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5 Things to Have With You While Traveling

Experienced and avid traveller here for helping out people just like him

Things to carry

Things to carry

While in today’s world, everyone likes to travel around the world, there are only a few, who are prepared for it. In the times of covid everyone is eager to get out of their houses but how many of them are prepared?

Coronavirus has been one of the major causative factors that have forced many people to stay inside their houses. And almost a year of isolation has changed a lot of people's perspectives toward traveling.

Some feel like that it’s still not safe to go out, some feel like it’s just like the old days and everything could be arranged just by going outside to buy the required items, and some people seems like have forgotten that what are the things you need to travel with apart from clothes.

This article tends to highlight those key ingredients\ things that will not only make your journey hassle-free but smooth up to a point that you will feel like you’ve hacked the art of travel and now can travel to any terrain, no questions asked.

Electric Kettle

An electric kettle can be the ultimate savior in times of need. No matter if it's the last-minute tea preparation for that ultimate caffeine boost or for making your instant noodles for the night or for just boiling water for taking a quick bath during the cold winter mornings in some hotel with the so-called geyser.

Overall, an electric kettle can be a huge lifesaver. Though it might take up space in your check-in bag, it is worth it for the value it can provide.

Why bother with an electric model when a stovetop kettle or pot of water does the job, you ask? Electric kettles automatically shut off, a safer and more convenient option than a forgotten flame or burner. Some electric kettles also turn off the kettle when the water runs dry, so you're not in danger of an exploding vessel.

Types of Kettles

There are essentially two types of kettles – electric kettles and stovetop kettles (whistling kettles).

Although they both heat water quickly and efficiently, they do so in different ways. What are the pros and cons of each?

In short, a classic stovetop whistling kettle appears more elegant to some, while an electric kettle tends to heat up water more quickly and typically comes with more advanced features.

Electric Kettle for Tea Drinkers

Electric kettles are perhaps most indispensable to tea drinkers who love green and white teas, which require considerably cooler water to prevent incorrect brewing and unpleasant bitterness and harshness. Taking a conventional kettle off the stove at the correct temperature can be difficult since there is really no easy way to measure the temperature while it is inside the kettle. Boiling the water and leaving it to cool to the correct temperature is an even more difficult proposition. Luckily for green and white tea lovers, some electric kettles have been sensitively designed with the specific needs of these teas in mind. Specific temperature settings can be adjusted and the kettle’s internal thermometer provides exact measurement when it is the most crucial.

Electric Kettle

Electric Kettle


It can be an anxiety-inducing feeling when you are doing something important on your device and the notification pops up, saying you have a 5% battery left. Just imagine if this situation has the potential to give you a mini heart attack while you're at home, what will happen when you're on the move and using maps on your device to visit a place.

In these kinds of situations, an extra battery pack can do no harm. It can provide you the much-needed juice to your battery for making your device work a few extra hours so that you keep on doing what matters the most to you.

The core purpose of a power bank is to supply all your latest gadgets and devices with a quick power boost when they are out of power. These portable chargers are useful when you are on the go and the phone battery is running low. This is the reason; travelers find them really helpful when they need a quick power charge especially when they have no access to a charging outlet. They can make as many calls as they want, take selfies, capture amazing moments, and enjoy their favorite music without worrying about the power juice their smartphones and other devices need.

Portability is one of the top benefits of having a power bank. These power solutions are not too heavy and bulky to carry even you can easily keep one in your pocket. It helps you keep your phone and other gadgets charged when on the go. Most of the power banks come with a sleek and compact design to make them an appealing power solution you can carry around conveniently.

Regardless of brand or model, a power bank can power up all your USB charging supported devices without facing compatibility issues. Not only smartphones, tablets, and gadgets like AirPods, you can also charge your gaming consoles and digital notebooks with this super portable charging solution. If you are a gamer and your smartphone or gaming console is getting out of power, due to the availability of a power bank your game won’t be interrupted as they can immediately charge your console or phone.

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Universal Travel Adapter

Traveling to a foreign destination can be a bit tricky especially when it comes to their driving styles, their law, and their power sockets. And at these times, all you need to cover up all your electronic needs is a good and handy universal travel adapter.

It is not an appliance but the backbone to all your appliance as without it, you will not be able to charge a single device. So whenever you go on a trip to a foreign land, do make it a point to carry it with you.

