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5 Places You Should Visit When You Are in Glasgow

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The City of Glasgow is the biggest city in Scotland and famous for its easy going and friendly nature, as well as its very own kind of vibrant culture. From its humble beginnings as a small rural settlement on the River Clyde, it rapidly expanded into an industrial hub of international trade and shipbuilding before maturing into the creative and diverse city that it is today.

Living in Glasgow, it’s hard to chose only 5 places to recommend, but here are my favourite spots/places I think you shouldn’t miss if you’re around!

Kelvingrove Park

Glasgow boasts many parks but Kelvingrove Park remains my favourite. It’s great for a morning walk with a coffee, enjoying some family time and even sometimes some concerts!

Located in the west end of Glasgow not too far away from the famous Kelvingrove Art Museum, during this walk through the park you will be welcomed with a great view of the iconic main Glasgow University building. You’ll often meet joggers, dog walkers, students and people of all walks of life. On a hot day you may enjoy a spot of barbecue or read a book enjoying the sun.

Ashton Lane

Another West End gem not to be missed is Ashton Lane, just near Byres Road and Glasgow University. This street has a wide range of bars and restaurants to choose from, like the Innis & Gunn Glasgow Taproom (my personal favourite), Brel, the Grosvenor Cafe & Ubiquitous Chip.

The lane also has a classic small cinema called the Grosvenor (just below the café) where you can bring your own drinks and food from their restaurant/bar that is connected to the cinema. With Ashton Lane being very close to Glasgow University you can experience a very lively and vibrant party atmosphere that will keep you entertained throughout the night and make you feel like you are really part of Glasgow.

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Buchanan Street

If you want to shop until you drop. Buchanan Street is the perfect place to spend an afternoon! As the main shopping street in Glasgow, it’s very easy to access and has a wide range of shops, from sporty brands like Nike to luxury retail with House of Fraser, Princes Square and more affordable shops with H&M. From clothing to comics, homeware, shoes or stationary, you can really find anything you’re looking for.

Buchanan street is also great to experience music, dance and other live entertainment, as buskers are often found in the city centre to share their latest album. From bagpipes & drums bands to young talents playing their own versions of popular songs, it’s a part of Glasgow that can’t be missed.

Barrowland Ballroom

If you are looking for a great place to see live entertainment, look no further than this historic music venue that has played a massive part in shaping the Glasgow music scene. The Barrowland Ballroom is famous for having hosted some of the most enthusiastic crowds in Scotland. The venue’s history is very rich and it has seen many great artists from every genre perform, from David Bowie to Celtic Connections, and everything in between.

Located near the Barras Market (which is also a big part of Glaswegian culture), it’s a great opportunity to experience another side of Glasgow while enjoying gigs from local talents and international artists.


Glasgow Cathedral

You don’t have to be religious to appreciate the architectural wonder that is a cathedral, and Glasgow Cathedral is no exception. Also known as St Mungo Cathedral, the 12th-century building and its iconic green roof can be found not far east from the city centre. Visiting is free and some guided tours are even available.

If you’re heading that way don’t forget to have a wander in the nearby Necropolis. While it might seem odd to have a stroll in a cemetery, this one is like no other. You’ll find grand Victorian graves and unique mausoleums while enjoying splendid views of the cathedral and city. Many locals enjoy a stroll on a sunny day so you shouldn’t expect a gloomy atmosphere!

There’s so much to see in Glasgow that I may have to write more posts about this fantastic city, but these are my favourite spots. Have you been to Glasgow? What have you enjoyed the most? I’d love to know!

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