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5 Useful Android and iOS Apps For Post Pandemic Travel

As holidays makers look set to tip their toe into the pool of domestic and international travel once again, here’s a look at five apps that could transform your post-pandemic adventures.

Insurance company IMG Global’s Future Travel Survey revealed that 71% of their US members would be willing to travel internationally again in 2021.

In Europe, countries such as Iceland, Gibraltar, Malta and Portugal are nations set to be included on the safe-to-travel list. The risk of other Coronavirus variants from countries such as South Africa and Brazil will undoubtedly see changes to travel restrictions.

There is also the prospect of Covid tests pre-departure and upon arrival and the likelihood of vaccine passports to gain entry.

Whenever people decide or are allowed to take a well-earned break, these five apps will make the trip a lot easier and keep the traveller informed of the international, national and domestic travel situation.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

CDC was an excellent travel resource before the pandemic and will continue to be so. The app, available on Android and iOS, has up-to-date information about domestic and international travel.

It has travel recommendations by destination with risk assessments and interactive world maps. They include pre and post-flight Covid compliance procedures and a section on cruise ships.

The CDC app is detailed, without being overwhelming or jargon-heavy and will be a necessary travel companion.


App in the Air

App in the Air allows you to have your entire holiday itinerary in one place. Logging on to different websites, apps or fumbling for print-outs isn’t necessary as it’s all confined to the app, which also syncs with Apple Watch.

Available on Android and iOS, you can book holidays based on the Covid safety requirements for the destination, and the app notifies you of any changes. For additional travel safety and peace of mind, you can subscribe your family and friends to updates, such as when you’ve checked in and your flight status.



Tourlina is a travel app for women who want a female travel companion, and it’s available on Android and iOS. It will be a valuable tool as we move further away from travel and social gathering restrictions.

Verified users can chat and plan trips when travelling alone or in groups. Despite adopting a familiar swipe left, swipe right format, Tourlina is designed for friend-finding, not for dating, but of course, how users interact with the app is up to them.

You can enter a country and your travel itinerary, and you’ll be matched with like-minded people; you can choose from different travel buddies or locals who want to socialise.



CommonPass is an Android and iOS app from The Commons Project and World Economic Forum which lets people access lab and test results to confirm their Covid status.

The CommonPass assesses whether a person’s Covid information is legitimate, satisfies the screening requirements for the country they are entering and doesn’t divulge any non-Covid health information.

The app aims to make cross-border travel safer for travellers, holiday suppliers and gives governments confidence in the Covid status of people entering the country.


Airbnb Experiences

Available via the primary Airbnb Android and iOS app, Experiences offers “one of a kind” activities hosted by experts in their field. Hosts offer various experiences in wellness, food and drink, and even a day with an Olympian.

At the moment, of course, these events are viewed via a screen from home but will be an ideal addition to your travel app collection as the world begins to open up.


Many apps are available from airlines and accommodation providers, but it’s always best to have up-to-date versions and more recently developed products.

Covid specific information is of utmost importance as the world slowly opens up again. A spike in one part of the world or a new variation, while you’re already travelling, could seriously derail your holiday, so a combination of different apps should see you catch any updates and help you plan accordingly and stay informed.


Cristina Vanthul from Florida on May 06, 2021:

Wonderful information! Thanks for compiling this list.

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