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6 Best Things to Do in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India

If you plan to go on a trip to Andhra Pradesh (AP), a beautiful state in southern India, include Kakinada in the list of the places you will visit in the state. If you do not do so, you will miss out on the eye-catching and exciting attractions the city offers to visitors that can remain as pleasant memories for your entire lifetime.

Kakinada is a significant city in AP that is immensely popular as a crucial business centre and a top tourist destination.

The fascinating city, also known as the state's rice bowl, is the headquarters of the East Godavari district. With dense paddy fields and coconut groves, parts of Kakinada appear to be an agricultural paradise.

Every year, many people visit the city to enjoy the spectacular natural beauty and historical entities apart from the holy pilgrimage sites.


The Things You Can Do

With a rich tradition, spectacular natural beauty, historical sites, pilgrimage entities, eye-catching beaches, hillocks, beautiful landscapes, and rivers, Kakinada has everything to keep tourists spellbound.

In Kakinada, you can have the option to:

1. Enjoy on the Uppada Beach

There can be many things to do on the mesmerising Uppada beach. Whether you go there solo or with your family, the beach can be a perfect spot to watch the eye-catching sea and the extensive shore.

You can engage in different sports on the beach, take memorable photographs or walk along the sea-shore.

Watching the sunset while sitting on a rock can be another great thing to do on the Uppada beach.

You can also eat tasty fried seafood sold by vendors on the beach.

If you wish to undergo a bit of adventure, there is an option. You can strike a friendship with a fisherman and join him in deepwater fishing.

2. Wander in the Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary

Wandering in the Coringa Wildlife Sanctuary can be another great thing to do in Kakinada.

The 235 square km sanctuary is famous for saltwater crocodiles, being India's second-biggest mangrove forest and the home to the endangered white-backed vulture and long-billed vulture.

You can walk into the sanctuary to see and photograph various animals and birds.

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Boating and fishing in the waters of the Godavari river can be another option in the sanctuary. Also, you can enjoy the stunning view of the confluence of the river and the sea.

3. Experience a Religious Atmosphere in Pithapuram

You can roam in Pithapuram, the temple town of Kakinada, to experience a religious atmosphere.

Pithapuram is famous for hosting several revered temples with marvellous architecture. And the history of most of the temples dates back to the fourth century.

4. Discover History in Adurru

Adurru is a place to unfold history. The beautiful village on the banks of the Vainetaya River is believed to be a 2,400-year-old Buddhist site.

You can see many excavated monuments and ruins in the historically relevant village, including Buddhist Stupas, Chaityas, and Viharas.

Also, Mahastupa is another attraction to see that resembles a wheel on a raised dais of 17 feet in diameter.

If you love history, then Adurru is a must-to-see place in Kakinada.

5. Get Ecstatic in Antarvedi

Antarvedi is famous for being the confluence of a tributary of the Godavari river with the sea. You will see the famous temple of Lakshmi Narsimha standing on the banks of the confluence.

In Antarvedi, which is also called South Kashi, you can visit the Varshitha Sevashramam and the temple of Lord Shiva.

Also, Antarvedi is near to a spectacular island near the banks of the river Godavari. You can ride a boat to the confluence of the river and the sea to undergo an ecstatic experience.

6. Enjoy Sea Sights on the Hope Island

Hope Island is something you should not miss out on when you visit Kakinada. The island is a famous spot for shooting films. When you are on a beautiful island, you can have many things to do. If your kids accompany you, they will find it an enjoyable paradise.

You can ride a boat to enjoy the natural beauty. And what is more, you can go on a boat to other places in Kakinada.

Every year many people visit Hope Island to enjoy the attractions.

The Final Say

Kakinada should be in the list of places you will visit when you will go to AP. It is a place worthy to visit, and that can give you value for time and money apart from pleasure and relaxation.

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