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5 Car Camping Hacks, You Should Know When You Are Going on a Road Trip


Hello, my name is Rehana and today I'm gonna to tell you 5 car camping road trip tips. And I'm super stoked because for me the outdoors is my church. It's my close to godliness type of place.

I'm really excited to talk to you about nerdy things like your car camping checklist, because I've made all the mistakes in the book so you don't have to, so you don't have to.

1: Food

So first things first, let's talk about food because everyone likes talking about food. Food is a wonderful thing. We all need it to survive. So, food, if you're camping, whether it's going to be at a campground or maybe not at a campground, if you're camping on Bureau of Land Management, hereafter abbreviated BLM land, which is usually what I like to do, you are not going to be able to refrigerate unless you have a camper van, which good for you is awesome.

But I don't. So let's talk a little bit about what kind of food I usually bring so that I don't starve and that it doesn't go bad because both things suck. When it comes to food, the best thing you can do is bring non-perishables.

That would include anything powdered, like powdered potatoes, or you can do those just add water camp meals. I do need to warn you that they are not all created equal. Some of them are truly terrible.

Maybe don't bring a watermelon for example. I think you catch my drift. So just remembering that your food could go bad. So you want to bring things that are not going to spoil easily. I also really like to eat some of my perishable stuff early on.

So I will make a meal with all the things that could go bad if they don't get refrigerated. Like, if you're bringing meat for example, keep it on ice until you use it. If you can't replenish your ice that means you use it on day one so that you don't make yourself sick. One of my favorite meals to make is called hobo stew. This is what a friend of mine taught me.

And you basically just take a square of foil, you put in veggies, you can put in ground meat if you want to, barbecue sauce, splash of whiskey, scrunch up the sides, throw it on the fire, and in concerning twenty minutes you have got a extremely delicious, very easy to clean up, very easy to make meal.

If you're not going to have a fire, what I really like to do is get, like, a semi-burrito]. That was terrible. That was so terrible. Bring it with you and eat that on night one. That's what I'm gonna do today. So food wise, a really easy way to think about it is, will it go bad? If it's in a can, bring a can opener. If you're going to be cooking, you're going to need a stove and you're going to need a source of fuel for that stove.

So remember that you need to check what the deal is with your campsite, what the deal is with the state National Park, National Forest, wherever it is you're heading. Can you have an open fire? Are there bears in the area? In which case you need to put everything, including even your Chap Stick and your sunscreen in the bear can. And are you going to be able to get more ice?

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Are you even going to be able to cook there? These are all things that you have to look into before you plan out your car camping checklist.

2: Safety

Another really important thing to consider is your safety. You should bring water. If you're going to be going out into the wilderness, bring water with you.

In my case, since I'm going out sort of into the desert and it's June, I'm bringing plenty of water because you just never know what might happen. Another important thing is to have your maps downloaded offline.

3: Sleeping

Let's talk about sleeping. Again, when I'm backpacking, I tend to shave off every gram that I can. I don't wish to own any further weight. But when I'm car camping, I would bring a nice big ass tent. I would bring a very comfortable air mattress for you.

And because I couldn't get a new one based on where I was, I had to do that three nights in a row. therefore do not build identical mistake I did. Honestly, test it out, probably the night before. Put some weight on it and just see if it's losing air before you take it on this big camping trip, because trust me, if you're not sleeping well you're not going to have a good time That also goes double for your sleeping bag, your blankets, whatever, make sure that they're going to be adequate.

If you're camping, if you're in the wilderness you might be at altitude, you might be on the coast where any kind of weather can come in, including moisture. So just make sure that you are going to be warm enough. And if you're afraid you'll be too hot, you can always take off but you can't add if you don't have it.

4: Light Sources

Let's talk about your light sources. Make sure that you have light sources besides your phone because that can get really annoying. Have a headlamp, have a lantern. Make sure that you have some way of providing light for yourself because remember, there's not going to be any out where you are.

5: Clothes

Again, you don't want to be cold. So just make sure that you're packing a variety of things that you can wear for whatever activities you're going to be experiencing. Personally, I'm bringing a beanie and a puffy coat, even though it's June and I'll be going to the desert, because again, it is cold AF out there.

And the worst possible time to realize that you didn't bring enough is at 4:00 a.m. when basically it's coldest. So don't make that mistake. Make sure that you are comfortable or you're not going to like camping.

So it's really important that you just confirm that you simply area unit adequately prepared to really look into the camping situation that you are heading into. If you are going to a paid campsite that provides showers and toilets for you, that is awesome.

So these were 5 tips I hope you like it.

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