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6 Things To Do In Atlantic City

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The Best 6 Things To Do In Atlantic City

Here are 6 things to do in Atlantic City that will interest most people. Not to mention all there is in Atlantic County.

Atlantic City offers various activities for the family and a hot nightlife scene for the adults. If you want to get out of the city for the day, you are fortunate to be in Atlantic County, The County offers many sites and attractions on its own.

Traveling to new places can be difficult when you do not have a plan or good information about the area. I have been a local resident for close to 50 years and here are some of my favorite places., I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do. There is plenty more to see, however, these give you a great starting point.


#1 Casinos

There are numerous Casinos with dozens of games to to fulfill your gambling needs. They also have some of the finest dining in the city. All of them have shows and shopping to satisfy the family. The Casinos along the boardwalk offer the beach and boardwalk as a relaxing daytime activity. The Casinos at the marina offer you the availability to pull up in your boat and dock for your stay.

They have beautiful and spacious rooms that have great views of the city. The room service is always flowing


#2 Boardwalk

There is a extra wide boardwalk loaded with shops and Casinos on one side, the Atlantic Ocean on the other. The shops have specality candy and merchandise you can not find anywhere else.I grew up in Atlantic City and was on the boardwalk every night in the summer. It was big fun back then and I look back with fond memories.. Times are different now but the boardwalk still holds its entertainment value, There is a miniature golf course and free concerts every week, these are new things I did not have.

They have large television screens in the air almost every block with charging stations for your phone under or near them. There are still stores like Fralinger's Salt Water Taffy and Steel's Fudge that have been there for years.


#3 The amusement Piers

The Amusement piers have been part of Atlantic city's history since the 1890's. Two are amusement piers with kiddie rides and a helicopter ride around the Island. A slingshot ride that will put fer into anybody. Their are games and places to drink or get a Funnel Cake.

The third Pier has some high end merchandise shops, a great candy shop, and live entertainment. There is a new comedy club, Places to eat, and even some adult fun.

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#4 The Beach

Atlantic city has a beautiful white sand beach the length of the boardwalk. Both the beach and boardwalk extend into the adjacent town of Ventnor. Atlantic City has the the only free beach in the area. Pick the right time and you can see the air show, Free Concerts, or Fireworks over the beach,


#5 Absecon Lighthouse

This Lighthouse is the biggest in New Jersey and one of the biggest in the United States. It stands 171 feet tall and you can walk the steps just like the light keeper did 100 yeas ago.

This is a part of Atlantic City history that guided ships up the coastline and inti Absecon inlet. Before the days of GPS this brought many of fisherman home safely.


#6 The Aquarium

The Aquarium Is nestled in Historic Gardener's basin with outside craft shops, bar, Fishhead's fish place, and the Famous Gilchrist's. It has shark and turtle exhibits and even a stingray petting tank.

In the same area you have the seawall, a great place to fish or watch the fishing boats enter the ocean

Things To Do In Atlantic City

If you want more information on the 6 things to do in Atlantic City, as well as many more in the City and surrounding Atlantic County check out this book.

They go into detail and give the addresses so they will be easy to find with a GPS. See all the area hot spots and enjoy your stay.

Atlantic County

If you feel like getting out of the city you are in luck, Atlantic County offers things like the Brigantine Wildlife Refuge, Batsto Village, and Historic Smithville. See the ruins of old cities that were once thriving.

Atlantic County has over 11 parks that are rich in History, shopping is available and there are campsites of you want to camp and drive into the City for some gambling.

Atlantic City

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