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Top 7 Interior Design Ideas for Travel Enthusiasts


Anyone, whether they're a traveller or a full-time worker, has their own home. And sometimes, you want the appearance of your dwelling to match the type of your activity. This article is just for you. In this article, we will compile the top 7 Interior Design Ideas for Travel Enthusiasts.



Various curtains, decorative pillows, carpets brought from abroad will perfectly suit the interior of your home. The Eastern style is well suited and makes the house always feel comfortable and cosy. For example, furniture with a woven finish, printed chairs with cushions will fit into the same Eastern style quite well. In case your collection contains textiles of different cultures, finishes or styles, do not disappoint. Even if these things are totally different in appearance, they might look excellent together if matched correctly.

2.A Huge World Map


If you love travelling, there is no way you don't have a bucket list. An ambitious traveller always plans his trips. The best way to keep track of places you have been or want to go is to mark them on a huge map, get it framed and hanged on a wall. There is nothing more exciting and uplifting to wake up with a future plan with the family next summer in mind.

3.Those small things


If you are an avid traveller, you probably have many souvenirs or other memorabilia from places you have visited in your home or apartment. All of these things are perfect for creating a beautiful interior. For this style, the main component is the little things you brought back from your trips, such as seashells brought from the sea. Small souvenirs, various finds - all this can be used in the interior design. The simplicity won't cost you anything to decorate your furniture and interior with different details, including beautiful stones, shells, or even various foreign coupons and wrappers. You just have to be courageous when pursuing this style because the result will definitely make you happy. We are pretty sure you have been obsessed with collecting those fridge magnets, stickers and endless photographs you took from every vacation.

4.Photo story on the wall

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Travelling and photography go hand in hand. You must love both. A photo not only captures time but beautiful memories of that place as well. To relive those fantastic moments, get your photographs printed and feature them on your walls. The more you travel, the bigger the collection and astonishing the wall will be.

You can decorate walls with good photos, turning them into photo wallpaper - some printing companies provide such services. On such a wall, you can hang sets of pictures - for example; landscapes can make a very picturesque piece of interior. This style creates a creative atmosphere in the house, an atmosphere of freedom.

This style will suit the traveller whose purpose of visiting is their love for art. Reproductions of famous paintings reveal your nature. This option is suitable for finishing the whole house in the same style. If your views are inclined to the Victorian era's images, your collection of paintings can complement the antique furniture. If you are more attracted to futurism, then it is recommended to decorate your apartment in a minimalist style. You can also try a combination of different styles; here, your interior entirely depends on your tastes.

6.Sand Bottle Display


Collect sand from various beaches you have visited on vacations and keep it in antique-looking flasks. Don't forget to label them with their location. You can display them in different shapes and sizes of bottles and jars.

7.Travel Poster

You can bring vivid and colourful travel posters from abroad and paste them on the walls. They are designed very well and no doubt they are a stress booster.

How to Incorporate Travel Souvenirs Into Your Home Decor?

What's great about designing your home with travel souvenirs is bringing fun back to your home with you. It can also be a great conversation starter with guests. The best thing about travel accessories is that you go out buy things that can fit in your suitcase, but you try to incorporate them into your home decor when you come back. It might sound challenging but it's fun as well.

How to balance and stop your souvenirs from looking like a mess?

Think and follow the rule of threes. Try not overdoing a place. House things on a table or a dresser in threes as it seems to be much more balanced. If you end up buying things more prominent in size like rugs, try to base your design around them. It can be a really amazing way to start a designing project.

So trust your guts on those trips, pick up things you love, and they will keep reminding you of the great times you had.

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