Adapters that fall into this category are best for international travel because they offer multiple plug configurations, thus making them compatible with the plug standards in numerous countries.

As a nice add-on, many of the adapters in this category also offer extra USB ports for charging multiple devices simultaneously. They can also convert voltage for those USB ports.

The adapter comes with converters that work in more than 150 countries around the world, including Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, China, and Europe.

A travel Adapter is more of a power strip than an individual outlet adapter. With its three plugs and multiple USB ports, it’s a sizable piece of equipment that isn’t necessarily easy to pack. It does come with a travel bag that makes keeping track of the three removable plug adapters and main power strip easier—but not any more carry-on-friendly.

The shape of electrical outlets varies throughout the world, which means that you may need to buy an adapter that will fit another country's outlet in order to use your favorite devices abroad. Finding the right adapter for a particular trip is simply a matter of researching the outlets used in your destinations and buying the right ones to match your two- and three-pronged plugs.

However, since voltage also varies by country, it's important to then check if you'll need a converter as well for any of your devices. But with some careful planning ahead of time, you can minimize the need for both.

Universal Adapters

Universal Adapters

Universal Travel Adapter

Water-Bottles With Filters Inside

There are a few places in the world, where they might have beautiful views and amazing sceneries, but the water over there might either be unhygienic or simply too expensive to consume.

It is at this moment where you can thank yourself that you had a water bottle with you, though you might think that the filter in it could be overkill, at the end of the day, it will be saving you a lot of money.

Every one of us is very keen on what we eat and drink. Clean drinking water is as important as any other thing we need. We always make sure that the water we consume is as pure as possible. This is understandable because drinking unclean water can cause havoc on our health. Clean water is always a must.

During the last few decades, the bottled water industry has made huge progress in marketing water in the bottle. Even people in the water treatment industry admit to using conveniently available bottled water while on trips, in the gym, and even at work. The downside to bottled water is the plastic bottle itself.

It’s not news to us that it would take over 400 years for the degradation of a plastic bottle. Each year, there are over 38 billion plastic water bottles deposited in landfills. This fact has a drastic effect on our environment. This enables you to make a contribution on your behalf towards the environment.

So How Exactly Can Reusable Water Bottles Help the Environment?

  1. They help to stop plastic pollution
  2. Are safer for humans
  3. They don’t end up being ingested by animals.

That said, tap water is incredibly convenient, and this convenience is further enhanced if you’re in possession of a quality filter bottle. Why? Because you can fill your bottle from the tap whenever you please and enjoy greater levels of filtration.

Water Bottle

Water Bottle

Water-Bottles With Filters Inside

Neck Pillow and Eye Mask

By now this is mandatory, wherever you go, either it is on a flight or a train or if you're checking into a hotel. These two things tend to give you a good night's sleep even if it is sunny outside.

There are many benefits to using neck pillows. Neck discomfort is only one of the many common reasons for use. Jaw pain, alignment, and breathing are just a few of the health benefits. The positioning of one’s neck can affect breathing and even cause back and head pain. Providing support and cushioning to the area helps keep the vertebrae lined properly, which can significantly reduce many aches, pains, and other adverse symptoms.

Traveling on a bumpy road while asleep normally results in cases of head pain for many people. This is because the head will be tossed to and fro which creates much pressure. This accumulated pressure and fatigue manifests themselves as headaches which can be unbearable. The use of the best neck pillow when traveling keeps your head supported, relaxed and comfortable thus preventing cases of headache.

While some people might think that eye masks are just frivolous and consider them a fashion statement, there are a lot of benefits that come with wearing an eye mask to bed, benefits that you should be taking advantage of.

Eye mask promotes quality sleep by blocking out light and other distractions. It helps to protect your eyes, keeps insomnia away, and can even prevent wrinkles.

In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 33 percent of American adults aren’t getting the recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep per day. Since lack of sleep can increase one’s risk for car accidents and innumerable diseases, getting enough quality sleep is a must.

Give a try at an eye mask before you turn to sleeping pills. It’s a much safer solution and doesn’t have any side effects.

Neck Pillow and Eye Mask


In the end, it is important to say that, this is not the end. There are many more things that can make their way to your bag depending on the type of place you're going to and the type of situation you might face in those places. Traveling is an art in itself and an ongoing process of learning as well so it is always advised to stay curious.

Because the day you stop feeding your curiosity, it will take the fun out with it as well.

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