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5 Best Cities to Visit in Turkey

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Going on a tour outside of the country and in a place like Turkey, the land that connects east to the west has an incredible feeling in itself. But to maximize your enjoyment, you also need a guide to explore and see the country from landscapes to sunsets from mountains to sea beaches. We are here to present you with some useful info about this beautiful country.

It’s a fascinating place covered from all the sides by the sea and gives a stunning portrayal of its beauty. Whether you are a sky runner or hiking enthusiast you will find incredible high mountains ranges for your activities.

Turkey is culturally rich and historically a perfect place for artistic people. You’ll find a lot of magnificent castles there.

Let’s explore some of the most beautiful and stunning cities of this impressive country.



Kapadokya seems to be a dreamy place because of the eye-catching structures and rock formations that are naturally created by volcanic eruptions and erosions over a long period. Its popularity is increasing as a touristic place and that is just because of the unusual sculpted shapes which create a memorable experience for everyone.

There are a lot of different activities to perform like hiking on soaring hilltops and enjoy a stunning view of the complete landscape. Also, you can visit local market shops in the valley to get some items of Cappadocian style and must check out the pottery shops which presents you some culturally rich ceramics, all handmade and very skilfully moulded.

Atv ride energizes your journey towards the hot air balloons scene which covers the whole sky with different colours behind the natural orange-yellowish backdrop of chimneys, cones and pinnacles with you sitting on a rooftop makes an inexpressible experience for you.



Without any doubt, Istanbul is the first and the most beautiful city you’ll must have to visit this time but we’ll place it in the second spot.

It is full of sightseeing mosques and no doubt to say that the world’s most fascinating too are there for you to check out. Hagia Sofia is one of the must-sees and others are Blue Mosque, Sulemaniye Mosque and Fatih mosque named after Sultan Muhammad Fatih, the conqueror of Istanbul.

There are lots of stunning castles to visit like Yedikule Fortress, Dolmabahce Palace and not forget to mention the one and only Topkapi Palace.

The art lovers should also visit Istanbul Biennial to see the rich cultural artefacts of Istanbul.

Grand Bazar is also an option for street wanderers to explore the world biggest shopping mart of Turkish flair.

Here are some of the most trending restaurants to get the taste of Istanbul cuisines: Petifur, Coffee Plant, Mikla restaurant and Ali Baba.


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Now continue your journey towards Ankara, sits at the heart of turkey and also the capital city which holds in it a perfect flair of Turkish antiquity and architecture. This city also has the privilege to be the headquarter of Turkish revolutionaries.

First, you must have to visit the Ankara citadel, an amazing place and going through the neighbourhood of this castle is also a charming experience. Also take a look at the Kocatepe Mosque, the largest in the whole city.

Ataturk Monumental Tomb and the statue of Ataturk provides you a familiarity of the founder of modern turkey. Museum of Ankara and Ankara Painting & Sculpture Museum encompasses a whole related to the cultural artefacts and historical collections.

To enjoy a great breakfast Hamlakit, kafes Firin have to be on your top list. For business meetings or lodging you can check the places like Kalbur Balık and Bekri. If you love meat dishes you can check out the cuisines of kebab places that are Müslüm Kebap, Günaydın and Çukurağa Sofrası.

Ankara Arakule is a fascinating and high tower which also have some restaurants near it and is worth your time. There is also a beautiful lake in Ankara that require your attention which is Lake Eymir.

Night party lovers should have to go to Jolly Joker and Fige Restaurant which are the top sites in this regard.



This city gives you astonishing drone cinematic scenes that reflects its structure of houses which are pinkish-red from the top mix with a lot of palm tree extended throughout the whole area and old marina depicts the complete spectacular view of it.

A lot of historical places also is in Antalya that’s worth your time because of the city is also at a time under the reign of Romans and you will found a lot of Romans statues there which depicts the city historical importance. A huge entrance having four pillars on the front side and soaring towers on either side also have been on your watch list which is Hadrian Gate.

If you love waterfalls then Duden waterfall is an amazing cascade falls straight into the Mediterranean. Don’t forget to miss the Antalya aquarium which exposes a natural underwater environment.

Yivliminare Mosque and Antalya museum reveal the ethnic values of Antalya.



It’s a glamorous city which encompasses stunning beaches along the Mediterranean Sea coastline that compels you to fell in love with this scenic portrayal and blue water is the main lure of this charming metropolis.

This lively place with ascending mountain ranges alongside the sea line depicts its beauty. There are resorts in front of beaches which gives you an experience that you will never forget. The weather of Fethiye is so perfect and calm. Serenity beach is one of the many beaches that should have to be on your top list.

Ride on a Turkish yacht cruise around the sea is the must thing to do that offers you to see the city from a whole different angle, along the way just visits some islands to spice up your enjoyment.

Check out the Amyntas Rock Tombs or the Fethiye Tombs chiselled into the mountain near the ancient Greek city of telmessos, once the living place of antique civilization.

Fethiye museum is also a choice for artefacts lovers.


Danish-Mirza (author) on November 23, 2020:

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Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on November 23, 2020:

I have never visited Turkey, but I'd love to see the scenes that you've shown and described. They sound and look very interesting. Thank you for sharing the information about them.

Comfort Babatola from Bonaire, GA, USA on November 22, 2020:

I love travelling, and have visited some interesting places in Europe, took a tour of Israel, venturing into the Negev dessert. Turkey seem like an interesting place from reading your article and the images presented. I would definitely put Turkey on my list of places to be explored. Nice writeup.

Liz Westwood from UK on November 21, 2020:

This is an interesting article. I have only touched down in Istanbul, but would like to return to explore the city and more of Turkey.

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