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9 Destinations You Must Visit While in Marrakech


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Marrakech, the red city, is worldwide known due to its ancient cultural patrimony,

Folklore and a great buried history.

Here are 9 destinations and tourist sites you should not miss while being in

Marrakech city.

1.Jemaa El-Fna Square: Is the public center of the city, its perpetual core in


It is a vast square containing merchants of different category products, traditional

food makers, storytellers, snake charmers, singers, Henna design artists, monkey

tamers, hairdressers from the west and central Africa, and more.

It is the place of noise, crowd, and motion. Jemaa El-Fna is a unique harmony seen

from the restaurants’ panoramic terraces.


2.Al Koutoubia Mosque: Is the most famous mosque in the world and the largest

in Marrakech. It is near Jemaa El-Fna Square and surrounded by palms and trees.

It was built in 1447 by Almohad caliph Abd Al-Mumin with a 77m tall Minaret, which is a

tower from which the call for prayer is heard. The name of Al Koutoubia is derived

from the Arabic word “Al koutoubiyyin", which means booksellers.


3.Al Bahia Palace: Is a famous historical site in Medina, Marrakech. The palace

was built between 1894 and 1900 first by Si Moussa, grand vizier of Alaouite Sultan

Mohammad Ibn Abd Arrahman, and then was continued by his son Abou Ahmad Ibn


The castle’s interior decoration is made with Zellig and marble. It contains 150

rooms and a large Riyad with citrus trees and beautiful water sprinklers.


4.El Badii Palace: Is one of the most famous castles that denote the greatness of

the Moroccan civilization. It is located in Ksibat Nhass, Marrakech. Its name means

splendid or wonderful.

The palace was built by Saadian Sultan (ruler) Ahmad Al Mansour Addahbi after

taking power, celebrating his victory over the Portuguese in the Wadi Al-Makhazin

battle in 1578.

Al Badii construction lasted for about 16 years and was done by the most talented

workers and clever architects and engineers.


5.Saadian Graves: a historical sanctuary that contains about 60 tombs of

the Saadian dynasty rulers and their families. It was built by Saadian Sultan Abdullah

Al-Ghalib in 1557. Later on, the sanctuary was expanded by Sultan Ahmad Al-



6.Menara Gardens: Is a wide public garden famous for its central pool

and pavilion. It was established by Almohad caliph Abd Al-Mumin around

1157. Menara has been considered the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985.


7.Majorelle Gardens: Marvelous botanical gardens made by the french painter Jack

Majorelle in 1924.

The gardens contain so many rare plants and high palms, also several kinds of

cactus plants. Majorelle’s inner buildings are glazed with a beautiful bright blue, and

they consist of Jack Majorelle’s house, Yves Saint Laurent gallery, and Berber



8.Marrakech tanneries: Despite the dreadful smell, tourists never stop visiting

tanneries in Marrakech. Tanning is an essential process in turning animal skin into a

useful leather product.

It preserves the skin from rotting and gives it flexibility and durability.

Tanneries are the right places to learn about tanning and enjoy the colorful shades

applied on animal skins.


9.Medina Souks: The word Souk refers to shop and Medina means the old city,

which means old city shops.

There you will find stunning old-fashioned big houses called Riyads turned into

cafés, guest houses, or spa centers. Moreover, there are narrow alleys in which you

will discover traditional handicraft shops, scents’ shops, spices shops, and more.

Marrakech is such a charming city.


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