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8 Facts Why You Should Visit Morocco


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Morocco is a beautiful country located in the far west of North Africa. It is a tourist

country at the first-rate.

In Morocco, you enjoy a wide range of historical, geographical, and

cultural variations.

Morocco looks out over two seafronts. The Mediterranean sea to the North and the

Atlantic Ocean to the West.

Morocco is well known for sets of mesmerizing mountains and touristic areas. Also,

there is a wide range of famous historical monuments and places to be visited.

Culturally, you will get to know Moroccan cuisine, street food, clothes, daily lifestyle,

and habits.

It is an opportunity to discover this wonderful country and chill out.

8 facts about Morocco

1. Moroccan cuisine is one of the best cuisines in the world. It is mouth-watering and

contains a lot of ingredients and flavors. Moroccan cuisine usually mixes

sweet and savory in one dish, for example, meat and dry plums Tagine.


The most famous Moroccan dishes are Couscous, Tangia, Harira, Tagine, and Rfissa.

2. Toubkal mountain is the highest peak in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains and North

Africa, with 4167 meters. It is located 62 km far from Marrakech city.

3. Al Qarawiyyin university is the oldest in the world.

The university is located in the city of Fez and was founded by Fatima Al-Fihriya, a

highly educated daughter of a wealthy arab merchant, in 859 AD.

Al Qarawiyyin is the world's first islamic university according to the UNESCO and

Guinness World Records.


4. Moroccan bath is called the Hammam. It is a very relaxing and enjoyable bathing

experience to clean the body and refresh the mind.

Moroccans go to the Hammam once a week. They usually take one pail or

more, black soap, Moroccan Loofah glove to exfoliating the body, a ghassoul mask

for both face and hair, shampoo, and a shower gel.

Hammam is a bathhouse with usually four big rooms :

  • The first room is the resting hall where people change their clothes, relax, and have some orange juice.
  • The second room is a marbled bathing room with taps and is considered to be the Hammam entrance. This room is not that hot to make people adapted to the Hammam atmosphere.
  • The third room is also a marbled bathing room. It is hotter than the previous one.
  • The last room is very hot and steamy room. It is where you can apply the famous black soap on your whole body for a couple of minutes, rinse it, then scrub the dead skin and relax.

Have your own choice to take your Moroccan bath in the room you are willing.


5. Trying the Moroccan whisky is one of the best things ever.

The Moroccan mint tea is called Moroccan whisky. It is a famous national drink and enjoyed all over the country.


6. Morocco is well known for its traditional clothes and outfits, including Djellaba,

Caftan, Jabadour, Selham, etc.

These clothes are suitable for both women and men, and they are worn on special

occasions and religious celebrations.


7. Morocco's official languages are Arabic and Berber. However, people speak

Darija, which is an everyday dialect.

8. The city of Marrakech is the tourist capital of Morocco. It has so many historical monuments and touristic Riads and gardens that you can visit and enjoy.

Marrakech is known internationally.


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