only entrance but they don't have a Pool Only entrance. You might see "Packages" on their room rates but those does not include entrance fees. It's either you get the Day or Night only stay or avail of their package for the "Night and Day" or "Day and Night" stay and then you'll pay the entrance fee. Staffs will accommodate your inquiries accordingly.

Note that kids 4 feet below are not Free but entitled to have a discounted rate. We were with 2 kids (2 and 5 years old) on this trip, each of them paid 230 instead of 290 for a night stay at the resort.


When we got there, all rooms are fully booked due to the high volume of day guests. Good thing, someone will check out at 5:00 PM that day so I got to reserve the Cottage Air-con Room. The room's night accommodation (Check in: 6:00 PM and Check out: 7:00 AM) costs 2,500 pesos but their site shows 2,000 pesos. Price change probably caused by the season. It's summer time and other resorts around Villa Excellance are fully booked too!

Photo from Villa Excellance Beach Resort's Official FB page

Photo from Villa Excellance Beach Resort's Official FB page

I'm not sure with their other rooms but here are the few things I found out about their Cottage Air-con Room:

  • It does not come with a bedding.You'll see on my video that we had 2 pillows and that's it.
  • The pillows are not soft and my neck hurts when I slept on it.
  • The room has its own toilet with sink and shower.
  • The available electric socket was located way too high from the ground, so if you will charge your gadgets, move the table close to it.
  • The rooms are located on their beach area however, I didn't mind the walk going back to the pool entrance. The guard on the pool entrance and exit gate will mark your left hand when leaving the pool area so they could allow you to go back in.
  • Extra bed rental is available for 200 pesos but it will come with one pillow only and no bedding of course.
  • The room rate does not include the entrance fee.
  • Better if you have an electric kettle to bring in because walking back to their convenience store is very tiring just to ask for a hot water. By the way, their hot water costs 5.00 pesos per cup.
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The resort staffs are okay but they kept checking our receipts for some reason so be sure to take good care for those receipts for any verification purposes.

We paid for the "Night" entrance fee which starts at 2:30 PM up until 7:00 am. However, our check-in time for the Cottage Air-con room is at 6:00 PM so they let us occupy an umbrella cottage within the pool area for free. They initially offered for us to occupy a Nipa hut in front of our rented room so transferring of our stuffs won't be difficult. I appreciate it a lot but I preferred to have a table within the pool area so I insisted to have a table there instead.

I like the fact that their lifeguards are active and always on the look out. They also have 24/7 convenience store where you can buy ice, drinks, foods, etc.


They have different pools in this resort:

  • Kiddie Pool
  • Infinity Pool
  • Giant Slide Pool
  • Wave Pool

Kiddie Pool


Infinity Pool


Giant Slide Pool


Wave Pool


The Beach

Their beach does not have the cleanest water nor prettiest sand. I think it is okay to swim there but I prefer not to. The good thing is that they are offering water activities such as:
Banana Boat Rental - 10 mins. 150.00/head
Kayak Rental - 100/head (Double) and 200/head (Single)
Jetski Rental - 2,250 for 30 mins. and 4,500 for 1 hour
Boat Rental - 500 for 10 people (30 mins)
FlyFish Rental - 350/head (minimum of 3 people) or 1400 for 4 people 10 mins.
Trilogy Rental - 1,050 (3 people) for 10 mins

We really enjoyed the wave pool and our stay there. This may not be the best resort around but I liked how they tried their best to provide accommodations for those who wants to stay in the resort.

I'd say you can have Villa Excellance in your list to go to for your over night swimming just be ready with things you may need. Don't forget to watch the video above so you could have a good look of the resort. Thanks!

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