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Stay at a Private Villa With a Beach and the Backwaters

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Anna enjoys traveling with her husband and son. The family does international/local trips and carry with them loads of cherished memories.

Iraa Beach House is a private property with two attached villas located in Mangalore and is an eight-hour drive from the city of Bangalore. The front portion of the beach house is a hop away from the beach and its backyard adjoins the backwaters.

How to reach Iraa Beach House

Iraa Beach House is located along the Padubidri Beach in Mangalore at the Udupi district of Karnataka. It is an approximately eight-hour drive from the city of Bangalore via NH66. Alternatively, there are trains/flights available up to Mangalore city. From the city, one can hail a taxi for reaching the property.

About Iraa

Iraa is a two-cottage beachfront bungalow with the backwaters gracing its backyard. This property is owned and run by Mr. Naren and his partner, with the help of his two caretakers, Ramesh and Kushala. Ramesh takes care of the maintenance of the property, while Kushala manages the cooking.

The main bungalow comprises of a dining hall, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. The secondary attached bungalow, which is a recent addition, has a bedroom and bathroom. Both the bungalows have balconies along the length of the two buildings, in addition to a patio. The thoughtful addition of a hammock in the front yard ensures moments of lounging in the sun with a book in hand.

The patio, with concrete seating along its perimeter, offers majestic views of the sea horizon. Ideal for dining and relaxing, this area is a well-designed accessory to the property.

Mr. Naren is a great host and is always just a call away. Though he may not be physically present, he constantly checks on the guests to make sure the stay is comfortable and offers some great tips in exploring other scenic locations in and around the property.

The two-cottage bungalow.

The two-cottage bungalow.

The sprawling beach.

The sprawling beach.

The backwaters.

The backwaters.

The patio.

The patio.

The beach

The Padubidri Beach is one among the 10 beaches in India which have received the Blue Flag Certification. As the name suggests, this is an eco-label certification that is awarded to environment-friendly and clean beaches with hygienic facilities. The green waters and the vast stretch of blue horizon is a soothing sight for guests coming in from the Mangalore highway.

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The area of the beach accessible from Iraa is secluded most times of the day, and thereby ensures privacy for its occupants. The guests also have the luxury of purchasing the "catch of the day" directly from the fishermen in the early hours of the morning. Be rest assured that Kushala will turn it into a lip-smacking, drool-worthy dish.

The sunset is the most beautiful view to be relished from the beach, with the sun taking its time to bid farewell for the day and the sky turning into a flaming orange hue. If not for anything else, this place should be visited for the sunset view.

The sunset.

The sunset.

The backwaters

The shallow backwaters of Iraa offer its residents an opportunity for kayaking. shallow waters along the back side of the property is an icing on the cake for any traveler. Mr. Ramesh offers kayaking to the occupants and it is a MUST DO activity. The 4-feet depth of water makes it a comfortable activity even for those who are afraid of the waters.

One can catch sight of some beautiful birds and varieties of fish, including the jellyfish, during a kayak ride. Do not be wary of the jellyfish. They are just happy to glide along with the kayak and have no thoughts of stinging anyone, provided they are not disturbed in any way.

The kayaking through the shallow waters.

The kayaking through the shallow waters.

The food

Kushala’s local cuisine is an explosion of flavours. The kori rotti, chicken sukka, chicken ghee roast, pomfret fry, neer dosa etc. are all must-try items. Even her humble upma and sweet poha served for breakfast end up being a feast. The local restaurant, Pallavi, also chips in with their special sea food dishes.

The city of Mangalore has some long-standing and well-reputed joints which are worth checking out during the stay at Iraa. These include Machli, a seafood restaurant, and Pabba's Ice Cream Parlour, and take almost an hour to reach through the highway.

The USP of this area is their accessibility to fresh fish. It is a delight to see the natives treat the fish with so much love and respect, which is instantly felt in the dishes that they rake out.

A perfect weekend getaway

Iraa Beach House is a perfect getaway for a long weekend. The calm and serene waters are perfect antidote to the stressful urban lives. A drive back to the city after a couple of days' stay in this property will be surely filled with many memorable and cherished moments.

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