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5 Prejudices about Germany


#5 - Football / Soccer

I am going to call it Football, because the word is more commonly used in Europe than Soccer.

So basically football in Germany is treated as a religion. Actually, it is way more important to people than their religion. Growing up in Germany, you are surrounded by it and there is basically no way of escaping it. Every town, even every village has their own team, no matter how small the village is. It starts when you are 5 / 6 years old and it continues your whole life. In PE, whenever kids have nothing to do or the teacher hasn't prepared anything, you usually play football and the kids go crazy. Everyone loves it and because it is huge in Germany, peer pressure also plays a big part in that.

On weekends from 3:00pm to 8:00pm is Bundesliga ( Germany's Football League) time and everyone watches it. After that, there is a famous show ( Sportschau), where they show all the highlights of the matches and some people, who are busy or unable to watch the games, they basically watch the show. If you want to ruin a Germans life, just spoil him the final scores and he will probably hate you for life.

The problem about football being so big in Germany is, that no other sport is nearly as big as football. It is not even close. Football could be comparible with all the other sports combined, but football would probably still be bigger. All the money in the sports industry in Germany is focused in football and it is sad to see, how less money and publicity other professional sports stars receive. I know people, who play in the lowest German football leagues ( Kreisliga A,B,C), who get a monthly salary (< 200 Euros) and I also know people, who play in the third league of other sports, who don't get paid at all. That is just sad, because there is balance what so ever in sports in Germany.

The good part about football being huge is, that people unite and share their interests. Doesn't matter their origin, their social status, if you play for the same team, your team and fans will support you. Also it encourages people to work out and have some fun.


#4 Beer

Not going to lie, German beer is really good. Also, almost everyone drinks and people drink a lot.

Germany is known for its beer, there are a lot of different beers and there is for sure a type of beer, that you will like. Also the quality standard of beer is at a very high level. People really do care about their breweries and Germans also treasure them as special monuments.

Even the price range of beer is quite astounding, some really cheap beers are cheaper than water. Of course they don't taste as good as regular priced beer, but if you just want to drink to get drunk, that beer is a wise choice. You can get a cheap bottle (0,33l) for 20 cents. The normal price for 6 bottles of beer is around 4-5 euros.

You are allowed to drink beer in Germany, once you turn 16, but people usually start at 12-14. Especially if you live in a village or a smaller town, where there is basically nothing else to do, than to play football and drink. So once you turn 18, you basically are an experienced drinker.

On the day you are born in Germany, your father is already thinking about the first time, he will get the chance to drink with you. That is basically a fact.


#3 German Language sounding harsh

The only reason, why German sounds harsh for people, is because foreign people are really bad at pronouncing German. The German language in comparison to Arabic, has no loud and hard sounding sounds. People just do a really bad job of copying it.

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Probably another reason, why people have this missconception, is because of Adolf Hitler. Hitler, as known to everyone, was one of the worst people, who ever set foot on this planet, but in his speaches, that people know, he screams his lungs out and pronounces everything harder than it actually is. He did that, in order to convince people and create a following, but that is not how Germans talk.

Once you experience real German people talking, you will notice, how chill German actually is. Especially, if you talk to regular folks


#2 German Food is bad

This is mostly true. Even though the German cuisine has some nice things to offer ( Roast Beef Stew, Bratwurst), generally speaking, most of the German food is nothing special and is very basic. There is basically nothing, which you could eat on a daily basis or is something, what everyone likes in Germany. That might only be true for the Bratwurst, but since vegetarians and vegans are on the rise in Germany, it also lost it's popularity.

Also, whenever you visit Germany for the first time, there is no dish, which you have to try. There are some dishes, maybe kind of worth trying, but not really, because there is nothing special.


#1 Germans are not funny / are always on time

In regards to Germany, this is probably the biggest misconception of all time.

There are a lot of funny German people, not only comedians, but also regular people. Of course, there are also a lot of people, who basically are always pissed, but that is another story. Usually most people crack a lot of jokes during the time, even though a lot of them are not really funny and are used way too often, by way too many people, people still laugh about them. Sometimes I feel like, they make the jokes for themselves. They are just funny to a certain German ( real Germans) audience. Like ''Ich kann auch ohne Spaß Alkohol haben.'', which basically means '' I can also have alcohol without fun.'', and this joke is one of the better ones.

Anyways, reflecting on this topic, it is kinda debatable, if Germans are not funny.

But the conception of everything and everyone being on time in Germany, is completely wrong. Doesn't matter what you do, you can be sure that something will arive late. Trains are notorious for being late, not just late, sometimes they just get randomly canceled. And it happens very frequently, too frequently. So if you want to take the train across Germany and you have to switch trains a couple times, but only have like 10 minutes to switch trains, you can be damn sure, that you will miss next train. In my 25 years of living in Germany and being a student and relying on trains,a lot of miraculous things have happends. A door not closing correctly, so the train didn't leave the station for 2 hours, a train not showing up for no reason, trains running past me without stopping, random construction works on the railways, drunk people acting out on the train, and list goes on and on.

People also do run late all the time. If you have to wait for a technician at home, don't expect them to come in during the announced hours. Especially for phone and internet providers. Sometimes they don't even show up on the announced day. Also, paper work takes a lot of time. Food delivery is always laid. People, especially the younger generation, never arive on time.

There is only one thing, that you can be sure of, which will be on time. Bills, you have to pay. If you miss the deadline by 1 day, they will notice you and then you have to pay additional fees.

Germany in General

But to be honest, Germany might not be the best place to live at. But life in Germany is pretty good and safe, because you don't really have to worry about anything. There are so many rules and laws, which will make your life almost impossible too screw up.

People in Germany always say '' Life is, what you make of it'' and that is mostly true.


Liz Westwood from UK on November 18, 2019:

Every country has its prejudices. I am sure there are many associated with the UK. I thought football was big over here, but there are other sports that we get passionate about too. I quite like German food occasionally.

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