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A Day in the Life of a Travel Vlogger

Sarah has been vlogging on Youtube for almost 1 year. She has been to many countries and places.

traveling to San Diego, California

traveling to San Diego, California

I've always thought about making a vlog but never thought I'd have enough content to post about. Therefore, it took me many years to finally start one. When I was living in San Francisco, I felt like my life was pretty ordinary. I woke up, went to school, came home, did homework, ate dinner then went to bed. This was pretty much every day of my life. On the weekends, I had lunch with my friends and sometimes we went to the mall or saw a movie. I didn't feel like there was much there to talk about. I know what you're all thinking. San Francisco?? There are so many things to see! How do you not have anything to post about??

Well, the truth is when you're born and raised there and have lived there your entire life, everything tourists think is amazing, you find just normal and unexciting. Sure there were some nice places that I enjoyed like Golden Gate Park, Fishermans Wharf and I knew a lot of neat family-owned bakeries and restaurants but I didn't think anyone cared to watch me on Youtube talking about this every week.

My parents did take me on vacation to a city 2 hours north of San Francisco called Sacramento a couple of times a year for a weekend and we did go on a week-long vacation to Los Angeles every summer. However, this would only make me like 10 videos maybe for an entire year? I really didn't think anyone would want to listen to me talk on Youtube about what I thought was a pretty boring life I had.

Also, I didn't have a clue before about how to post videos on Youtube. In 2012, I had a thought to make a Youtube channel and post some videos for fun. However, I couldn't figure out how to post videos so I just gave up. It wasn't until May 2021 that I finally decided to make my own Youtube channel and make weekly posts, thus becoming a vlogger.


Of course one of the most important parts of being a travel vlogger is doing the actual filming. When I travel places, I'm often holding my camera filming what's around me and what I think people would find interesting and exciting. I'm sure those of you that have never tried to film before, have seen people walking around just carrying a camera recording everything and this probably made you feel pretty annoyed right? Yes that's me now. I am that person walking around a huge crowd of people trying to record everything. I found that is very difficult to actually film in crowded places without getting in people's way or having a lot of random people in my videos.

Having a mask on made filming quite difficult actually because besides just filming silently, I like to talk during my videos while showing what's around me. With a mask on, it decreased the volume of my voice a lot so even though I could hear myself talking while recording, when I replayed the clips, my voice sounded super quiet. This resulted in taking much longer to edit the clips later on because I had to redo the parts where I talked during the clip to ensure my voice was being heard during the clip.

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I'm sure most of you see travel vloggers on Youtube holding fancy cameras like GoPros and other expensive cameras. However, I unfortunately don't have a big budget to spend on fancy cameras like that so I can't buy anything that nice. I actually record all my clips that I use in my travel vlog on my iPhone. The camera thankfully is pretty nice.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay


Of course, another big part of being a travel vlogger is actually finding new places to go and new activities to try. Thankfully I live in Florida so there are always new things to see and stuff going on. Also, I do invest quite a bit of money into traveling to other places outside of Florida so I have a lot of content to post. In the past 6 months, I have traveled to New York, Boston, many places in California, Las Vegas, Europe, Mexico, the Bahamas and I have been on 5 cruises.

Like I said before, it can be pretty hard to create new content if I don't go a lot of places so instead of investing money on a GoPro, I invest a lot of money in traveling places. Being a vlogger while traveling, can be pretty difficult though because I have the thought of I have to film this in the back of my mind, I don't get to enjoy the scenery or if I'm recording a show, I don't get to enjoy the show as much as other people not worrying about filming it.

Technology Trouble

Since I film everything on my iPhone, it drains my battery pretty fast so I always have to carry a charging cord and a mobile charger with me to keep my phone charged. This can be pretty annoying because I still need my phone for other things like sending text messages, making phone calls, and looking at the GPS. Also, I always have to worry about my phone breaking down because not only is it my only phone, this is what holds all my video clips!


The part that everyone often overlooks about being a travel vlogger is the editing! The videos you see already posted to Youtube are vloggers' finished products and most vloggers take a long time to edit their video clips. It takes time to put all the video clips together, edit each clip so as to take out unnecessary things, and add music to make it a finished product. I actually don't take as long as other vloggers to edit my videos but most of my videos take me about one or two hours to edit. There's also the issue of having a fast and reliable internet to upload these videos to Youtube. Without a quick and stable internet, it can take many hours to upload to Youtube so you need to always have good internet.

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